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Yin2you Sacred Movement

 Embracing your joy

Root – Get Grounded

Sacral – Get sensual and flowing

Solar Plexus – Get fired up and bold

Heart – Expand your giving and receiving power

Upper Chakras – Move into your bliss

 “We ought to dance with rapture that we might be alive….and part of the living, incarnate cosmos” – D.H. Lawrence

Yin2you is presented in one or two hour classes at yoga studios, wellness and yoga retreats, private gatherings and community events.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Guided meditations to learn about and energise your seven chakra points
  • Simple yoga-type stretches and suggested movements for each chakra
  • Spontaneous energy healing and emotional release
  • A reawakening of your sacred feminine energy and personal power

 I’m available to run Yin2you sessions at your wellness retreat, girl’s weekend, hen’s weekend, community event or yoga studio…give me a calll on 0418 698 305 or email me at  to check my availability.

 Coming soon….Yin2you for teens