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Getting On With Life

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A winter-flowering Silver Princess. The Silver Princess Essence helps to clarify life purpose and direction

I’ve felt a strong sense of ‘getting on with things‘ happening for me in the last couple of weeks.

Anyone else feeling an increase in their momentum, a gentle push forward, an encouraging pull from up ahead?

Since deciding to run my first ever dance class for women and taking action to make it happen, like booking a venue and getting help from my lovely designer Lou to put a flyer together (Aahh! Am I really doing this?!!), other aspects of my life have started to flow better too.

It feels as though now that I am truly doing what my heart desires, the universe, my spiritual supporters and my own inner self are rushing forward to support me and keep me on track.

I feel stronger and healthier in my body, I am more peaceful and easy-going and I feel a strong sense that creating this dance class is an important door to step through along my life’s pathway.

I am still loving seeing clients in my work as intuitive counsellor, kinesiologist and flower essence practitioner.  It feels as though there will now be three components to my working life: Individual client work, dance teaching and writing.  They will all fit together and flow and mingle as my fully expressed, uniquely ‘Tricia Woods’ life.

Many of the women I meet in my practice have an unexpressed inner yearning to do something (usually creative or artistic) in their lives that they are afraid to do.  I’ve been afraid to be a dancer, even though it is one of the first words I have always used to describe myself in private.

I return yet again to the way our children are who they are.  They just are!!

Perhaps by looking into our hearts and feeling into what we loved doing or being as a child, we can reveal our true purpose?

Try this as a meditation and see what comes up.  These deep truths really can set us free because when we do what comes naturally, all of life feels that much easier and sweeter.

More about Red Lily Dance next time…

Love and twirling around for fun,


Meditation to Release the Past – Part 2

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Yesterday, another stage to the meditation I shared this week came to me, so I thought I would pass it on.

Once you have witnessed your bundle, ball or mass of past pain be transformed into pure light and released into the vast universe,  stand with your beloved spiritual supporters for a moment and watch as the light column dissolves and only the camp fire- sized pool of glowing light remains.  

Look around the group of beings and thank them for their assistance, knowing with all of your heart, that in this moment they are showering you with love in the form of this white light.  Then joyfully, dance, skip or run to the pool of light and step into its centre.  Hold your arms above your head and bathe, allow yourself to be infused with all of the loving light being offered to you now.  See your whole self glowing. Soak it all up and look to the heavens at the stars now shining brightly in the sky and give thanks to Spirit for this moment.

When you are ready, step out of the pool of light and beckon to one or two of your spiritual supporters to come over to you.  Take this moment to ask whomever or whatever appears near you, a question about something in your life you would like to receive guidance about.  If nothing specific comes to mind, simply ask the question: “What would you like me to know in this moment?”  Listen with your heart to what is said or shown to you.

Now see yourself thanking all of the wondrous beings as you begin to leave the forest clearing. Be back in your body lying down in the present moment.  Wiggle your fingers and toes and take some soft, deep breaths into your abdomen. Get up slowly and make sure your attention fully returns to the room you are in.

Haaah, we are so very blessed at this time.  

I’ve done this meditation a few times now.  Actually, it has felt more like I’ve been lead through it by a wiser part of me.  Each time, the mass of past stuff has taken a different shape, texture and colour and has come from different parts of my body. Very odd and interesting.  My health has improved vastly in a couple of days.

I have just been listening to Jo Dunning deliver some wonderful energy work on The Self Worth Summit.  Listen at no cost for the next 24 hours.  A wonderful hour of healing for everyone.

Enough for now, it’s past my bed time.

Love to all,