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You Honestly Don’t Need Me – You Need Yourself

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One of the biggest lies we’ve been fed in our capitalist culture, is that to be happy, healthy and successful, we must buy products and services to help get us there. To a very large degree this isn’t true, in fact, it’s rubbish. It’s also a complicated issue to delve into, because if you’ve grown up in a home where for example, medications were needed and medical professionals played a significant role, then it would seem logical to argue that outside assistance is essential to survival. That’s a tough one to refute.

But here’s my take on it: Many of us have been indoctrinated to believe that you get sick, you see a doctor and you take something. You find success in the world by getting a good education and a good job in a big company and that you get happiness by earning a big wad of cash, buying a fabulous house, a huge TV and a new car every five years. The news flash? So little of this works in the ways we would like it to.

Sure, there’s absolutely a place for medicines and hospitals and certainly, there’s some chance that what we learn at school and then university, will equip us to be successful but the last part? The part about needing money and possessions to feel happy. Well that’s utter nonsense. Let’s just widen our scope and look at where we’ve all come from.

Early Man Didn’t have a PIN

How do you think humans survived on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years prior to money, shops and ‘products’ were even in existence? They survived and thrived because they didn’t need anything but one another and the natural world and her incredible treasures in the forms of water, plant life, fire, animals, minerals, soils and our miraculous sun.

The era we’re currently experiencing, is a mere blip in time compared to the roughly 300,000 years that homo sapiens have walked the earth. It’s really only been since the Industrial Revolution, which began just 270 years ago, that we haven’t relied on growing our own food and hunting for our survival. It’s not that long ago! And now, many of us think we need the latest smartphone and WIFI on tap just to survive, and that’s even before we think about food, water, friends, family and community! I know, I’m exaggerating, juuust a little. But honestly, we have such a strong consumerist culture that we’ve forgotten how to draw on our own inner resources for just about anything.

Where I began with this issue was in realising, that as my path has become more and more simple, clutter-free and intuitive, I’ve found that I need very little to be happy, and that when I ask for answers within, I know what I need to do to be healthy and successful – which by the way, might be very different from your idea of ‘success’. Of course, I still sometimes seek help from friends, my partner and family, and a few select healing practitioners. It’s just that I’ve come to a point where I can see through most of the marketing spin in our mainstream culture. I can also see past the reports published on ‘studies’ claiming this, that or the other. Most of these so-called studies are unreliable and littered with flaws.

You just need your internal compass working, and all becomes much simpler and a heck of a lot clearer. My suggestion is for us to feel into what we’re hearing, seeing and reading with our hearts. Does it feel true for you? Does it feel like something you need to respond to? Or, does it feel like a distraction from your path? Most of what we could benefit from in this world to improve our lives, comes in the form of short term assistance, not ongoing hand-holding or scaffolding that is outside of us. My basic rule of thumb is, if it doesn’t feel relevant or useful, let it go.

I’m here to help you and if you decide to work with me to develop your own intuition, I promise it will be a short-term arrangement. Within three or four sessions, most of my clients see significant improvements in their lives and are able to continue on their unique path without my help. For people seeking deeper therapy on past trauma, significant life-event processing and spiritual growth, it may take a little longer, but even then, you won’t need to see me for years on end.

We all have the ability to use our inner wisdom to improve our own lives and we’re all incredibly different with what we need. One person might take up running, for another it’s yoga. Someone might decide it’s time to give up alcohol and for another person, they become a vegetarian. The important thing about these choices, is that they must come from within. They lose all potency and committing to change is very hard when someone outside of us tells us what we must do.

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