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No cord cutting required – It’s all in you

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I hesitate to be definitive about anything these days. And if I’m honest, I have helped people to visualise the cutting of cords from various ex-partners and ex-friends from whom they wish to create an energetic separation. But you know, it feels like it’s time we moved on. And by moved on I mean, moved IN. But none of this is coming from what I ‘know’, it’s merely a reportage of what I’ve been experiencing in my work over the last couple of years.

Everything we need to know about why we’ve had the experiences we’ve had, why we’ve responded to certain people in particular ways and why we feel repelled by some people, is within us. The access points to integrate all that is fragmented and rejected in our lives are within us. I believe the best and most enduring type of healing does not involve further separating ourselves from the ‘other’ or from the parts of ourselves we don’t like. It’s about drawing it all in, acknowledging it fully and inviting whatever ‘it’ is, to stay or go. If there is a frequency mismatch, it will either lift its frequency or go. And if we approach this task with a pure and open heart, the frequency mismatch will be clear.

Here are some realities as I perceive them:

  • We’re bound to other people in ways we can’t control and for reasons we’re not meant to fully understand
  • We’re bound to bodies of energy – some call them entities – because at some time, maybe long, long ago, we allowed them to merge or bond with our etheric body
  • And still, perhaps paradoxically, we are sovereign beings. We have free will, the ultimate power to choose our experiences from deep within us

I feel it’s time for us to let go of the idea that in order to be free of the past, or of the sucking, draining or dragging energy of others, that we must cut cords, burn ties or create any other illusion of separation and rejection. One of the errors of this approach lies in the energy we then must devote to holding this person to account for their ill deeds, wrongdoing or deficiencies which led to us cutting them off in the first place. We must justify our position internally and for most of us, there lingers the nagging feeling that we’ve done something wrong. The other problem with this tactic is that it rarely works.

What we end up feeling is scattered, splintered and divided against ourselves. But most of all, exhausted, from the effort of running away from a person who despite the cord cutting, continues to trail behind us like a limp balloon tied to our wrist by a string. And what’s worse than the remnants of an old foe lingering on? It’s when into our lives we attract a similar new person to be our mirror since we pushed the last one away.

What I’m getting at here is that every ‘thing’ and person we reject or fear, is a symbol of an aspect of ourselves we’re not at peace with. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that anyone put up with an abusive friend, partner or family member in the name of self-discovery and spiritual advancement. Not at all. We may choose who we spend our time with, that is our right.

Where we possibly go wrong is by demonising said person after the fact, and as a result, failing to grasp their unique humanity and wounding that lead them to this way of behaving. When we hold the perspective that we need to cut energetic ties in order to feel safe, we end up feeling both disempowered and disconnected from our divinity. We are in unity with ALL and once we can embrace the reality that we don’t get to choose only the ‘light’, we will rise into a new way of existence. It is possible for us to arrive at our own resolution and bring immense forgiveness and compassion to our story with the person concerned, even if they’re no longer in our lives, via a guided spiritual healing process.

That which clings to us which is of a lower vibrational resonance, can only do so via our own corresponding frequency. Once we welcome all that is fearsome, shadowy, dark, dense or indeed, ‘evil’ into our hearts to be fully acknowledged, it either transmutes into a higher vibration to unite with us in the forms of creative inspiration, wildish passion, or gifts of healing and psychic awareness or, it simply slides right off and dissolves before our eyes. The key here is to know when we’re ready to do the work.

When you choose a skilled practitioner to help you through this process, none of it will be confronted until you are ready. In the work that I do with people, these opportunities usually arise spontaneously because the guides perceive that the time is right and it all occurs quite rapidly and with little fuss. It’s a powerful paradox and one worth embracing. Welcome that which you most fear and see it turn into harmless dust.

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Much love, Tricia



Meditation to Release the Past – Part 2

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Yesterday, another stage to the meditation I shared this week came to me, so I thought I would pass it on.

Once you have witnessed your bundle, ball or mass of past pain be transformed into pure light and released into the vast universe,  stand with your beloved spiritual supporters for a moment and watch as the light column dissolves and only the camp fire- sized pool of glowing light remains.  

