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How to live a more spiritual life without fear

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Are you holding back from developing your most powerful gifts and abilities because you’re afraid of them?

I was really frightened of my spirituality and my spiritual abilities. The exact nature of these fears was unclear and they would show up only fleetingly, at the very edge of my awareness, or in my nightmares. I guess I somehow felt that by opening up, I would be taken over by bad spirits. Yes, that was the crux of my terror. That by opening a window into the unknown, a host of evil energies would either pull me away into their world or kill me.

Six years ago I had a very full-on dream where I did battle with some nasty spirits that were trying to take over my home. I saw me and my family sitting on the floor in a circle and as a whooshing darkness surrounded us, I shouted for us to all hold hands and command the spirits to leave.  I felt them pulling us into their spinning vortices as we shouted in unison for goodness to prevail. We won the battle and I woke up feeling shaken and exhausted.

What was this? Are dark forces real? And if so, can they actually take us over or kill us?

I don’t have proper answers to these questions and I don’t care so much anymore because the one thing I’ve discovered, is that by owning not just our spiritual gifts but all of our special abilities more fully, we no longer fall prey to the fear that we’ll lose control of them.

Since those days of fearing my own spiritual awareness, I’ve worked very hard at cultivating my intuitive discernment and at raising my energetic vibration. I believe these two powerful qualities, discernment and purity of energetic frequency are the keys to feeling safe in a more expanded spiritual and creative existence.

small green feather in the sunlight

When we’re strong in our self-belief and fully integrated in our gifts, whatever they may be, we get to choose how and when they’re used and nothing can encroach on that sovereignty.

Let me tell you how:

  • First we must meditate and I mean do it every day
  • We must seek out moments of silence and reflection at other times of the day as well
  • We must begin cutting away the inputs that distress us and lower our vibration, at least until we can handle them with more detachment. Eg. the ‘news’, violent entertainment, harmful relationships, damaging substances…
  • Pretty soon, we don’t need to make any effort to avoid negative content because when we come across it, we feel only compassion for all concerned and it doesn’t send us down the rabbit hole of thinking the whole world’s gone to hell.

These are the actions that will raise your energetic vibration:

  • Being in nature alone and feeling your true feelings
  • Purifying your thoughts with gentle, compassionate corrections and ceasing identifying with negativity and criticism
  • Improving what you put in your body in the way of foods and fluids but mostly letting go of the judgement of food unless you know there is a definite incompatibility with your physiology
  • Paying attention to your breath and making a practice of taking a few longer, deeper breaths every few minutes
  • Moving your body when it tells you it wants to move, resting when you need to and making a dear friend of your physical self because it’s craving your approval and care
  • Ceasing over-responsibility for the spiritual growth of other people. This is just a distraction from you taking full responsibility for your own path. The people who need your help will ask for it.

This all goes towards freeing us up to begin expressing our version of spiritual awareness and creative liberation to the world. It might take the form of writing a novel, becoming an artist, volunteering in the community, creating an environmental action group, becoming a business owner, becoming a healer, trying a new sport, becoming a better listener or being more patient…

This isn’t about beginning to preach to anyone, feeling superior or making any proclamations of heightened divinity. It’s just about stepping with more confidence and freedom into our God-given gifts. Got it?

You may not be in fear of dark spirits invading your consciousness but I’ll bet you’re afraid of something. Otherwise, you’d already be living that dream-life, wouldn’t you?

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Why Are We Afraid of Being Soft?

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To be soft, yielding, gentle, quiet, accepting, open, innocent, trusting….

They’re not qualities we value so much these days.

Our culture seems to value their opposites – tough, strong, critical, resilient, decisive, assertive, cynical and street-wise.  It’s the yin and yang, the feminine and masculine at their extremes.

Because of course we can be soft and strong, quiet and assertive, gentle and tough.

Yes indeed. Think of a rose – soft and delicate petals with tough leaves and strong, thorn-laden stems. Nature at its most wondrous.

I feel we’ve forgotten the value of softness.

Softness is love, warmth, praise, compassion, open-mindedness, trust, vulnerability, acceptance, appreciation…

Just think about it, when you’re with your family, is the mood one of softness or hardness?  Could there be a softening?  Would it feel better?  Would it allow more love in?

