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Yield To Your Power

Posted in Live Your Passions, and Trust The Universe


This tree was blown over and cracked apart by the same storm that destroyed our shed.

I spent some time feeling into the energy of this beautiful yet broken symbol of strength, permanence and vitality.  The feeling I perceived was calm resignation.  This jarrah tree’s time was up.  It yielded to the gale and fell.


I feel we can learn something here.

Not so much allowing ourselves to be blown away in a storm but getting out of our own way and allowing ourselves to fully express the power and glory of who we truly are.

How often do you suppress your wisdom, knowledge, strength, creativity and beauty?

I feel many of us have learned to do this as a way of protecting our hearts from rejection, put-downs, envy or confrontation of any sort really.

Here’s the truth:




All that stuff that happened in the past?  I know it’s not easy but you can let it all go because you truly don’t need the beliefs you created then to protect yourself from others any more.

It’s worse to remain cowed than to stand tall and be knocked around a little.

So, take that risk, push yourself outside your comfort zone.  When your gut tells you to move, do it, try, fail, succeed,  it doesn’t matter as long as you are being you.

After all, this magnificent jarrah tree grew for all those years and then when that wind blew too strong for it to stand up any longer, it yielded and fell.  It told me it was OK. I felt it was at peace lying there on the earth ready to return to the mother.

If that’s the worst thing ahead for any of us, then perhaps that risk you are considering is worth taking.

Fly, be free!

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  1. Tricia, I am always thankful for your posts. Sometimes, like this one, they just seem to come from the very core of your being – not just headspace, and when they do, they just resonate beautifully and deeply with me, and others too I hope. Thank you.

    October 9, 2013
    • Thanks again for your lovely words Fiona. I know what you mean, sometimes the title just pops into my mind and I sit and write without much thought. I’m noticing that my photos of nature are a wonderful inspiration. The natural world feeds my soul. Love to you and the family x

      October 10, 2013

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