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Looking Outside for Love

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Is it because we’ve been conditioned by society to externalise our thoughts and desires or, is it a natural human urge to look outside ourselves for love?

We look for it in relationships, jobs, awards, fame, money, possessions.  Relationships are the biggest hook aren’t they?  We live under the illusion that other people’s love will make us feel complete.  It’s like a recipe; maybe fifty percent relationship love, twenty percent work achievement and social status love, twenty percent possession love and ten percent self-love? At a pinch?

It doesn’t quite work though does it.  Because without a healthy dose of self-love, none of the other plausible sources of love can have an impact.  It’s ironic but true.

When we’re unable to feel our own inherent worth and divine perfection, it doesn’t matter how rich we get, how

many times our partner says they love us, or even how high we climb the corporate ladder, it all feels pretty meh.  And even more ironically, once we reach a healthy state of good self-regard and we’re backing it up with daily self-care and at least a couple of healthy relationships, well, we usually realise that we don’t need any of the other stuff anyway.  And irony with double cream, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry on top….once we don’t care that much about the other stuff, it rolls into our lives that much more easily. Bam!  Who’d have thought?

In these modern lives we lead, many of us never figure this out though and the majority of us reach at least mid-life before we begin to see the truth.  Until we do, it’s often a case of, “maybe this person, this house, this job, this dress, this haircut will make me feel loved, valued, validated.”  Are you ready to move forward on this?

self portrait at Zen Den Collective yoga studio
Feeling great after my yin2 you chakra dance class. Free dance boosts self-love.

Because I get it, it’s certainly easier to point the finger at someone else for not loving us enough.  “My parents were too critical.” “I loved him more than he loved me.” “Maybe if I was thinner, richer, wittier, then they would love me.” But then where does that leave us?

I’ll tell you where.  It leaves us in a state of fear, insecurity and addicted to time-consuming and money-draining superficial change.  And I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but here’s my take on this:  This is precisely what our society wants us to feel.  The whole thrust of modern capitalist democracies is that the people work hard, spend hard, and fear everything.  That way the masses become passive enough to be controlled.

Anyway, I’ll leave that hanging for now…

Jim Carrey has a lot to say about this and his philosophy is quite compelling. Click to watch

The bottom line is, you’re already good enough, smart enough and most probably rich enough to have an enjoyable life.  When it comes to feeling loved, what’s missing are often not the external trappings of success but rather an internal awareness that we are already loved simply because we exist.  So where do we get this feeling?walking near the ocean on a path

  • Stillness
  • Nature
  • Prayer/meditation
  • Service to others
  • Heartfelt connection
  • Creative expression
  • Movement

Do you like how stillness and movement are the bookends here?  We definitely need stillness but of course we also need to move our bodies.  Preferably gently, enjoyably and without wearing ourselves out completely.  When I go for a mindful walk in nature and sit to meditate while I’m outdoors, I’m ticking five of these boxes in an a half hour stroll.

See how easy it can be?  Love really is an inside job.

If you want to talk this over with me or you’ve got some pressing questions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me for a session by going here.

Love you lots, Tricia

Start Living Your Passions and Watch Freedom Blossom

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How important is it for you to have a clear plan and sense of purpose each day?

Do you seek structure, routine and responsibility to help you to feel safe, supported and worthwhile?

Has it occurred to you though, that the very structures, rules and conventions of a ‘normal life’, might actually be holding you back from real achievement and fulfillment?

Let’s peel back a layer or two and have a close look at what we create in order to feel safe.

I used to think my value as a person was completely enveloped in what I did, created and achieved.  Who would I be if not for my qualifications, job title, relationship with another or earning capacity?

Who indeed?

My working life before I had children was a complex web of illusion and projection with regard to who I thought it made me.  And then becoming a mother I was gifted a new role I could cling to like a flimsy raft on the ocean of uncertainty that is real life.

