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When we heal ourselves, the ripples heal the whole

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Here’s something we never realised in the ‘new age nineties’: All we have to do, is work on ourselves!  

An aspect of the new age movement in the 1990s that didn’t sit comfortably with me, was the exercise of confronting the people in one’s lives with our so-called, truth: our versions of how they’d hurt us and our how they must change. Yuck! So messy and so much opportunity for power plays, manipulation, ego-defence reactions and resistance.

It was the ‘live and let live’ message of Annette Noontil in her book Your Body is the Barometer of your Soul, that really resonated with me, and it’s a practice that I find myself coming back to again and again. And another way of putting it:

There’s three kinds of business in the universe, mine, theirs and God’s.

Byron Katie

It’s so important we remember that anything outside our control, meaning our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, is not our business. Now, before you get all worked up about the importance of calling out bad behaviour, political and social activism and what-not, here’s my take: These actions can in some situations, be described as ‘my business’, but on a spiritual level, whenever we are very attached to fighting against something, we’re adding a lot of energy, and therefore solidity and power, to it. And, I’ll leave it there.

There’s someone else here…

What I’m really interested in sharing, is how I’m amazed to notice how I can be sitting with a client and they might have a tricky relationship or a very stressful situation connected with a person in their life, such as an ex-partner, parent, friend or boss and low and behold, I become aware that an energetic aspect of that person shows up in the session.

Don’t ask me to clearly articulate how I know this, my best explanation is that I get a sense of a presence in the space around us. I can feel their emotional state and aspects of their personality, and I just sort of ‘know’ who they are. I confirm this by asking internally, and feeling a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response within myself.  What I feel is happening, is that via their energy connection to the client, an aspect of that individual’s higher awareness feels there’s an opportunity to share in the healing energy, so they join in.

This idea takes me very deeply into the understanding that we’re all connected. How often have you heard that term, and yet not really understood it? And also, that only one volunteer in the system of a family, partnership, workplace or friendship, need come forward consciously to do their inner work. The other people connected to this person, who aren’t in a mental space to go and see a counsellor or an energy healer, will benefit from the one who does.

So this happens in a few ways. Firstly, the ‘visitor’ if you like, can receive healing in a direct way, because I’m willing to give them my attention and include them in the healing process. They often just want their emotional wounding to be acknowledged, or a part of their back story to be revealed, so that my client can gain a fresh perspective on them.

Secondly, these individuals receive an energy upgrade simply as a result of my client healing themselves, and then creating a new reality around them. This effect is real as can be, and I’ve seen it for myself. Just when we think another person will never change and we’re completely fed up with their behaviour, we do the inner work of changing our feelings and expectations about that person and quite magically, they change. 

We honestly do have the power to change the world around us by improving our own attitude and by becoming more disciplined with our thoughts and beliefs regarding what we pay attention to. We can put a lot of energy into seeing the worst or in seeing the best. This can be the difference between feeling calm, happy and fulfilled and being constantly disappointed and depressed.

This is such an empowering concept, I just had to share it. Do your own inner work, your business, and let go of what you believe others need to do, their business. It’s that simple.

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