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The Ego Kick-Back

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing, and Trust The Universe

Many of us are experiencing deep change at this time.

The Bauhinia Essence is perfect for helping us open up to change and new concepts - see the significance of the butterfly shaped leaves?
The Bauhinia Essence is perfect for helping us open up to change and new concepts – see the significance of the butterfly shaped leaves?

Anyone else being confronted with unexpected conflict, confrontations, accidents, mishaps, emotional blow-outs or just simply weird occurrences?

These odd happenings are serving us at a very deep level.

They make us stop, notice our reactions, analyse our behaviour (why did this happen and what might it mean?), ponder our relationships and hopefully create new pathways to being more fully present and more completely who we are.

However, there is a part of us that resides in the mind that will do its darndest to struggle against change of any kind.

Yep, it’s that pesky old ego.  Now lets not completely crucify the ego because its not all bad.  Sonia Choquette rather sweetly describes the ego as being like our pet dog.  Of course we adore our pet, we appreciate it and care for it but we don’t let it completely take over.

The premise I am coming from here is that your ego wants you to stay the same, because to this unsophisticated part of the mind, this feels safe.

When we go through deep internal change, the ego fights to retain the status quo by throwing lots of negative thoughts into consciousness.  This means that all those old, out-dated unconscious fears, insecurities and false programmes from childhood come gushing to the surface as the ego desperately attempts to keep you safely tied to the past.

Now because this all feels pretty awful, it’s easy for us to be dragged down into feelings of uncertainty about any new plans, new belief systems and new ways of being we have been playing around with, and makes us feel that all this new stuff is actually pretty shaky.

My suggestion for when this happens is to spend more time with your attention focused in your heart centre.  This is where the truth of who you are resides and your genuine (not ego-based) wisdom exists.  This can be done while meditating, walking, swimming, lying in bed before you go to sleep, really any time where you are not using your mind for other activities.

What happens when we become practised at dwelling in our heart space is that quite subtly and naturally, the ego becomes less powerful.  You will actually experience it like the volume being turned down inside your head.  The negative thoughts will still arise, but they will not hold your attention as before and they will have much less impact on your feelings.

Another useful tool is to actually acknowledge and comfort the ego in these moments.  Reassure it that all is well and that your powerful inner wisdom is calling the shots now.

Wonderful flower essences to take at this time are Bauhinia, Grey Spider Flower, Bush Iris, Red Lily, Bottlebrush and Hibbertia (click for more info).

Just breathe and be. All is well.

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  1. Beverley Woods
    Beverley Woods

    Great post – really loved it – and so well expressed – particularly loved the bit about reasuring the ego – love Mum

    Sent from my iPhone

    April 4, 2013
  2. Emma Staples
    Emma Staples

    Thank you for this post. Yes I am feeling this and your reminder about ego not wanting change is so grounding to me.

    April 5, 2013

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