When I’m quick to assert an opinion, make a judgement, defend myself or speak without really listening, I’m not adding a loving presence.  I’m certainly not bonding more closely with the people I love. If anything, I’m holding them at a distance.

If I could just soften a little, slow things down, be more gentle and open:

Would people walk all over me?

Would I lose my way?

Would I be diminished in my effectiveness, my productivity?

Would I count for less?

The archetype of the soft and loving mother has become an anachronism.  She disappeared out of fear and shame in the face of a masculine-oriented world.  The gentler feminine qualities were subjected to ridicule and derision. It became an insult to be soft.  Toughness and boldness became the goal.

The harshness of the world has taken this quality away from us, men and women both.

We’re hard on ourselves.  We’re taught to compare and compete against others from a young age.  We’re taught it’s a dog eat dog world – you’d better get the prize before your neighbour does.

Try harder, do better next time, don’t let yourself down, toughen up, keep going, don’t give up, don’t be so soft.

You got this!

I want to break it all down and let it go and not just because it doesn’t feel good….also because it doesn’t work.

I don’t do better when I strive harder, are more critical of myself or more uncompromising.  It just makes me freeze up and feel panicked.  I’ve always been sensitive to stress. When I was a student I had performance-stunting anxiety in exams, became mentally scattered and unfocused under deadline pressure and would end up ill after prolonged periods of emotional strain and busyness.

I do not thrive under pressure.

Does anyone really?  I suspect we get addicted to the adrenaline rush and the ego-trip of being so busy we haven’t got time to scratch ourselves.  I’m busy and stressed, therefore, I’m important.

Of course having some degree of structure and discipline is essential for getting things done but do we really need to harangue ourselves into feeling a slave to every task, overwhelmed and a failure?

So where does that leave us?  I feel we’re starved of self-love and self-compassion.  Danielle Laporte raises this point in her new book White Hot Truth…check out some excerpts here.

We’re all trying so hard to be too much to too many people and it hurts.

What if we just softened a little?

I’d love to hear your thoughts….

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Sign Up And Enjoy A Guided Meditation

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Change is a good thing right?

What I’ve noticed is that when a big change is around the corner for me, the little changes that precede it often turn from molehills into mountains right before my eyes.

This is what happened last weekend when, with the help of a very handy techie-woman from I transferred my website from the platform to

The reason for doing this is so I can do more businessy type stuff on my site and have more control over how I use it.

Well I won’t go into the details, but it would seem the universe conspired to add some twists and turns to this seemingly straightforward process just to test my mettle, or was it to help me to fully embody my commitment to this business of mine?  I don’t know.

All I know is that as a result of me zigging, and undoing what my techie-woman had zagged for me, I completely erased my website – containing four years of blog posts – from visible existence.  And so it stayed for three long days while I waited for her to come back to me over the weekend.

My natural urge to keep working away at it (in complete ignorance) came rushing forward and it took all my deeper awareness and intuitive insights to prevent me from making the problem even worse by trying to fix it myself.

The sun still came up each day.
The sun still came up each day.

I have to say, this is where my morning meditation practice saved the day.  Getting up each morning to meditate on those difficult three days allowed me to:

  • Be present with how I was feeling
  • Be in a reasonable level of acceptance around what had happened
  • Be open to however it was going to work out in the end

My intuition kept telling me all was well and that the website would be restored but gosh it was hard to let go and trust this would really happen.

So I’m on the air again with all my posts and most of the images intact and I’ve learnt a lot about trusting universe, feeling helpless and letting go of the past.  Ahh, the benefits of a tricky experience, they’re so much richer than the easy ones.

Now what I’d love for you all to do is to please sign up to this new version and you’ll receive the opportunity to listen whenever you’d like to a beautiful healing meditation I’ve recorded to help you reunite with your inner child.

If you’re already a subscriber to this blog, you will need to sign up again to receive the link to the meditation and to keep seeing blog posts.

Thanks for your support everyone.

Feel The Fear but Don’t Let it Run Your Life

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Two whole years ago I launched a dance class for women in a community hall in my town.  I’d only been living here for six months when I began this bold new venture and to be completely blunt, it failed.

