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Three Tips For Attracting Your Desires

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When we want to see change, big change come into our lives, we can be tempted to fall into the trap of thinking the more thoroughly fed up and disappointed we feel with our current circumstances, the faster we’ll see our desires come to fruition.

Uh uh. Not so (head shake).

Nothing slows our progress in life more than hating where we are right now.

Loving where we are right now opens us up to more of what we love. Railing against where we are right now focuses our energy on what we dislike and the universe gives us more of the same.

It really is that simple.

Allow me to share a little story with you. Three years ago when I knew in my heart that I wanted to move from inner-city Fremantle to the country, I focused on feeling happy every day (well, most days) with my life at the time.  I walked along beaches, drove to bush reserves to walk, developed my healing practice and embraced my local community. And every night I went outside and spoke to the night sky about my dream to move ‘down south’, felt how good I would feel when it had occurred and thanked the universe in advance for my new life in the country.

Fremantle rainbow
Fremantle rainbow

So here’s what happened: Over a six month period my husband joined me in wanting this too, he resigned from his job, we sold our home in four weeks, we found a rental property in our new town, booked our children into the local school and we moved in time for them to commence school at the start of the year. That was at the beginning of 2012 and we’ve never been happier.

Dunsborough rainbow
Dunsborough rainbow

Here are my Top Three Tips for making this process work for you:

  1. Your goal must be in alignment with your true soul path.  Wanting something and knowing it’s serving our highest good can sometimes be quite separate things.
  2. Letting go of the ‘how it will happen’ and the timing are essential.  We tried to make this move two and a half years earlier and it just didn’t happen so I managed (after some tears), to let it go and focus on what I could change within myself and my perspective.
  3. Balancing your focus each day between getting on with daily life with a happy, light-hearted outlook AND spending at least ten minutes each day conjuring, imagining, creating this new life you desire in meditation, prayer, art, or journalling.

The bottom line is, be happy right now, look around you and find something to smile about and then be playful like a day-dreaming child and imagine how it could be EVEN BETTER!

Then watch and allow the magic to come your way.  After all, a rainbow is a rainbow, no matter where we see it <3


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