But when we peel away all the roles and concepts of who we are that are bound up in serving others, keeping others happy or protecting our own fragile ego, who are we?

Scary isn’t it?

The older I get, the less I am distinctly this ‘me’ I once thought I was.  It’s at once a return to who we were as little children and also a complete release from all that we have evolved into from the moment we were conceived in flesh and blood.

It’s a coming home to the soul’s desires.

When we connect with simple pleasure to what we most love doing and we surrender to our own inner song and rhythm, we melt into this new type of existence that demands less of us and more of us at the same time.

The demands of maintaining false-feeling beliefs, protective facades and self-deluding roles are lessened.

The demands of being truthful, authentic, patient, generous and loving to ourselves and ALL others are increased.

So please…let me lay it on the table nice and simply.

Spend more time every day doing what you love and sooner or later, you will feel that ALL you are doing every day is what you love.

So hold on people, I’m not suggesting you quit your job, go on strike from household or family responsibilities or drop everything and disappear into the wilderness….

What I AM saying is that when you spend even 30 minutes each day engaged in something that is your passion and absolute pleasure to do, you make yourself happier and then all the other stuff that needs to be taken care of doesn’t seem like such a burden anymore.

This is where I began eight years ago and my evidence for how this simple-sounding act can change your life is the blessed life I have now where I get to choose my daily activities and spend more and more time doing what I love.

Having no set plans for a day ahead used to make me feel anxious and unimportant, now it feels like a precious gift of freedom and creative possibility.

My sweet husband bought me a fancy new camera for my birthday last week and yesterday, I followed my intuition and devoted an hour in the middle of the day to wandering around a local patch of forest looking for native orchids to photograph.  There weren’t many orchids out yet, but it felt really magical to just be on my own in the bush taking it all in and enjoying the silence of my mind.  This for me, is bliss.

Donkey orchids
Donkey orchids

I realise that for some of you, even knowing what your passions are feels like a puzzle because you’ve been separated from that deeper experience of yourself for quite a while.  It’s okay, help is here:

Four Steps to Finding Your Passions

  1. Meditate each day to get in touch with your deeper self.
  2. Spend some time journaling or talking to someone close to you about what you loved doing as a child.
  3. Ask the universe for guidance and begin noticing what activities you feel most drawn to you that gradually begin presenting themselves via emails, suggestions from friends, invitations and community newspapers and notice boards.
  4. Try something new or pick up an old hobby but most of all be open to new experiences and approach them all with fun and lightness in your heart.

Alternatively, make a booking with me and I’ll provide you with my intuitive guidance to assist you in gaining true clarity about your natural gifts and talents.  Click here for more information...

Love whatever you are doing and it will love you back. Blessings, Tricia

It’s a New You

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The rain is falling.  Autumn has settled in and before we know it there’ll be a fire in the hearth and extra blankets on the beds.  The seasons, as they play out in the natural world, bring us vivid demonstrations of change, renewal, stagnation, decay and growth.


As I see the world outside my window change, I also feel I must be changing too.

Nothing stays the same, everything must change

How do you handle change?

Do you seek it out eagerly with an optimistic grin?

Do you pretend it’s not happening and drag your heels every step of the way?

I guess we all do a bit of both.  Some change we beckon with open arms, other change (when it’s not what we’d expected), requires a little more time and adjustment before we fully accept it.

The change of season encourages us to get out different clothes, maybe buy some new things, and clean out and organise our wardrobe.  We exercise, eat and entertain ourselves differently from Winter to Summer.  It’s fun right? Nice to mix it up, have a change?

As a result of my passion for being connected to nature, I respond to the changing seasons with excitement and wonder.  The first rains turn the brown earth into a barely-there green tinge and then a lush carpet of grass for our local kangaroos to feast on.  Locals who depend on rain for their water supply clap their hands together in glee and we town dwellers enjoy turning our garden reticulation off for a few months.

So, whether you’re in northern, southern or tropical climes, nature shifts and aspects of your life shift with it.