Sure, a few women turned up, I had some fun (in only slightly greater measure than the terror), and I met the most lovely and inspiring 73 year old woman who became a friend and meditation buddy.

I wrote this post: The Healing Power of Dance as I began this short but sweet journey in 2012

These feet just wanna dance!
These feet just wanna dance!

So, here I am again, I’ve booked the space, created a flyer and started publicising it in facebook.  In just under two weeks I’ll be leading a healing dance class for women in my little country town.

This time I have a much bigger network of contacts to invite, I am more in tune with my inner guidance and open to receiving spontaneous inspiration moment by moment AND I’m still scared.

The fear is with me every time I think about it, when I ponder the music selection and when I tell anyone about it.

And….I’m doing it anyway.  I’ve spent decades wanting to dance for a living and now, at the ripe-ish age of 44, it would seem, now is the time.

My message here is that we all have creative energy and for many of us, it’s our life’s work here on planet Earth to uncover, release and live that energy every day.

I haven’t achieved anything yet, my first women’s healing dance class is running on Saturday 22nd November at 8.00 in the morning (wish me luck).  And yet I feel proud and calm and certain that this time it will take off and fly and that I will be along for the ride with joy, passion and freedom.

In essence, feeling fearful about a new idea, project or business venture just means we care a lot about it and ourselves.  All that’s needed is baby steps.  Take that first step and see where it leads.  Don’t let fear stop you from trying because what I’ve discovered is the more we face our fears and move ahead anyway, the more daring we become.

Keep these three things in mind:

  • Our fears can also be our excitement
  • Our fears can be our ego/mind just trying to keep us safe
  • Fear is just another emotion that when acknowledged, blessed and felt, is then free to morph into another expression of who we are.

Our family holiday in Spain took me right out of my comfort zone and everything turned out great. What I took from that experience was that’s it’s safe to take risks and why not simply trust that it will all be okay?

Small success leads to bigger success

Oh and by the way, that friend of mine in her seventies, well she’s booked her place to dance with me on the 22nd.  Cool huh?

For some personal support and guidance with facing your fears make an appointment with me .  We can connect over the phone or on Skype at a time that suits you.

Blessings, Tricia

Out Of My Mind

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I’ve been playing hard at following my inner guidance these past few weeks.  For me this means getting out of my mind and listening to my heart.

Last week I did something pretty out of character and scary and yet, I felt safe because the guidance I received in that moment was so strong, it was as though I had no choice.

I guess you could call it a leap of faith.  Putting into action my conviction that all is happening for my highest good, which means I can put every ounce of my trust into my gut feelings and intuitive messages.

Well, maybe not a leap in this case.  It was more a death-defying, gut-clenching, drop into the abyss.

Against all previous programming, patterns and my essential true nature I took a ride on a brand-new, state of the art roller coaster at our state’s biggest fun park.

It’s called The Abyss.

Here it is!
Here it is!

Now just recall if you will, this is me.  The person whose favourite past-times are meditation, bush-walking and gentle yoga.

So why did I do it?  Well, a certain, almost nine year-old little girl who accompanied our family to the park was busting to get on that ride and we weren’t going to let her go alone.  I spent the first hour or so saying; “no way, no chance in hell am I getting on that thing”.  And then something odd happened.  I tuned in and listened to my inner self and I heard the message, “You are going on the roller coaster, it’s a good thing for you to do”.

So, without questioning this feeling too much I said to our little friend, “let’s do it, I’m coming on it with you”. She was thrilled and I wasn’t even that worried.  Nor did I break into even the tiniest sweat as we queued for 30 minutes, slowly climbing the gigantic tower from which we were about to drop in a fraction of a second and then climb another vertical incline twice this height and drop again….you get the picture.

Anyway, it was all over in thirty seconds and I completely hated every one of those seconds.  I closed my eyes as we made the first g-force laden plummet and didn’t open them again until we came to our resting place back at the start.  As we departed our capsule of terror, my legs were wobbly, my stomach queased and… I was alive, relieved it was over and quietly pleased I had listened to guidance and accepted the challenge.

The whole point to this experience will probably remain a mystery to me but there is some sense I can make of the whole episode.  I didn’t know why it was a good idea for me to take this ride but I trusted Spirit and just did it.  I knew I would be okay at the end and that there was actually nothing to fear.

