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Wise Women I Have Known

Posted in Spiritual Guidance

I’ve just finished listening to a very validating and heart-warming tele-seminar by Christine Kloser  (click here for a link to listen for the next 24 hours) talking about her transformation over the past six months from ego-driven business woman, who thought she was living a spiritually aware life to – via a series of personal and business crises – really, truly living an authentically spiritual life and one that better reflects who she really is.  Wow, that was a long sentence.  I have been observing Christine’s journey from a great distance both geographically (she lives in the United States), and philosophically, as although one of my goals is to one day earn a great living doing work I love, I definitely do not fit the category of “entrepreneur” or even “conscious entrepreneur”, as Christine has described herself in the past.

What has kept me tuned into Christine over the past 18 months via her tele-seminars and email newsletters, has been simply a feeling of resonance with her as a person.  I have benefited from the information she has shared about writing a book in order to share your passion and to be of service to others.  She has inspired me with meditations, interviews with spiritually-minded authors and simply by sharing the ups and downs of her life.  I owe a lot of the confidence I have in writing these blogs to Christine and the other women I access in my on-line community around the world, including my wonderful friend Sue Papadoulis, without whom this part of my journey would not have even commenced.  Sue has also been through a  personal and business transformation (slightly less dramatic than Christine’s) in the past few months and is expressing herself with more ease and authenticity as a result.

My message today is that although both Sue and Christine have been on quite different paths to the one I have traveled, in their generous sharing of their experiences and knowledge, they have shown me how it is possible to be a mother and to also create a successful business which allows you to express yourself and help others to improve their lives.  This is all about gut feeling and leaving judgement (of them and myself) completely out of the picture.  I can feel the sincerity and love in both of these women’s hearts when they speak and I can appreciate that for them, unlike me, achieving in their work and earning money are strong drives.  They are amazing women with more energy than I could hope to have and they have taught me so much.  The challenge for us all in learning from others, is to take on board the information that really resonates with us and to have patience with ourselves when what somebody else is doing looks incredible, and we want what they have, yet we just can’t see ourselves in that role.  Time has shown me that when we ask for what is Divinely right in Divinely right time and then go with our instincts, things all turn out for the best.

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  1. Wow Tricia, I feel truly humbled. It is with a few tears that I say a heartfelt thank you for giving me such a precious gift and expressing it in such a beautiful way. You are indeed a writer of great talent!

    I also feel incredibly humbled to be mentioned in this same entry as the truly inspring Christine Kloser. I have downloaded her teleseminar today and await eagerly for the moment when I can find time to listen. As soon as I learned she was doing this teleseminar I felt a strong compulsion to hear her wisdom which resonate with me just as strongly as they do with you.

    Your observations about looking to others and what they have are interesting – especially when I look to you and see the peaceful and abundant way in which you are living now, and a part of me wishes for this too!

    love you!

    Sue xx

    February 24, 2011

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