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Your sacral chakra needs you- two ways to help

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How well do your know your chakra system? You know there’s seven of them, starting at the base of your spine and reaching to the crown of your head right? But did you know that for all seven energy centres to be healthy and flowing with beneficial energy, it’s vital that the lower three are in good shape.

Now I’m not going to get too technical here and bring in lots of Sanskrit language about nadis, prana and kundalini. No, because if you’re anything like me, your eyes will glaze over and you’ll stop reading. All we’re going to focus on here is the beautiful qualities of the sacral chakra known as Svadhisthana or ‘dwelling place of the self’. Okay, I’ll stop it now. Let’s get into the juicy details…

Our sacral chakra is a beautiful swirling energy vortex located in our pelvic region. It’s stimulated and recharged by the colour orange and is deeply connected to the element of water. One of the ways I like to visualise sacral chakra energy is to imagine there’s a glass bowl of water sitting in my pelvis and there’s a bright orange light in the centre of it, radiating out of my body in all directions. How about trying it now? Just sit comfortably and place your left hand over your lower abdomen and create this visualisation: The bowl of water sitting in your pelvis glows strongly at the centre and softer at the edges with a vibrant orange hue, shimmering and swirling in its liquid form.

The qualities governed by the sacral are feminine by nature. After all, it encompasses the female reproductive organs and the womb where babies form and grow. It’s all about creativity, procreation, pleasure and softness.  Well softness but also immense strength and life-giving powers. When we have a healthy sacral chakra we’re in touch with our need for sensual and sexual pleasure, our emotions and our creative urges. We feel calmly grounded in our physical attractiveness, sexuality and fertility – both literally, in our capacity to create new life through pregnancy and figuratively through say, a work of art.

What I’m going to give you now is two simple techniques to open and revitalise your sacral chakra. They’re easy and your physical body will love the benefits they bring.

One involves dancing and one involves stretching: First, let’s dance. Put on some music and put your hands on your hips. Place your feet comfortably apart and bend your knees…rotate your hips in a circle one way and then the other. swing your hips from side to side in time with the music. Just keep doing that, then go freestyle.  Swing, sway, wiggle, shake, hula, whatever feels good. While you’re doing this, breathe deeply, feel into your entire pelvic region and notice what’s there.

You may feel some heat or tingling or not much at all. No judgement. Accept what ‘is’ and try again tomorrow. Just spending three minutes a day, the length of a song, in sensual hip movement is a sure-fire way to liven up your sacral space and get some creative juices flowing again.

Now for the stretch.This is all about opening into the outer hips because if you’re like me and do a lot of sitting in chairs, walking, cycling or running, your hips might be strong, but they may not be very flexible. Our whole hip and pelvic region, inside and out, plays an important role in our sacral chakra function. I’m a big fan of pigeon pose, either on the back or leaning over the bent leg. Simple grab a mat or find a soft carpet and move gently into one of these poses…

Once you’re in the pose, relax and breathe normally for a couple of minutes and then change sides. And here’s my disclaimer, I’m not a yoga teacher, so if you’re not already familiar with these poses from your own practice, wait until you do them in a yoga class before trying them on your own.

Finally, well, I didn’t want to mention it but there it is, staring us all in the face. Of course regular sex is wonderful for stimulating and freeing up sacral chakra energy. Orgasm is the ultimate sacral energiser. There, I said it. Reclaiming and honouring the sacral will open up your capacity to fully enjoy life and take full ownership of your immense creative potential.

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How To Create Your Own Daily Spiritual Practice

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I want you to know something you may not have heard before…This comes from my heart and my deepest knowing.

You are spiritual to your core.  There is no such thing as spiritual development, only your awareness need be developed.  Once you perceive your divinity and goodness (Godness), as an infinite being of light, much of your ‘work’ is done and any other falsehoods about your nature and human flaws simply fall away.

What I’ve come to realise only quite recently is that you get this awareness by adopting a daily spiritual practice of your own design. It might be meditation, yoga, walking, running, swimming, dancing, prayer, listening to music, singing, drawing, painting, writing, tai chi, sitting in your garden and listening to nature….  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it matters how it makes you feel.

sunrise meditation
image courtesy


You can come up with a suite of practices that you intuitively move into when the urge comes. One morning you might get up early and walk in nature, the next you might journal and meditate or do some yoga and so on. Feeling the freedom to choose what you do is a wonderful motivation to make it happen.

Here are my Top Five Tips for getting the most out of any daily practice you wish to commit to with the intention of connecting with the deeper ‘you’:

  1. Begin and end your day with one or two practices from your suite of options
  2. Do your practice alone
  3. Treat your practice as a joyful time of being-ness rather than a task to be completed
  4. Set the intention each morning before rising to embrace the present moment in your daily practice
  5. Use your daily practice to be in and fully experience your real emotions, not to escape them

When you commit to spending even ten minutes, twice each day in a spiritual or shall we say inner-connection practice, the benefits are many.  How does more productive, more creative, less worrisome, more physically healthy, more joyful, more clear-thinking and more loving sound? These are just a handful of the gifts I’ve received since getting clear about prioritising having a daily spiritual practice in my life.

