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The Benefits of Heart-Felt Living

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Hello!  It’s good to be back home from my little sojourn in rainy Noosa.  The course was really worthwhile and I met some amazing and lovely women.  So much fun for me to be in a room with so many like-minded souls who don’t bat an eye if you tell them one of your spirit guides was with you in meditation that morning.  Heavens, that sort of information is quite pedestrian.  The teacher asked for a show of hands to establish how many people in the group can see auras and around a third of the class indicated in the affirmative.  I am really excited about these sorts of skills and loved hearing the channeled information some of the women received in our group meditations.  Lots of fun.

The decision to spend the money to travel to Noosa from Perth to do this course brought up some conflicting feelings in me.  My ever-supportive husband said, “if you want to go, go”.   And at first it felt like a no-brainer.  After all, I have had the intuitive knowledge that I would become a Bush Essence teacher for 18 months.  But then my logical, over-analytical mind kicked in with messages like, “well, you know you haven’t been earning any money lately, how can you justify this spending?” and “do you really have what it takes to promote yourself and deliver these courses?”.  Hmm, does your mind sometimes do this to you?  Even though I live mainly by following my intuition these days, old habits are very hard to break, and when I am under stress (did I mention I’m a nervous traveller?), the shy, cautious, wall-flower in me tries to pull me back into line.  I am so very glad I overcame this limiting voice inside me, because  as soon as I settled into the training room with my fellow students last Friday morning, I felt a sense of belonging and my heart said, “YES! These are my people!”

This week has been a very busy week, getting back into mum mode and seeing more new clients.  Ha! My income is growing every week now.  Finally, it feels like my four year apprenticeship is over and I can truly step into my power to be of service to others.   It is a wonderful feeling to be aware that you are aligned with your true purpose in this lifetime and to have the freedom to live it.  I feel so very grateful.

Tuning into your intuition can be as simple as sitting quietly with your breath.  Take some deep breaths down into your tummy and gently tell yourself to “let go, let go, let go”.  This takes some practice, but once you are familiar with your body and your breath, you will experience distinctly different feelings in your body when you contemplate certain decisions you would like to make.  For most of us there is a particular area in the body we could describe as our feeling centre.  For some it is around the heart, it could also be beneath the ribs in the solar plexus or down in our lower abdomen.  When you are connected to your feeling centre, it will let you know by a tensing or relaxing of muscles in that region, how you really feel about any topic you care to think about.  Give it a try, it’s sometimes a scary way to live but ultimately more rewarding than being slaves to our pre-programmed minds.

The Bluebell Essence is a wonderful heart-opening and expanding flower essence and is a stunning flower too!

Love and learning


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  1. Fiona Smallwood
    Fiona Smallwood

    Tricia, I have throughly enjoyed reading your blog. I find your writing, and your presence very comforting, calming and honest. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift, being the ability to articulate so beautifully. I have certainly identified with some of your entries and it is peaceful and reassuring to relate. I have felt comfort sometimes in the last few weeks at simply being more aware of my intuition just because it has been brought to my attention. Trusting it completely may take some time! The Noosa experience sounds like you enjoyed it and faced some Personal challenges too. Congratulations on seeing it through. It was lovely to see you recently. Love Fiona

    March 11, 2011

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