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What is Your Therapy?

Posted in Spiritual Guidance

I have a confession to make.  Writing this blog is my therapy.  Well, to be honest, it’s just one of my many therapies.  When I write I feel thoughtful, inspired, creative and also relieved to be sharing my thoughts and feelings with you all.  THANK YOU for reading!  If me saying thanks isn’t enough, then feel free to send me an invoice.  I’m joking of course, but take a moment to think about this.  What’s your therapy?  What do you do every day to make you happy?  I get up in the morning, put on a song and have a little dance.  Cue visual image of me dancing around in daggy pyjamas or my underw… No, on second thought, cancel that one.  Dancing makes me feel good and makes for a great start to my day.  Other things I do regularly in my week are;  have at least one coffee and catch up with a friend, meditate, sing, go walking, go swimming at the beach (strictly a summer activity for me), go outside and look at the sunset every night and go outside again each night before I go to bed, to look at the stars and the moon if its around and say a prayer.  Here is a photo I took last year while on holiday in Broome.  Ahhh, breathe it in.

Sunset on Cable Beach, Broome

Lately, I’ve also been going to Song Circle most weeks and I’m working out whether I can also fit in a dance class or get back into yoga, which I’ve let slip since the Summer holidays.  These little practices are things I have realised over time are great for me to do, and easy for me to include in my day because I love them.  Although beware, if you are thinking about an activity or practice you could do to become happier, healthier and calmer and the word ‘should’ pops into your mind, have a really good ‘feel’ (not think – listen to your heart) about whether this is something you would really love doing.  When we take up a form of exercise, interest or spiritual practice that we don’t love, we often don’t get very much benefit from it and we usually fail to stick to our plan of doing it regularly.  Humans are amazing self-sabotagers when the choices we make are not aligned with our hearts.   So, when you get a stirring in your soul to take up latin dance, give it a go, but don’t punish yourself if you decide it’s not your thing.  Want to get fit but hate running, gyms and sport?  Find a way to get the health and happiness you seek while having fun.  You know what it is, you just need to listen to your heart.  Take a moment right now.  Sit with your feet on the floor, close your eyes and take some deep breaths and gently ask yourself, “what would I love to do every day?” The answer may surprise you.

I sat down to write this blog today with a heavy heart and a headache from crying quite a bit this morning at the funeral of little Elliot Parish.  It was a beautiful service but incredibly heart wrenching to witness the despair on the faces of his parents as they walked into the cathedral to farewell their son in the loving presence of their family and friends.  What even his parents are able to see though, is the amazing impact this gorgeous little child had on so many people in his too-short, four years of life.  They are two of the most inspiring people around and to some extent, they have been made so by this terrible experience.  I imagine every person in that church today wishes for them that this tragedy had not occurred but alas, it has.   And we as a part of their community of friends can only watch on with love and compassion, ready to give a hug, a meal or for me, a flower essence, to help ease the pain just a little.  Please hold them in your hearts in prayer before you go to sleep tonight.  Every little light shining in the darkness makes a difference.

Love and light


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  1. I LOVE hearing/reading your blogs Tricia! It makes us ALL stop and think about life and how we are really living it. Keep up the great work!

    Leonie 🙂

    February 17, 2011
  2. Jackie

    For some lovely moments of respite, may I recommend the beautiful website of talented photographer Jane Garratt. Read her story, see her wonderful images and listen to the music. Her flowers remind me of Eckhardt Tolle’s meditation on a flower. Enjoy.

    February 26, 2011
  3. Thanks Jackie. That was really lovely. Such beautiful images! Nature is so amazing. Love to you, Tricia

    February 27, 2011

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