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Think You’ve Moved On? Look Out!

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing, and Trust The Universe

As we move ever-closer to the Winter Solstice here in Australia, I’m feeling a little stressed, taxed, overwhelmed and fed-up.

Need I elucidate?

It’s no accident I felt called to book myself a massage last week and I’m looking forward to releasing some tension under the caring and capable hands of lovely Tara in her home studio in Yallingup tomorrow.

Experiencing the uplifting and heart-opening energies of Panache Desai on Masterworks Healing – 13/13 Prayer Circle last night, I thought I had released bucket-loads of tension and muck from the past.

Even the rockiest of paths are still worth travelling
Even the rockiest of paths are still worth travelling

Oh no no no. How naive of me.

Sure it was powerful and definitely worth tuning in.  But instant and complete healing it was not.

It was something much more worthwhile.  What this prayer circle did for me and the thousands of others joining in was to create an opening for all our suppressed sadness, anger and angst to flow upwards and out of our beings and today it showed up in pretty uncomfortable waves of all of the above for me.

I still got on with my day, did some washing, sorted out my daughter’s birthday presents, baked some muffins, went to my daughter’s class and helped teach six eight year-olds how to sew, had a quick chat on the phone with a dear friend and made my first ever chicken noodle soup for dinner.

However, my husband copped some cutting words and my arches are slightly sore from stomping around the house all morning.

Ah well, I’m feeling a little better now and looking forward to an early night tonight.  Sleep heals me so completely. I can sometimes go to bed feeling terrible and wake up feeling great.  I’m so grateful that a solid eight hour sleep is the norm for me now that my kids are bigger.

The point of this blog is that with the solstice this coming Friday the 21st, we are approaching a peak moment for the completion of cycles.  But if you think you can just set some intentions, say a prayer or write down some patterns you wish to release and it will all happen out there somewhere in the ether, then think again.

As Madisyn Taylor wrote so aptly in Daily OM the other day:

 “Often the reappearance of an old pattern is a sign that it has come full circle ready to be released”

It’s so important at this time to not run and hide from these old patterns, feel them, live them and let them dwell in your heart and mind for at least one day.

Everything is accelerating and that means your spiritual development.  There is much to be done to raise humanity’s vibration to shift us out of the old ways and into the new.  For me the “the new” means more love, compassion, generosity, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, ease, grace and joy.

all rights reserved Mary Baxter-St Clair
all rights reserved Mary Baxter-St Clair

For energy to transform though, we must experience at least some upheaval and upset at a conscious level.  Sure, much of what is occurring right now is happening beneath our awareness, but the sheer volume of collective misperceptions, miscreations and misunderstandings about who we are and why we are here is so immense, it’s bound to flow up and over into our daily lives.

Plus, much of what is occurring is happening in the service of healing our relationships with one another and the outpourings of emotion can’t help but challenge and push our relationships into new, more open ground.

So, let the unpleasantness flow while holding the awareness that this too shall pass and that good works are happening even though it feels so hard.

Gentleness and Truth.

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