The reality was, I found it incredibly unpleasant and terrifying and yet I’m willing to be at peace with this because it felt right at the time.

When we choose the path of following inner guidance or if you like, guidance from Spirit/God/universe/our guides and supporters etc…we can’t pick and choose what we respond to, it’s either all or nothing.

Well, I guess we can, but if we want to live a life that is absolutely in alignment with our soul’s purpose and mission here on planet Earth, then the ride is actually much smoother when we strap ourselves in in complete trust and surrender and simply let it flow.

This doesn’t mean it will all be fun and easy (my roller-coaster ride was a great example of the opposite of that), but in my recent experience it makes life more of an adventure and frees you up to receive what you most need in every moment.

I still feel like a novice at living like this but it does feel better than my previous pattern of keeping one foot in my logical mind and over-riding my gut when it challenged me too much.

I wonder what I’ll do next? 🙂

Navigating The New With Trust

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I’ve set some fresh intentions, goals and dreams in train for this year. So now what?

It’s my former pattern to obsess about my vision and over-complicate it, then procrastinate… then decide it’s all too hard and talk myself out of the bold picture in exchange for a watered-down, less confronting version. Anyone else do this?

The key for me I’m now noticing, is to simply slow it all down and pause.  To keep tapping into my intuition, listen to my body, talk to my guidance and respond with grace, ease and flow.

Winter creek making its way to the ocean little by little
Winter creek making its way to the ocean little by little

Haaah (big exhale). That makes it sound so easy huh?

I feel the big piece here for us all is TRUST.

Trust that you are supported and that when the time is right, you will see opportunities appear before your eyes.

Trust that it’s possible for your life to flow naturally to your highest good without the blood, sweat and tears we were all raised to believe was required.

Trust that you are destined to fulfill your grandest dreams provided they are aligned with your highest good and the highest good of all.

Above all, trust that you are deserving of a great life.

The challenge for me right now is to stay focused and calm while allowing the school holidays to be what they are.  My children are at home from school for another four weeks.  I love being with them and I also love time to myself.

My happy school-term routine is not possible right now and I guess it’s my choice to enjoy the freedom and do a little of what feeds me each day like meditation, yoga, talking with friends, writing, seeing a client, swimming and walking rather than letting it all feel too hard or frustrating.

This time is precious.  I won’t have primary school-aged kids forever. I want to be present in each moment for them and for me. It’s not so hard to trust that all is well and that what I am to receive, deliver and achieve this year will all happen in their own good time.  It’s all taken care of in advance.

And so it is.

Create the vision, trust and then relax into the knowing that when it’s time to act, you’ll know.  Blessings to you for this wonderful year of possibility <3

Integrating Me

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Early morning dip in the ocean
Early morning dip in the ocean

Can you feel it?

Notice your breath, place your feet flat on the floor, BE in this moment of now.

Now can you feel it?

We are being so lovingly supported right now to shift, soften, surrender and release. Into what?

Into our I AM Presence and into love.  They are one and the same and can be accessed through our physical self via the chakra centres, especially the heart.

I have become very aware of the significance of this time of year; not just as a time of gift buying, party going and food scoffing.  It is also the time of the solstice which symbolises the completion of a cycle and then it is also the end of a calender year.

The Australian nuytsia or more commonly known as the' Christmas tree'
The Australian nuytsia or more commonly known as the’ Christmas tree’

In the past few weeks I have found myself effortlessly looking after my physical self, following my intuitive hits without pause and creating supportive spiritual practices and doing them faithfully.  I feel I am stepping with more certainty than ever into my fully integrated self and in doing so, invoking my I AM presence and the I AM presence of all those I come into contact with.

This process has by and large been triggered simply by me deciding I am ready and realising that trying to straddle two ways of being is not actually working out that well.  Sort of trusting, sort of asking for guidance and sort of following my heart has not resulted in the ease, grace and joy for life I am ready to experience.  My guides are in the background cheering as I type this and saying over and over hallelujah, hallelujah!

Phew! How come it’s been so hard up till now?  Divinely right timing I suppose.  The truth is, it’s time for us all to step into our own peace and power and release for once and all, the remnants of the ideas, beliefs and patterns that have held us back for so long.