Look around the group of beings and thank them for their assistance, knowing with all of your heart, that in this moment they are showering you with love in the form of this white light.  Then joyfully, dance, skip or run to the pool of light and step into its centre.  Hold your arms above your head and bathe, allow yourself to be infused with all of the loving light being offered to you now.  See your whole self glowing. Soak it all up and look to the heavens at the stars now shining brightly in the sky and give thanks to Spirit for this moment.

When you are ready, step out of the pool of light and beckon to one or two of your spiritual supporters to come over to you.  Take this moment to ask whomever or whatever appears near you, a question about something in your life you would like to receive guidance about.  If nothing specific comes to mind, simply ask the question: “What would you like me to know in this moment?”  Listen with your heart to what is said or shown to you.

Now see yourself thanking all of the wondrous beings as you begin to leave the forest clearing. Be back in your body lying down in the present moment.  Wiggle your fingers and toes and take some soft, deep breaths into your abdomen. Get up slowly and make sure your attention fully returns to the room you are in.

Haaah, we are so very blessed at this time.  

I’ve done this meditation a few times now.  Actually, it has felt more like I’ve been lead through it by a wiser part of me.  Each time, the mass of past stuff has taken a different shape, texture and colour and has come from different parts of my body. Very odd and interesting.  My health has improved vastly in a couple of days.

I have just been listening to Jo Dunning deliver some wonderful energy work on The Self Worth Summit.  Listen at no cost for the next 24 hours.  A wonderful hour of healing for everyone.

Enough for now, it’s past my bed time.

Love to all,


A Meditation to Release the Past

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

Sunrise in Dunsborough on 5 June 2012 (the morning after the lunar eclipse)

I feel like I’ve been in hibernation for the last week or so.  Got another cold, my third for the year already!  Huh? And I think I’m healthy?

I’m still not real good at the ‘rest and take it easy’ advice that I freely hand out to others.  Although, I’m really feeling the lead up to the soltice next week in terms of needing some extra sleep and finding it super-hard to get stuff done so this has slowed me down.

I have experienced a whole lot of old memories, fears, sadness and general gunk coming to the surface since the lunar eclipse and transit of Venus early last week. Perhaps my physical congestion is a part of this?

Anyone else noticing this?

Underneath it all I can feel this bubbling joy.  It feels like there is a part of my being that is dense, muddy and heavy but that this is just on the surface.  Beneath the muck there is this clear, bubbling spring of endless joy and love.

As I rested in bed this morning after the kids had gone to school I had this meditation process gifted to me.  I feel like it might be useful for many of us at this time:

This one would be good to do lying down.

Lie on your bed or on the floor with a pillow under your head.  Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax and release some of the tension from your body. Breathe deeply for a few breaths.  Become aware that somewhere in your body there is  a dense mass of past pain, grief and sadness that you are ready to release.  

(As I meditated, this mass appeared for me, to be the size of a small football, resembled a bundle of twisted tree roots, and it emerged at my base chakra, between my legs as if I had given birth to it.)

For you it may be as tiny as a grain of sand or as big as a beach ball and be made of any sort of material. It may be inside your body somewhere or in your hand or at your feet on the floor.  Just ask for it to emerge and it will.

As you meditate, visualise yourself picking this mass up in your hands and standing up.  As you stand, you find yourself walking into a clearing in a forest at dusk.  You are enveloped in a feeling of safety and love as all of your guides, angels, ancestors, and all the other beings who support you in the spirit realm, come forward in a circle to welcome you.  

You notice there is a softly glowing white light the size of a camp fire beaming from the centre of the clearing.  You walk over to the light and cast your mass of past pain into the light.  As you do this and walk back to join the circle of your spiritual supporters, each of them sends a beam of gentle loving light to the central glow and a column of light shoots straight up into the cosmos.  You now feel that your mass has been cleansed with love and sent as particles of light out into the infinite universe.

Breathe in and out fully a few times and feel the love you have just received.