For me, noticing nature helps me to be in deeper contact with myself.  I’m calm when I’m outdoors and I gain lots of insights and inspiration as I walk and sit among the trees or upon the granite rocks by the water.

Nature heals us and brings us home to ourselves.

And nature isn’t just what’s here on Earth.  The natural world includes our moon, the sun and all the stars and planets. The vast cosmos influences and changes us day by day, year by year.

The two eclipses we’ve just witnessed created some beautiful energetic openings for us to release the past (yes, again) and shift anew into the lives we’ve dreamed of and planned for over the last few years.  Each morning since the lunar eclipse on Saturday night I’ve woken from dreams that have flushed out old fears, pulled together past and current relationships and revealed remnants of deeply held insecurities.

I’ve found it hard to stick with my meditation routine and have felt the need to clear out cupboards, put together the photo book from our holiday to Spain and take a break from my work schedule.


Early this morning I went for a grey-skied walk to the ocean and sat with shoes off on a rocky outcrop above the water.  I chanted the Om mantra, stared at the sea and drank in the clear, cool air.  And I felt new.

You’re new too, just take a moment to pause and feel it.

Twenty-Nine Minutes to Self-Healing

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When we spend time in nature we heal ourselves in deep and lasting ways.  Sometimes all I need to do when I’m feeling off-balance, worried, or down-spirited is to go for a good long walk.

Some time last year I wrote a post on the seven healing elements in our natural world and how they connect with the energies of each of the seven chakras. Please feel free to click here if you’d like to read this article.

Now what I’d love to share with you this week is a guided process I recorded out in the bush near my home today. This meditation will provide you with wonderfully useful information about how nature heals us and will empower you to have a bigger role in your own healing and self-nurturing.  Enjoy the recording everyone.  Much love, Tricia

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Simple Blessings and Hidden Blessings

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I enjoy collecting sticks from the bush surrounding our home to break up for kindling in our fire.  The sight of a bucket full of dry, clean kindling makes my heart sing.  It makes me feel provided for, organised and self-sufficient.


Our slow combustion wood heater is our only source of heating for our home and we love it.  Our winter days centre around starting and maintaining the fire, making sure we have dry wood to burn and checking on it hourly.



Working with the natural elements

Freedom from electricity and gas

We have a lovely old fellow (in his eighties) who chops wood for a hobby at one of our local wood collection areas and takes great pleasure in furnishing us with stacks and stacks of his beautiful chopped up jarrah from fallen trees.  We appreciate receiving the fruits of his labour and he appreciates having grateful people to give it to.

It’s a match made in heaven, as the commercial suppliers of fire wood in our area charge hundreds of dollars per trailer-load.  We are blessed and we know it.

Last night at my women’s meditation circle we meditated on the hidden blessings in upsetting life events.

Given ample time to adjust and reflect after life has handed us a challenging experience, most of us are able to see that along with the stress, trauma, pain, fear and sadness, there are also benefits such as;

  • Closer connections with those around us in the giving and receiving of support
  • The opportunity to see our lives from a new perspective and make positive changes
  • The empowerment that arises simply from having to face a difficult problem or traumatic life happening

I’m speaking of our collective reactions to recent events such as the deaths of all aboard the Malaysian Airlines flight last week and the hundreds of people killed in recent weeks in the Gaza strip.

It feels to me from a ‘big picture’ spiritual perspective that as a global community we are being called upon to unite to create a peaceful planet where all can live and travel in safety and there is no such thing as ‘dangerous air-space’.  Now that more of us have been drawn in by personal and community connections to these tragedies, we can no longer turn away and imagine that the problems are happening ‘over there’ to people who are not like me.

They are just like you and I and it’s time we all set some fresh intentions for the human species.  Are we not all citizens of this planet? Are we not all children of this universe?

