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Work Can Feel Like Play

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I’ve been wrestling with issues around relationship and work this week.  I’m finding new ways to BE in both of these life arenas.

How so? I hear you ask.

Well, it’s all about linking intellectual understanding with feeling and doing.  Oh yeah and deserving.

Do I deserve to be free, relaxed, prosperous and happy?  Yes, of course I do and so do you.  Am I living as though all this were true right now in this very moment? Well, sort of, kinda, not exactly.

I believe we can create lives of joy and success by doing what we love.  I really do, it’s just that, there’s this little voice inside my head (my ego I guess), that plays this ancient recording passed down from my ancestors and culture that says:

“Work is hard, work is a burden, work drains you, work is responsibility, work is a drag, work is denying your truth and being someone you’re not…”

Even with all the “work” I’ve done on overcoming these old patterns, this remnant of the past keeps holding me back.  I don’t know why, all I know is it’s there and it sucks.

I know people say it can help to use different language:  “Hey, don’t call it work, call it something else; play, offerings, services, pathway, vocation…”.  Whatever, I still reckon my brain knows what is meant and offers up the same party-pooping propaganda.

Thankfully though, I do know that work can be like play, cause I’ve felt it.  I feel it each time I am blessed to see a client and help them with my intuitive skills, deliver a channeled meditation to my meditation circle ladies, write these articles and play around with my book manuscript or workshop curriculum. I guess I want more of these experiences and a healthy income to go with them.

Meelup beach from a high vantage point
Meelup beach from a high vantage point

My husband and I sat down together at my PC last week and watched a great film by Wayne Dyer called The Shift.  It stars Wayne as himself and blends his message that the search for greater meaning in life is a natural and helpful urge, with the fictional stories of a handful of characters going through their own life crises, some of whom interact with Wayne in the film.

“When you trust in yourself, you trust in the very wisdom that created you” Wayne Dyer – The Shift

The big message I received was that my husband and I are certainly on our right path.  Having heeded the urging of our souls to quit city life and live a simpler, healthier and quieter life here in Dunsborough, we have slowed down and gifted ourselves the time to pursue our dreams.

“If you can stop interfering in your own life and just be done, everything will be done for you.” Wayne Dyer – The Shift

I guess only having been in this new life for two years though, we are still in a transition phase.  Totally re-hashing our working lives and creating a new balance of earning between the two of us has not magically happened overnight or any where near as quickly as I hoped it would.

I’m still learning to trust and to allow life to unfold for my highest good without letting the crutch of old beliefs, limitations and fairy tales of old, scare me back into more familiar territory. 

“The best way to have those doors open is to forget about yourself and serve; it’s always about service. You can’t attract what you want into your life; you attract what you are.” Wayne Dyer – The Shift

Nice one Dr Dyer. Thanks for the reminder.

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  1. Yes, work can be play…I’m living it too…but like you still waiting for it pay! Keep going, keep going!

    February 25, 2014
  2. Thanks Mia – nice to know you’re on my team 🙂 and xox

    February 26, 2014

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