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How Are Your Adrenals? Four Tips For Slowing Down

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

We live in a pretty crazy world don’t we?

I mean honestly, what’s with all this rushing around, moving and shaking, getting the job done?

We’re not designed to live at the pace we have deigned (in the west at least) to be “normal modern life”. Anyone remember the “slow food revolution”?  What we really need is a ‘slow life’ revolution.

And I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the unhealthy imbalance this racing about can cause in our bodies, but it’s real, it’s widespread and the implications for how our bodies will function into older age and how that will impact our enjoyment of life are concerning.

So dear sisters, if you are in your thirties or forties and maintaining a life where you are often heard to say, “I’m so busy, I haven’t got time to scratch myself”, or something similar, then I’m guessing, you’re not devoting enough time to relaxing, sleeping well, or you know, just sitting down and doing nothing for a little while every day.

I’m a recovering ‘rush-around woman’ myself, so I know what this sort of life feels like. Even nowadays, in our more relaxed country lifestyle, I still occasionally get pulled back into that old pattern of “so much to do, so little time.”

Our bodies, minds and emotions need regular down time.  Daily rest is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for each and every one of us.

What’s happening is that by placing all this pressure on ourselves to:

  • Be productive
  • Do everything well
  • Be infallible and perfect
  • Be a support for others
  • Be approved of by others etc, etc…

…we are burning out our endocrine system, starting with our adrenal glands.

You’ve all heard about the fight or flight response? Yes? Well here’s a recap; you see we humans were designed to be in the stress-response state for around maybe thirty seconds per day. You know, walking through the jungle and, “Oh hell, there’s a leopard over there, RUN!”….(thirty seconds later)…”Phew. That was close, wow, my chest is pounding hard.”

May the animals be our teachers.
May the animals be our teachers.

These days, due to our modern lifestyle, we are placing ourselves in the fight or flight state on and off all day long and our adrenals, which secrete many essential hormones including cortisol which helps us recover after stress or crisis, are just plain over-worked.

Here are my top four suggestions for changing our ‘rush fast’ mindset to something more gentle and nurturing:

  1. Release the need to be approved of by others in every moment of every day.
  2. Redefine your idea of the word ‘selfish’ and realise that good self-care benefits everyone around you.
  3. Stop obsessing about what’s next and how long your ‘to do’ list is and just BE in the present moment – when we do this and then ask ourselves if everything is actually okay right now, the answer is usually ‘yes’.
  4. Remember to breathe and enjoy your life. There’s no point in putting yourself last for the twenty years or so it takes to raise children and then look back with regret and resentment AND have to live with the legacy of chronic ill-health caused by stress.

So take it easy this weekend, slow down, do less and take stock of how you might re-jig your weekly routine so you have more space, ease and even some help from the other people in your life.  Delegation is not a dirty word 🙂

Here’s what medical intuitive, Caroline Sutherland has to say on the matter: Adrenal Fatigue – The 21st Century Disease (click to read more).

I love helping people navigate these sorts of changes in their lives. I’m available for sessions on either a single session basis, or you can buy a three session package.  Read more here and phone me for a chat.

Much love to you all, Tricia

Winter Solstice Healing – A 12 Minute Meditation

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

If there was ever a perfect time to take a break and quiet things down in our lives, then this is it.  We’re days away from our longest night here in the southern hemisphere.

Can you feel yourself wanting to slow down and hibernate this week?  Many of us get colds and flu around this time of year and I don’t think it’s just to do with the colder weather.  Our bodies crave rest and rejuvenation at this mid-point of the year and just like the animals do, we could benefit from flowing with what feels natural for each of us.

How often do we do that?

How easy is it to gracefully respond to what our body tells us and flow with what feels good and nurturing?

Not so easy is it.  We’ve all been programmed to behave as though each day is identical to the next.  Get up with the alarm clock, eat breakfast, go to work, do household chores, deliver and pick up children etc, etc.

In reality, we’re all subject to the ebb and flow of energy levels, physical and emotional urges and bodily needs that come with all the natural cycles of life.  Here’s just a few:

  • The moon phases
  • The seasons
  • The ocean tides
  • For women, our menstrual cycle
  • Our sleep cycle which is guided mostly by the night and day cycle
  • The weekly, monthly and annual calendar cycle
  • The hours and minutes governed by clock hands moving in their cycle

Then there’s also the wider cosmic cycles of planetary orbits, comet movement and so much astronomical complexity it blows my tiny mind.

We’re all influenced in small and also significant ways by all of this and it’s no wonder to me that when the mind and emotions give us the signal to slow down and rest and we don’t listen, that the body eventually caves in and succumbs to a virus of some sort.  Not that being sick is a failure, it’s just a nice clear sign that we need to stop.

This week I recorded a gentle little meditation to celebrate the solstice and to honour the need for us all to rest and fully relax now and again.  Grab a blanket, settle into a comfy chair and have a listen….

Solstice blessings to you all, Tricia




A Day of Rest

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

I woke up this morning feeling a little off-colour and to be honest, I’m still a bit shocked as to what I did next.

I rested!

OK, I’ll admit I did get up and have a shower and make a half-hearted attempt at helping with the school morning prep.  But as this only confirmed to me that I was indeed not feeling very well, I happily went back to bed and let my darling husband drop the kids at school.

This is a real breakthrough for me because I actually felt at peace with looking after myself and there was no guilt or denial at all!

Phew!  I did have a pretty big weekend catching up on seminars on Healing with the Masters (lots of strong healing energy taken on board), and last week was pretty busy for me in my work.  Hey, sometimes we all need a proper day of rest don’t you think?

Lying in bed this morning gave me a great opportunity to have my husband bring me a cup of tea and to read a very inspiring book lent to me by my good friend Renee calledThe Top Five Regrets of the Dying  (click to read them here) by Bronnie Ware.  So great to read an inspirational book written in an Australian voice.

One story in the book that brought tears to my eyes was about an elderly man in his last weeks of life who held a painfully strong regret that he had worked too hard and had failed to enjoy his retirement with his wife.  He told how he had delayed his retirement for fifteen years as a result of fearing the change involved with ceasing work and being preoccupied with gaining more financial security.  As it turned out, his wife passed away three months prior to his planned retirement date and they never got to spend that precious time together.  So sad, and yet I am guessing quite common for his generation.

This is a reminder to me that it is absolutely the time for us to all live much more consciously and from our hearts.  A great book that I feel will help propel me into the next stage of my life.

I’m still working on the details but a couple of weeks ago I woke in the morning with the inspiration to begin publishing some excerpts of my book , Red Lily Mama, right here in this blog.  This feels like a really fun and exciting step to take, as I am feeling a little de-energised about approaching any more publishers right now.

I just want to share what I have written with some like-minded women and here you are, my lovely blog readers.  I am planning to create some publicity for the blog to swell my readership a little first, but maybe it’s already happening….  I was amazed to see that my latest subscriber is reading my words from Estonia! (Welcome Eva)

The internet is so magical to me!

Here are a couple of snaps of an impromptu family walk we took a couple of weeks ago near our local lighthouse on Cape Naturaliste.

Me and the kids
Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Until next time.
Be in your heart. Aaaah, surrender.
Love, Tricia