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What Happens After the Big Aha

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I’ve had quite a few of those breath-taking experiences we call variously; ‘aha’, light bulb and eureka moments.  The feelings of celebration and release we all have when these realisations, solutions or insights hit are often powerful and exhilarating.

Make time for inspiration to emerge
Make time for inspiration to emerge

What comes later though can sometimes feel like a bit of an anti-climax.

You see, I’ve noticed that the aha moment doesn’t always lead to the kinds of immediate personal transformations and life changes I crave.  In fact for me, these moments are often followed by the exact opposite of what I was hoping would occur.

You know how it is, you believe you’ve created a whole new mindset around; not shouting at the kids, breaking your habit of running late, reducing sugar in your diet or criticising your partner’s every move and then life throws every possible obstacle in your way to stop those changes coming to fruition: The kids play up worse than ever, you get lost on your way to an appointment, you buy and then eat the fundraiser chocolates sold at junior soccer and well, you know what happens with your partner, they drive you bonkers, on purpose.

The old one step forward, ten steps back routine.

It’s as though the internal shift has yet to filter through to our external world and in the meantime, any residual beliefs and patterns still hanging around in the ‘post-aha’ self take the opportunity to wreak havoc and mayhem for their last hurrah.

It’s as though the universe is saying, “Oh yeah? You want to change? Well then, let’s see how serious you are about this. Try this on for size….and this…. how about THAT! KAPOW!”.

It can end up feeling that since we aren’t succeeding at ‘walking the mind-talk’ of our new outlook, then we must be completely back to square one.

Let me reassure you though that this assumption is far from true.  Just because a first, second, or fiftieth attempt at personal growth and evolution doesn’t stick, it doesn’t mean you haven’t made progress.  It’s just that when we humans work to break habits created from decades of family patterning and centuries of cultural conditioning, the really worthwhile, soul-liberating shifts take time for us to fully embody.

It’s a bit like getting used to a really short hair-cut after wearing it long for years or getting back on a bicycle after a decade of not riding, feels weird, wrong, not us. Plus there’s always that super-helpful ego kick-back I wrote about a little while ago.

What I’m saying is, we’re all in the same boat with this so don’t worry, you’re not alone in your frustration, impatience and self-doubt.

In my humble opinion, tools like journalling, meditation, being in nature and seeing a skilled counsellor can all help us along our pathway but good old simple patience and surrender to a higher power are also pretty darned helpful.

Just take that next step, you’ll get there eventually. Promise.

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  1. Maureen

    Hi Trish, I too have had to surrender to the powers that be. Instead of getting on with getting a decent income, I find myself in mysterious circumstances where nothing seems to go the way I want it too. Recently I met with an excellent ‘medium’ in order to get some answers. She said I needed to relax and that I still needed to rest and recouperate (ie. I was burnt out from my last job of 7 years). It has taken me a while but I am now taking it easy and not feeling guilty about ‘getting out there’. I have had to admit that I still need to have a rest most days and I plan to slowly build some resilience. I have had some amazing spiritual experiences in the past and I need to keep a spiritual connection as I know those experiences were real. I think I need to do something different but I am not sure what that is going to be and in the meantime I will just “be”. So thanks for your thoughts which has reminded me that things come they are ready and not before. Best wishes, Maureen

    September 6, 2013
    • Hi Maureen – It was so lovely to read your words. You are wise and it feels to me that you are on the right path. Patience can be tricky sometimes though can’t it? Warm wishes, Tricia

      September 6, 2013
  2. Hi Tricia, what a beautiful blog! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It’s wonderful to know that I’m not the only one that experiences this! Much love to you for spreading love and awareness to the world.


    October 16, 2013
    • Hi Kat – It feels great to connect with you on this intense life reality. I’m learning slowly to be ‘one’ with whatever is happening and try not to label things as obstacles, barriers or blocks. It’s just another life experience right? love, Tricia

      October 16, 2013

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