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The 2012 Annular Eclipse

Posted in Spiritual Guidance

Annular solar eclipse over Qingdao, China.source: news.national

Just a quick one.

A powerful solar eclipse is occurring in just under 24 hours.  This one will only be visible in the Northern Hemisphere but its effects will be felt the world over.

I’ve already been feeling a buzzing sensation in my body for a few days and the occasional little jolt of energy in my arms, legs or abdomen while I am resting or meditating. I’ve also been feeling in turns; tense, elated, apprehensive, excited, energised and weary in quick succession.

To read about the cosmic and spiritual meaning of this eclipse, click here to read an article in The Rainbow Scribe .  Recommended by the lovely Christine Kloser.

The eclipse will be happening for us Western Australians in the early hours of tomorrow morning, Monday the 21st May.  It will be at it’s maximum eclipse at 7.54 am in Perth. That’s 9.54 am for you Eastern States dwellers.

source: NASA

To make the most of the energetic and spiritual expansion offered by this event, I recommend between now and when you go to sleep tonight, make time to acknowledge any old, outmoded beliefs and attitudes you would like to release. Then claim for yourself from this night forward, all the new ways you would love to live and BE yourself in your life into the future. Write it all down for extra effect.

This is a wonderful opportunity to consciously open up to some big transformational energies sweeping our planet in the next day or so.

Smile, breathe and dwell in your heart.

Love to you all,


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