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Two Easy Ways to Lift Your Vibration

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing, and Spiritual Guidance

We’re at a crucial time on the planet, and whether we know it or not, our personal vibrational frequency is affecting the frequency of the collective. We’re all shifting into a higher vibration, that’s an evolutionary fact. How difficult the process feels, and how long it takes before we achieve world peace, is to a large degree, up to us.

That’s right, each and every one of us is contributing our energy. And not just to the planet as a system of energy, but to the universal collective. We are all ONE, so we’re all affected by the whole, and in turn, we directly impact ‘the whole’ with our vibe. It’s hard to conceptualise, so my advice is to just hold it as a universal truth. It’s a bit like not understanding the workings of the body’s circulatory system, but knowing nonetheless that it’s constantly chugging away, keeping us alive. So here’s my top two frequency raising tips:

1. Grounding

I just returned home from walking our puppy and I did something a little different than usual. As we crossed the golf course, about five minutes from home, I stopped and removed my shoes and socks, so I could walk the rest of the way home in bare feet. It felt amazing, and a bit ouchy and cold as well. It was early and it’s winter.

The reason I felt the sudden urge to do this, was based on the knowing that it’s really important to ground our energy each day and that for our feet to make prolonged contact with the bare earth, is the easiest way to ground. And what, I hear you ask does this have to do with raising our frequency? Well, plenty. When we are grounded we are calm and we are in our body’s wisdom.

Grounding or some call it ‘earthing’, makes us feel calm because to be connected to the natural world (our true home), makes us feel safe and supported. It’s only when this connection is broken that we can possibly feel anxious, depressed, needy, directionless or bored. Big claim I know, but check out how disconnected we’ve become from nature and I think you’ll sense the truth in this idea.

Think about all the concrete, bitumen, shoes, floors, walls, electronic interference, air pollution and air conditioning. All of these materials and inventions stop us from touching our feet to the earth, breathing in fresh air and tapping into the rhythms of nature. When you sit back and have a good think about it, we’ve trampled all over and spat on our original, very intimate bonds with the earth and her other inhabitants.

And it’s not as though we’ve actually come up with a way to do without the earth. We still need everything she gives us in order to survive. We’ve created a very bizarre scenario where we live under the illusion that we can make wholly artificial living conditions in the forms of buildings, clothing and shoes, sealed windows and temperature controlled bubbles, rather than existing in a way that honours nature and respects her powers. The great technological strides we’ve taken to make life more comfortable and safe, have divorced us from our roots. We are creatures of this earth. We need her. This brings me to my second tip.

2. Give Thanks

Being thankful isn’t actually that easy for me. I’m a child of my era in that I’m always thinking about the next thing. I was raised in a time and culture where life was very much about achieving, book learning, competing and getting ahead (getting ahead of what, I’m not sure). And of course, it’s also in my nature to focus on this stuff. I might be a teensy bit Type A.

So when it comes to feeling grateful for all that I have, my mind sort of goes, yes, of course I have gratitude, I just want that next thing as well. And so what happens with this mental attitude, is that I think I’m grateful but I’m not really taking the time to feel it fully. This is what we must do if we want to raise our frequency and keep it high. We must be in the feeling state of gratitude.

Gratitude is said to hold a similarly high vibration to the energy of love. They’re the top two states we want to hold ourselves in, if we want to feel good and do good. So here’s my suggestion for feeling grateful the majority of the time: Just say thank you. That’s it. Simply get into the habit of seeing and experiencing the entirety of your life with the thought, thank you in mind.

You can definitely keep a gratitude journal, speak your gratitude out loud or sing it in a song. But if you’re like me and find it hard to do these practices with deep authenticity and an open heart. Just say thanks, feel thanks, think thanks. Open your mind to giving thanks for everything that crosses your path. It’s a simpler and for me, a more light-hearted way of inserting gratitude into my day than ‘remembering to be grateful’. Can you feel the difference?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and create a catalogue of the many ways everyone in this community consciously raises their vibrational frequency. I posted this idea on my Facebook page and it attracted plenty of great ideas. I also recently wrote about how to support a high energetic frequency in the spaces we inhabit, read it here.

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