So how to begin?  Well, set an intention right now in this very moment of loving yourself a little more and just see where that leads you.  We’re here to enjoy life and be aware of our own innate divinity, so devote a little time every day to cultivating and nurturing that aspect of you.

Helping people create and commit to their own daily spiritual practice is something I love doing in my Inner Guidance Coaching Programs, click to read more…

You are you and that’s enough, all that’s needed is for you to fully know this truth. <3

I Have An Amazing Body

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That got your attention?

Well it’s true, my body works amazingly well:  I can walk, swim, climb stairs, run (when I’m in a hurry), do yoga, dance, sit and stand. I can do pretty much most of the normal everyday things many of us take for granted.

Plus this clever body created, housed, birthed and fed two little humans a few years back. Amazing plus plus! Here I am today doing a tree pose with some trees.


I love having a body that works well and takes me where I want to go free of pain, stiffness or fatigue.  If like me, you’re fortunate enough to have an amazing body too, how often do you acknowledge it? Even if your body creaks and groans a little or low energy holds you back, I’ll bet there are heaps of amazing things you can still do. Don’t you just love it?

Or has society brainwashed you into thinking your body only deserves praise or indeed acceptance if it fits some narrow standard of appearance or elite performance?

For how many years of our lives must we curse that extra fat on our tummy, big bottom, saggy knees, breasts that are too small or too big, or criticise our hopeless balance, weak arms, fallen arches? The list goes on and on for some.

I love doing yoga and so do many of the women I meet in my healing practice and yet many of them avoid doing this healthy activity and others such as dance, team sports or even gym workouts because they don’t think they look right, can’t do it as well as the teacher or even measure up to most of the other women in the room.

Let’s take a closer look at yoga: Even though most yoga teachers say we must listen to our own bodies to gauge how to do each posture, there’s still the temptation to compare oneself with the person on the next mat or think that unless we can aspire to eventually look like the teacher and do all the ‘wow factor’ yoga moves they can do, what’s the point in even trying?

I can relate to this, I’ve played the comparison game many times and even found myself being categorised by a yoga teacher a few years ago as “Miss Stiff Shoulders and Tight Lower Back”, which she was able to remind me of with a simple sigh or click of the tongue as she moved past me during the class.

I now attend yoga classes with a range of teachers and feel more comfortable with how my body wants to move and doesn’t want to move.

I’m committed to making improvements where I can and I simply enjoy being able to go to a class and move through each pose.  Doing yoga makes me feel strong and healthy and I love the metal focus and meditative aspects of it too.

I’m often surprised when I meet women in their thirties and forties who find it a struggle to describe what type and pace of exercise suits their body best and most importantly, what they enjoy doing.  Also, they know they ‘should’ (nasty word) be doing more exercise but don’t prioritise it in their lives or think of it as basic self-care.

This disconnection from the body and our inability to describe what it needs has a direct impact on how well we are able to make other life changes such as a career shift or lifestyle improvements to enhance our happiness and well-being.

What I’m talking about is getting more comfortable with simply being fully present in the body, trusting it, loving  it for how it is right now and learning what forms of movement and activity suit it best.

When we’re able to simply feel good in our own skin, we begin to make more loving and heart-guided choices regarding food, sleep, exercise and daily self-care and self-healing practices such as creative expression, meditation and journaling.

Need some help to get that self-care regime started? Take a look here and contact me for a chat prior to booking your session.

Just Begin…

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Springtime wisteria at my parent-in-law’s house

Ooh, I love this time of the year.  The sun is coming up earlier and shining stronger,  I seem to need at least one hour less sleep each night than I do during the winter months, I am waking naturally at around 6.00 and feeling ready to get up at 6.30 (it takes me a while to get motoring).

And…for the first time in my fifteen years of being a yoga devotee I am doing a bit of yoga when I first wake up (most days). This has been a goal of mine – well, maybe a vague desire – for ages and ages but I never seem to feel like doing yoga first thing in the morning.

I now realise why this has never happened for me until now.  My mind had created all these over-the-top expectations of what “Tricia’s home yoga practice” should look and feel like.  I was missing the whole point of yoga.  For me, yoga is gentle, meditative and a part of my spiritual life.  I wonder how I allowed my mind to turn it into something hard, demanding and unpleasant? Oh the wondrous ways we get in the way of our own health and happiness!

What I have discovered is that if I just go and roll out my yoga mat and go into a gentle pose of the child with my arms outstretched in front, the next move just seems to flow from there.  It’s quite intuitive – being half asleep helps with this – I just move from one pose to another smoothly and slowly.  I may spend ten minutes or thirty minutes doing this, the time doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I enjoy this time and I start the day feeling more relaxed in my body and calm in my mind.

The key is, just make a start.  Release expectations, goals and pressure to perform.  Just begin….see where it leads.

This applies to anything we have an inkling we might like to start doing more of, or begin learning for the first time in our lives.  BEGIN.

Nothing is truly difficult when we have a passion for it.  Sure, it takes time to become an accomplished musician, painter, writer, dancer, athlete, or cook.  When it’s enjoyable, the time slips away effortlessly.  Be child-like in your innocent endeavour.

Lovely weekend to all,