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Walking Barefoot

Posted in Live Your Passions, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

There’s been a stripping away of layers of what’s no longer needed.

Clarity has emerged on some long vexing issues and a new confidence and sense of inner strength is blossoming. At least that’s what it feels like… I think, I hope.

I swam in the ocean one morning not long ago and found I was totally, completely present.  More than ever before, the water felt invigorating and cleansing.  A wave of pure joy washed over me and I felt so, so safe.

It might have had something to do with having not worn bathers on my morning walk and when I couldn’t resist the warm water, I decided to swim in my knickers (naturally hey?).  This decision heightened my awareness and made me truly appreciate every second I spent in the water.  I’ll admit I was keeping a lookout for innocent passers-by happening across my half nudie swim and this made me giggle.  I’m about as far away from being an exhibitionist as you can be and yet actually, I didn’t care, I even sat and sun bathed on a rock for a minute or two before dressing.

20140319_101125This is being over forty, feeling at peace with one’s body and realising it’s no more startling or special or private than anyone else’s.  Anyway, I won’t be making a habit of it, winter’s almost here, it just felt like a nice little liberation of my soul and ego-self.

After the swim I didn’t feel like adding wet, sandy feet in shoes to the wet body in clothes, so I walked home barefoot: Over the beach sand and rocks, up the limestone paved, prickly path, up the leafy, rocky, twiggy track to the golf course and along the grass-patched, sandy golf course home.

I winced, minced and grimaced over the ouchy bits and then strode out with more confidence over the grass and sand on the home stretch.  What I noticed was with every step, I was looking down to see where my feet would land and what they would make contact with.  Do I think about this in sneakers?  Not at all.  Do I even notice the earth upon which I walk when in shoes? Well yes, a little on bush tracks peppered with rocks and tree roots, but when the walking is easy, that’s when the mind takes over with busy thinking.

This barefoot walk home felt like a really sweet analogy for life:  When we slow down and notice the little moments, we are present, absorbed and engaged.  Having to notice where I placed my feet to protect them from harm made me feel alert, child-like, free and connected to nature.  It felt like I was dwelling in my true and natural home and on my true and natural path.

I’m brewing up a new tagline for my business that ecompasses the shifts people experience when they have sessions with me. I’ve actually come up with about a hundred potential taglines featuring words like; soul, flow, path, natural, true and purpose. But I’m still not sure, I guess I’ll wait a little longer and see what emerges.

Thanks for your continued presence.  It inspires me 🙂

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