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The Earth is fine but maybe she’s trying to tell us something?

Posted in Spiritual Guidance, and Trust The Universe

How could we be so arrogant and self-centred to think we control the well-being of our planet? Our mother Earth is just fine thanks. She doesn’t need us to change a thing in order for her to survive. The fact that we seem to be ignorantly orchestrating the demise of our own species and that of many others, is not her biggest concern. She loves us, yes, but does she need us? No more than she needs every other species that has come and eventually perished.

I realise there are large tracts of denuded, barren soil, drought-ridden hectares by the thousand and polluted waterways and oceans, but there is also much pristine magnificence and untrammeled beauty. Have we completely lost all perspective? This planet is big, we are tiny creatures upon her and our seemingly vast tracts of civilisation have nothing on the sheer boundlessness of the oceans and polar caps. We’ve been deluding ourselves with regard to our own importance.

And hey, before you get all hot under the collar. I’m not saying we haven’t abused, pillaged and polluted our lands and oceans, and I’m not suggesting that climate change isn’t real. What I’m disputing is the idea that we’re destroying or killing the life of the planet. Oh no, I can’t believe that. It’s not what I’m feeling is the truth. And doesn’t all the language we see in our media smack of yet another ploy by those in positions of power to put us in a state of disempowered fear?

Earth is far more powerful and resilient than we could know. Just think of all the other devastating events she’s weathered. Massive meteor strikes, ice ages, droughts, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes. Species have come and gone. Mountains have appeared and weathered away. Islands have arisen and slowly sunk. Forests have grown and been destroyed by lightning- fueled wild fires. And again, I agree, the actions of humans have been destructive over and over again, peaking in power and intensity over only the last hundred and fifty years. A mere blip in our magnificent planet’s history.

From a spiritual perspective, the earth represents the body and this period is very connected to Uranus transiting Taurus. When Uranus enters a new sign, every seven years or so, it triggers unexpected and sudden change and advances in technology related to that sign’s qualities. Since Taurus relates very much to money, what and who we love, our bodies, our values, the earth and our possessions, these are the life aspects being shoved into a new era, with Uranus’ help. It’s slowly moving through Taurus and will be there for six more years. We can make the most of this transit by paying good attention to all of our Taurus themes. People with personal planets in Taurus: the sun, moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury, will be feeling it the most but we all have Taurus in our charts.

What if we could welcome this Uranian refresh and reboot with open arms and let it do its worst? I say worst because what we get with Uranus is never soft, gentle or gradual. It’s swift, unrelenting and irreversible. We can be in fear or we can be in awe. We can encourage ourselves to take the long view and realise that whatever befalls us and our entire species, is part of a picture so vast, we could never hope to understand it, let alone control it.

The pain and grief we experience is universal and the more each of us are forced to open our hearts in personal shock, sorrow and loss, the more we get to connect that heart energy with the collective. Once we recognise the power of true empathy, compassion and vulnerability in the face of life’s bigger challenges, the more we can BE LOVE. Love is our core energetic signature and it will be our saviour.

Can you feel this? Does it ring true? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In love, Tricia

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  1. Abbie

    Yes!! Thank you Tricia, I’ve been feeling this also. Thank you for speaking it!
    These times are for me just another BIG invitation to look at ourselves and our lives and heal ourselves.
    BIG tragedies are opportunities for us to become aware, reflect, come together, connect and heal our inner worlds.
    Perhaps what we see “out” there is just a reflection of ourselves. Fear, anger, blame, criticism, disharmony.
    Perhaps the only value in this fear is if we use it to shift our perspective and change.
    As we heal ourselves and our own backyards we can contribute to healing beyond and bigger.
    Think global act local was an inspiring quote I read recently.

    January 29, 2020
    • Thanks for your comment Abbie. I’m glad you enjoyed the read and I agree with your perspective wholeheartedly. Tricia x

      January 29, 2020

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