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Thanks for the school shoes universe!

Posted in Create Abundance, and Trust The Universe

My daughter is such an inspiration to me in the realms of letting go, courage and manifestation.  Both of my children are expert ‘manifesters’ and I think I may be just about ready to become one too.

Noticing and acknowledging when the manifestation process happens smoothly can so beautifully pave the way for it to happen again, and often.

Last Tuesday I decided it would be a good day to drive the 27km to our nearest big town to buy birthday presents for our son and some winter school shoes for our daughter.  One gift bought and one to go, I stopped in at our locally owned family shoe store and was promptly asked how I may be helped.  I said I was looking for some girls’ black winter school shoes with a buckle (“Not velcro Mum, a buckle please?”).  The perfect looking pair was there on display.  The lady went among the shelves at the back of the shop to find the size I requested.  She came back out and said there were only two pairs left in this style and one of them was in the size I needed.  I expressed a hesitant thanks and reached out to take closer look.

They looked a little on the big side so I asked if we could return them if they didn’t fit, she said that would be fine.  She also said they weren’t getting any more of this style in, which only left the velcro models my daughter had cautioned me NOT to buy. Also, this pair cost $20 less than the velcroed brand.

I must have learned something about non-attachment in recent years because as I bought them I felt completely relaxed about them fitting and my daughter liking them.  I really wasn’t that worried or bothered that I might need to make another trip to replace them or that she may not end up with the buckle version. This is a far cry from the old me who would have made it into a big stress event and the focus of the rest of her day.

So, cutting to the chase….they fit, she loves them, they were cheaper than I expected and no extra driving for me this week. Little yay!

Happy feet
Happy feet – (I also posted a photo of feet last week – meaning anyone?)

This scenario reminded me of something similar that happened a few years ago when our little girl was six.  She had a dress-up day at school coming up and wanted to wear an old-fashioned looking dress.  In her words, it would be white and with a frill around the bottom and pufffy sleeves.  Not being the sort of mother to make a very big effort to buy or make costumes, I agreed to walk around the corner one afternoon after school with her to take a look in the little op-shop there.  Beyond that, I wasn’t sure where we would go next.  Turned out there was no need for ‘next’, because there hanging on the small rack of girls’ dresses was the dress in question.  It was perfect in every way and we skipped happily out of the store minus a mere $5.00 and went home to iron-on some colourful ribbons to complete her vision.

Wow, wouldn’t it be cool if life was always like this, dream it up and bam, it’s delivered to order?

Well, maybe it can be if you truly believe it can.  Children set us obstacle-obsessed adults a wonderful example of how when we are in flow, faith and trust, little miracles can indeed happen.  It won’t always go perfectly to plan of course, the universe loves throwing us a little challenge here and there, but when we are in flow with our inner guidance and happy to be pleasantly surprised, rather than thinking we need to force results, perhaps we can have these sorts of experiences more often than not?

Emphasize it when it flows, let it go when it doesn’t.  That’s called looking on the bright side.

Success breeds success don’t they say? Go to it 🙂






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