Send only love and peace but do it with heart-filled conviction and fury. <3


How Nature Heals – Chakra By Chakra

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Last night, following our meditation session, one of the gorgeous women in the circle asked me to give my impression of the healing qualities of certain aspects of nature.  For a second I was stumped as to how to respond to such a profound question and then, being the avid seeker and talker I am, I began…

Correction, I took a breath, listened to my inner voice and began.

What was swiftly delivered to me was an understanding I’m pretty sure I’ve never come across before in such simple language.  I was shown that the seven primary energy centres in the body (the chakras), each correspond with distinct elements in our natural world and that each element offers specific healing qualities;

The Root or Base Chakra – The earth, rocks, tree roots and trunks, soil, sand and clay. When we need to feel safe, connected to Mother Earth, nurtured and secure, we may benefit from walking with bare feet on the earth, sitting on rocks and boulders, leaning against, hugging or touching large trees or sitting at the base of a tree and resting our spine and head up against the trunk.


The Sacral Chakra  – Bodies of water such as, rivers, streams, oceans, ponds, lakes and waterfalls.  When we need to replenish our pleasure in our creativity, sensuality and sexuality we could swim in the ocean, bathe in salt water, paddle in a stream or simply sit near flowing water and receive healing from its negative ions and the soothing sound it makes.

The Solar Plexus Chakra – The sun, fire and candle flames.  When we are seeking renewed strength of conviction in our personal path, who we are in the world or a boost in the power we have to make our dreams come to fruition, we might gaze peacefully into the focused energy of flames springing from a fire or candle, visualise a golden or violet flame burning strongly at our solar plexus chakra, create a ceremony or say a prayer to connect with the vast power of our sun or write down our dreams and burn the writing in a fire to symbolise creation via destruction of earthly illusions of control.

The Heart Chakra – All the plants and animals.  When we need to feel an expanded capacity for loving all, embracing all and knowing true oneness with all, we may benefit from being near animals and the plant kingdom. Being with a beloved animal companion, or taking time to observe the animals around us such as birds, reptiles and insects, acknowledgement equals connection. Nurturing or simply noticing the plants in our garden, touching the leaves and appreciating their miraculous beauty.

The Throat Chakra – The wind. If we are feeling a loss of confidence with expressing ourselves through talking, singing, chanting, crying or laughing and the throat feels restricted or tight we may need a wind cleanse.  On a windy day, go to an open field, the beach or a hilltop and walk through the wind. If you are suitably alone and  feel the urge to sing, shout, scream or laugh loudly, do it freely into the wind and allow your voice to be carried away and dispersed on the air. Breathe deeply and let the wind cleanse you.

The Third Eye Chakra – The night sky. When we are unsure about where we should be placing our attention, receiving our guidance or focusing our psychic powers, the night sky can give us clarity. Simply go outside in the evening and gaze up at the stars, speak to the moon, the planets that are often visible such as Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter and ask for their guidance, be open, give thanks for the existence of our vast galaxy and galaxies beyond and know that you have access to an immense source of  wisdom.

The Crown Chakra – Flowers.  Flowers are the crowning glory of the natural world and a symbol of simplicity and complexity bound together in one creative outpouring.  Holding a flower or visualising a flower –  particularly a rose or lotus blossom – and gazing into its petals, taking in its scent and admiring its perfection is a beautiful exercise in appreciating the ‘world within a world’ reality of our existence and our eternal connection to all living things.

Be fully present in the natural world each day and whatever you need will find you. Enjoy <3

Antidote For a Busy Mind – ‘Macro Presence’

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IMG_5567I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before, from me and countless others…the powerful effect being present (awake, aware, mindful), has in bringing peace, enlightenment and even bliss into our lives.

It’s hard though isn’t it?  I’ve been a daily meditator and advocate for mindfulness for years now and yet, and yet… I still often find myself moving mindlessly through my life; dwelling in thoughts, hopes, worries, plans for the future and pre-rehearsed conversations (anyone else do this?), rather than being precisely where I am, doing what I’m doing in that very moment.