For some very detailed information on the cosmic big picture, where we have been and are now heading as a species and the significance of embracing our divine potential, I invite you to listen to this interview with Patricia Cota Robles.

I also encourage you to go to Patricia Cota Robles website and download her spiritual music piece, Musical Rapture for free.  It’s a beautiful vibration lifting tool you can play every day.

You are divine, you are beloved and you are powerful!

Blessings from one who sees your light <3

Allowing, Not Forcing

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Well, my sources tell me there is much happening in the cosmos and, as we are a part of the cosmos, right here on Earth at the moment.

Astrologically and spiritually speaking, the themes for the beginning of 2013 are:

Realising potential

Getting clearer and more aligned with our goals and pathway

Moving from separation to unity

The expansion of our intuitive abilities

One of my favourites. The Bush Iris essence is wonderful for expanding our intuition.
One of my favourites. The Bush Iris essence is wonderful for expanding our intuition.

As with any other process of transformation and growth though, many of us may be experiencing the opposite of all of the above in preparation for us to embrace the change more fully when the opportunity to do so arises.

It sometimes feels to me that just when I decide something like…”From now on, I’m going to be supremely patient, kind and loving with my hubby and kids…”, something unusually infuriating happens and I end up snapping at everyone in complete intolerance. Then I get cross with myself and think, “Oh, what’s the point, I’m just not capable of being calm all the time”.

What I’m trying to do this past week though, is notice these moments with more detachment and forgive myself more quickly.  I’m realising that this type of shift in consciousness and behaviour is well worth aiming for, it’s simply unrealistic to expect it to happen overnight.

The same approach can apply to any goals or resolutions we have made in the new year.  Set the intention, write it down, raise your level of awareness and then allow the shift to happen, almost with no effort at all.

It’s like riding a wave in the ocean or floating down a river with the current, what sense would it make to fight against these natural forces?

Our existence on this planet, in this universe has its own similar flow and ebb.  Getting all tense and rigid about making our goals come to fruition (particularly when we need other people to be aligned with our mission), can delay our progress rather than accelerate it.

Plus, although the more powerful among us, may get what they desire by forcing and struggling through each barrier and brick wall, they may also end up missing out on the growth and unexpected pleasures that can arise out of flowing with the journey that presents itself naturally, and with synchronicity.

So, go ahead, climb onto your raft, push confidently away from the bank and float purposefully, gracefully and open-heartedly down river, the river of your life.

Much love to all.

Stepping Up

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My very own Waratah grown in Pemberton (they only occur naturally in eastern Australia) Soak up the powerful energy!

Are you feeling called by life to step into or up to a more authentic version of you?

I am. Aaagh!

It’s a bit scary but ready or not, here I AM.

I’m ready to own my intuitive gifts as a woman working in the healing arts.  There, I said it.

Every client who comes to see me gets to experience my intuition through the information I share with them (which is often from their inner selves) during a session.  This so-called “information” comes as messages that seem to pop into my mind out of the blue, but upon confirmation through muscle testing, almost always trigger recognition or a “yes, that’s true” response in the person I am working with.

Now, having come from a background valuing university qualifications, scientific proof and quantifiable evidence, this intuitive caper has taken me many years to warm up to.  So much so that now, even four years after I first began sensing through my work as a kinesiologist, that I was receiving information that allowed me to help people more effectively and efficiently, I still double and sometimes triple check that the message is accurate by observing the physical sensation I am getting through my hand.

So, although this is a service I am providing every time I work with someone, so far I haven’t promoted my intuitive skills in any of my promotional materials or advertisements.  Well, that’s about to change because I sat down today and re-wrote my last newspaper ad so that it is clear to all who read it that I have this ability and that it enhances my work.

I’m ready for this next step and expect that I will attract a whole new group of people wanting to see me.  How wonderful it will feel to meet a new client knowing they see me in all my authentic glory!

It’s all about divine timing my friends.  Sooner or later you might feel this nudge, push or shove onto a bigger stage.

My best advice is to take a deep breath and STEP UP! There is nothing to fear here but having not tried.  We are here to be ourselves, fully, absolutely, no excuses, ourselves!

It feels true to me that when we come to the end of our lives, we have more regrets about what we didn’t do than what we did.

I see your light,