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“Tricia thank you for such clear & loving guidance. I was very confused about my Soul’s purpose when I came to you. I walked away after my session feeling so nurtured & so confident about the direction to take in order to reach my highest potential.

I’ve followed your guidance which I have to say seemed ‘too easy’, yet by allowing everything to simply unfold, I have found myself on a very clear pathway where each step is revealed to me in the present moment.

Most importantly – I’ve truly started to enjoy the journey and this has brought me much Peace to my day.  Instead of resisting what is, I am allowing – and this very advice has freed my entire energy up so that I always feel as though I am ‘on purpose’. Thank you so very much,  Natalie x”

Tricia was highly recommended to me at a time in my life that resembled nothing short of confusion, conflict and turmoil. I hadnt been in that space before given my tendency to submit and please others. With that, she immediately and intuitively created a space for me to feel safe so that i could find peace and clarity. The combined techniques that she utilises work in perfect harmony, allowing for healing to occur in the body, mind, heart and spirit. I would highly recommend Tricia and the beautiful gifts that she has developed. Sarah C.

Tricia is a breath of fresh air, a grounded energy of support and clarity. Tricia has the ability to connect remotely ensuring safety and trust for a valuable connection. Her availability, approach and gentle nature resonates with me and I find her advice and support invaluable in bringing balance and a clear view of my needs to the foreground. Caris

My name is Brielle and I am 13 years old, Tricia was very helpful for me when I was going through a really tough time. Tricia helped me to realise that I was more than what I gave myself credit for.Tricia is an amazing woman who uses her powers for the good of everyone around her.

You will immediately have a personal connection with Tricia, even if you are going to see her for the very first time it feels as if you are best friends that have known each other forever.

I strongly recommend you see Tricia because she is passionate, bubbly and she knows and loves what she does. Brielle

If you are seeking spiritual assistance on any level I highly recommend Tricia.  To start with, just being in her presence is like angels wings being wrapped around you.  I have had a couple of healing sessions with Tricia and each time her compassionate and caring nature shines through.  Denise

Tricia, I feel like I could talk to you for hours. I left our chat this morning feeling so positive and uplifted…excited almost…like I have gained a little more control over my future and the outcome of all of this…thank you!” – Laura

Tricia’s guidance is delivered body mind and soul making it unique, and so very wholesomely intuitive that long after my physical session has finished, her energy continues to resonate through my heart. In my life Tricia’s guidance has been synonymous with opening my heart to my own inner guidance and accessing my spiritual beliefs, the results being quite literally astounding. Tricia, you have opened my heart to light and love, and unlocked the power of the universe to me.” – Fiona

 “Meeting Tricia has been a truly enlightening experience, there is no other way to put it. She has a way of tapping right into what you need even where you didn’t know you needed it! The times I have seen her have coincided on the times when I have been at what seemed like quite a high level of stress and anxiety and she has calmed the waters for me and given me the tools I needed to proceed, I come out of our sessions felling optimistic and happy.

She is quite amazing. I think it was most apparent when my 7 year old daughter who had been quite anxious about riding a bike saw Tricia , we addressed the issue and got some flower essences (which she faithfully took and carried around her neck in a pouch!) two days later and I’m not joking she literally hopped on a bike and rode it in front of my very happily surprised eyes and hasn’t looked back since! For anyone who is questioning their path and needing some guidance, Tricia is the lady you need to see.” – Sarah A.

“A little over a year ago my family and I had a sea change, and whilst this change was gladly received, deep down I held much trepidation about leaving the security of my city life!

With beautiful synchronicity I heard about Tricia and her inner guidance coaching. Tricia’s intuitive gifts, combined with her kind manner and gentle approach, gave me the confidence to look decisively into the whys of my security fears.

The strength I have gained from my sharing/coaching with Tricia and the support she provides as part of her program has helped me embrace the journey of living my life with enjoyment and being open to possibilities. Thanks Tricia I so appreciate your wisdom.”

Catherine, Dunsborough

“On my first visit to Tricia, I knew I was looking for something, but I wasn’t quite sure what. With her guidance, it didn’t take long for me to realise that I was trying to reconnect with my own essence, and that’s exactly what Tricia has helped me to do. Her deeply peaceful and balancing qualities can momentarily quell the storm inside and allow you to clear your mind and find focus.

She has pinpointed and cleared life long blocks that have held me back for many years and taught me to trust in the universal flow of energy. I know that I am still on the path to reconnection, but I am overwhelmed with joy that Tricia is here to help me on my journey. You will never regret reaching out to ask for her guidance.”  – Zoe

“Tricia’s intuitive gifts, her spiritual perspective, her intelligence and her clarity, all combine to create a counsellor and healer with an immediate and deep understanding of any given scenario. She has very quickly helped to change my life. Thank you Tricia!” – Georgia 

“Tricia came into my life around 2 years ago and I have to say the last two years of my life has been an amazing though gradual and gentle shift into the life that fulfils all my hearts desires.  I remember my first session with Tricia, not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I felt really stuck and unsure of where I wanted to be, both physically and emotionally.

Tricia has helped me identify what my soul desires to be are and how I’d like to live my life, subtly assisting me in making the right choices to go in that direction. I have found her intuitive healing approach to be very accurate and the use of the flower essences have been extremely beneficial to me and the rest of my family.

Tricia has also had a couple of sessions with my son, who has over the years had outbreaks of eczema. She was so accurate in determining the cause of the eczema and relief was seen within 2 days after a session with her and taking the prescribed flower essences.  I can’t tell you the amount of pharmaceutical creams, doctor’s appointments as well as other alternative specialists we sought to get rid of his eczema! Tricia is a truly gifted counsellor and healer” – Rachel, Yallingup 

A year ago I broke my wrist. I’d never done anything like it before and I was in shock. My hand was not a part of me anymore. I practice yoga and think of myself pretty much in tune with my body but couldn’t over come my detachment. Luckily for me,Tricia came into my life through some perfectly timed ‘coincidences’ and we agreed to work on my hand. She was/is amazing, within hours the colour had returned to my previously ‘dead’ hand, we worked on the problem holistically and I reflected on why this happened to me. My enlightening experience and speedy recovery sent many of my friends and family to Tricia to seek help, all of which would happily write a glowing testimonial for her. – Sally, Fremantle

 “Tricia has a special gift, her intuition is amazing and I always feel like a weight has been lifted from me when I have seen her. From just one session with Tricia I gained more than I have from numerous sessions with other councillors/psychologists. I hold her in high regard and strongly recommend her to anyone.” P.M., Dunsborough