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What if Nothing Were Wrong?

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Come on, play along with me here, use your imagination…

Ask yourself this:

What would it mean to me if I suddenly felt that there is nothing wrong with my life, with me, with anyone else or with the world?

Breathe it in. Just breathe in that imagined possibility.  How does it make you feel?

Excited, relieved and joyous or, tense, worried and concerned about my sanity?

When I'm out here it's easy to feel good
When I’m out here it’s easy to feel good

If you find it hard to even contemplate this, do not fear, you’ve got plenty of company.  How do you think we all got to believe in this falsehood of duality in the first place? It’s because the majority of people across the developed world all think in much the same way.  We pass judgement on all experiences (and people) as right or wrong, good or bad and for some reason, mainstream culture has placed a big emphasis on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right.

If you watch any news broadcast you’ll know what I mean.

So seriously, what if it’s our perspective that’s flawed, rather than our whole species?

Here’s where I’m heading with this: There’s this universal law of energy some people have described as the Law of Attraction.  What it means for us in three dimensional, human reality is, what you focus on expands.

For the past few hundred years or so, we humans have been ever so slightly focused on making the self wrong, making the ‘other’ wrong and turning our attention to outward pursuits like work to distract ourselves from the pain of this separation from ourselves and one another.

What if, just what if we began right now, seeing and appreciating what’s right within all of us and letting go of our attachment to looking for what’s wrong?

Let’s try something, because like the little boy who shouted, “Look, the emperor has no clothes!”, I want to shout, “Look, everything is good and we are all okay!”

How about this:

Right now in this very moment of your life on this amazing planet of ours, what’s good?

Are you comfortable in your body? Now now, don’t go looking for a problem here, just notice that your body feels more good than bad right?

Yes? So now you can expand this notion out further into your life to see all that is good or at least reasonably acceptable in your life right now.  Just this small action of feeling a little gratitude for what you have, who you are and who you’re with can lift your mood, open your heart and raise your chances of feeling happier in the next moment, then the next and so on…

It’s catching people! Find yourself talking about good stuff instead of bad, happy stories instead of depressing ones and you carry forth a new energy of having more trust in life.  Life is good, mostly, for most of us.

When we feel this and begin living as though it were true, we lift the collective energy of the planet. So to help others, lighten up, see what is good and give up the habit of ‘wrong-making’ that has gotten us all so confused and upset.

For more tips on this approach to living, click here and then contact me for a chat if you’re thinking you’d like some healing and coaching.

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  1. Beverley Woods
    Beverley Woods

    Great message – lots of love Mum – talk tomorrow some time before we leave on Fridayxxxx

    Sent from my iPhone – Beverley Woods


    February 25, 2015

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