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Yin2you Healing Movement

Meditation and Free Flowing Dance

“We ought to dance with rapture that we might be alive….and part of the living, incarnate cosmos” – D.H. Lawrence

Yin2you is presented in 60 or 90 minute sessions at yoga studios, wellness and yoga retreats, private gatherings and community events. Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Guided meditation to connect with and energise your seven chakra points
  • Simple yoga-type stretches and movements specific to each chakra
  • Free flowing dance to uplifting music
  • Spontaneous energy healing and emotional release
  • A reawakening of your sacred feminine energy and personal power

Here’s what a recent participant had to say:

“I’ve had the pleasure of dancing with Tricia before, and I’ve really enjoyed being given the permission to move freely, but nothing to what I experienced last Saturday night. I was hosting a release retreat for women.
I’d had a really, really crappy week leading up to it which culminated in one of the hardest depression days I’ve had to deal with. I practised what I preach, and was able to move through the worse of it before the retreat started on the Saturday morning.

Tricia took the session in candle-light.She started with a delicious meditation, and I thought to myself, “How on earth is she going to get us dancing after being so chilled?” She did, and beautifully. The words she spoke, the music she had chosen, the energy she creates, is magic. I listened and heard – I felt and moved. I was reminded about what I had to work on personally.

I went back to my room with an overwhelming sense of hatred for myself and my life. My self-loathing was so intense I didn’t analyse it, it was making me feel sick, so I just went to sleep. And I slept really well. I woke up with NO feeling of depression, not even remembering how I felt until I thought about it later on in the day.
The Monday following the weekend, I spoke to Tricia about it, and she gave me some really easy advice. I followed it and the very next day, I received a call to tell me that one of my biggest concerns has been finalised and I can move on with creating a healthy and happy life for my kids and myself.

The feelings I had after the dancing, is obvious to me now. I had stirred up the emotional muck that was left in my body from my past and it was whirring around being felt A LOT. Like when you shake a jar with dirt at the bottom. Through the shift of movement, thought and mindset – all enhanced with meditating and dancing with Tricia, this HUGE change has happened and I was able to release what had become stuck in my life.

Thank you for being such a great inspiration and giving us this chance to move through the muck that gets stuck in our systems.” Victoria

 I’m available to run Yin2you sessions at your wellness retreat, girl’s weekend, hen’s weekend, community event or yoga studio…give me a calll on 0418 698 305 or email me at  to check my availability.

 Coming soon….Yin2you for teens