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The Gift of Contrast

Posted in Create Abundance, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

Three weeks ago we moved house.

Our new home in the trees

With all the activity, busyness and disorientation involved with settling into a new home, my usual meditation and exercise routines went out the window. Just when I really needed them too. It’s funny how that happens huh?

The move wasn’t all that stressful and we love our new place, it’s just that coming to live in a new space can be very unsettling to the psyche. Not to mention tiring for the body and taxing on marital harmony.

Still, from unease and tension comes the opportunity to remember what serves us best and the motivation to get back on track swiftly.

Then, when life returns to its normal rhythms and flow, we can fully appreciate that when we look after our own well being, we are happier.

The key here is that we sometimes need the flow and rhythm to be disrupted in order for us to realise how good it is when life is business as usual.

So whatever is happening in your life right now, don’t despair because it’s those times of chaos and confusion that nudge us into better balance.  The contrast of feeling uncomfortable, stressed or unsettled serves as a powerful reminder of how we want our lives to be and inspires us to take action.

I’m back to meditating daily and getting outdoors for a walk most days too. Haah, that feels better.

The other beneficial contrast we have experienced as a family was in moving from our rather poky rental property of the last nine months to our more spacious, more ‘us’, home we have bought.  We’re looking forward to many happy years here.

I’m feeling an expanded sense of peace living in this new place.  Just a short walk away is the bush and coastline I dreamed of living near when I first thought we might be moving to Dunsborough (actually my good friend and gifted clairvoyant, Astara told me this would occur) in July 2011.  And here we are!  Life can be pretty amazing when we step boldly (or tentatively) in the direction of our dreams.

Time to reflect on all that has occurred in 2012 and how far we have all come this year. Acknowledge your brilliant progress and create your vision for yourself for the coming year.


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One Comment

  1. renee

    Thanks I needed that inspiration. Life is crazy and things are moving into a new direction for us. I’ll remember to embrace it!!!

    November 29, 2012

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