A wonderful mantra coined by spiritual teacher, Ram Dass that we can recite when we commence meditating is “Be here now“.

Perhaps we could use this in daily life.  When we notice we are distracted, not taking in our surroundings, not really listening to the dear family member right in front of us, whom we profess to love, we could say to ourselves, BE HERE NOW.

Write it bold on a piece of paper and stick it to the fridge.

Be   Here   Now

Taking a chilly winter swim in a wavy, weedy sea at my favourite beach the other day, I found myself feeling less than thrilled at being in a place I usually revel in.  I’d parked my towel, umbrella, shoes and clothes under a stout melaleuca tree on some dry sand. As I dried myself off and enjoyed feeling the sun’s rays for a couple of brief intervals when it broke through the rain clouds, I suddenly found myself looking more closely at this little tree.  I actually SAW it properly for the first time, I communicated with it, said hello and thanked it for sheltering me and my stuff.  As soon as I did this I noticed the whole tree quiver, grow more vivid in my vision. I felt it acknowledge me in return.

Melaeuca foliage - image courtesy:
Melaeuca foliage – image courtesy:

I know, sounds kooky, but this experience felt profound and was a wonderful jolt back into presence, connection with the place I was in and the nature surrounding me.  I left the beach with an uplifted heart and a fresh appreciation for our beautiful planet and all her miraculous beings.

Just as in macro photography where we see super-close-ups of tree bark, a leaf or a water droplet on a petal, we can bring this view of the world into our daily lives to enhance our mindfulness and ability to be present.

Simply look more closely:

  • Look at your finger tips as you hold a pen
  • Look into a child’s eyes when they are speaking to you
  • Notice the miracle of water flowing from a tap
  • Pause to enjoy the sun streaming through a window in the morning

Is that a good start? I’m sure you can think of a million more.  Super-heightened awareness is within our grasp in every moment. We need simply to choose it.  It really does feel good to be here now <3


Walking Barefoot

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There’s been a stripping away of layers of what’s no longer needed.

Clarity has emerged on some long vexing issues and a new confidence and sense of inner strength is blossoming. At least that’s what it feels like… I think, I hope.

I swam in the ocean one morning not long ago and found I was totally, completely present.  More than ever before, the water felt invigorating and cleansing.  A wave of pure joy washed over me and I felt so, so safe.

It might have had something to do with having not worn bathers on my morning walk and when I couldn’t resist the warm water, I decided to swim in my knickers (naturally hey?).  This decision heightened my awareness and made me truly appreciate every second I spent in the water.  I’ll admit I was keeping a lookout for innocent passers-by happening across my half nudie swim and this made me giggle.  I’m about as far away from being an exhibitionist as you can be and yet actually, I didn’t care, I even sat and sun bathed on a rock for a minute or two before dressing.

20140319_101125This is being over forty, feeling at peace with one’s body and realising it’s no more startling or special or private than anyone else’s.  Anyway, I won’t be making a habit of it, winter’s almost here, it just felt like a nice little liberation of my soul and ego-self.

After the swim I didn’t feel like adding wet, sandy feet in shoes to the wet body in clothes, so I walked home barefoot: Over the beach sand and rocks, up the limestone paved, prickly path, up the leafy, rocky, twiggy track to the golf course and along the grass-patched, sandy golf course home.

I winced, minced and grimaced over the ouchy bits and then strode out with more confidence over the grass and sand on the home stretch.  What I noticed was with every step, I was looking down to see where my feet would land and what they would make contact with.  Do I think about this in sneakers?  Not at all.  Do I even notice the earth upon which I walk when in shoes? Well yes, a little on bush tracks peppered with rocks and tree roots, but when the walking is easy, that’s when the mind takes over with busy thinking.

This barefoot walk home felt like a really sweet analogy for life:  When we slow down and notice the little moments, we are present, absorbed and engaged.  Having to notice where I placed my feet to protect them from harm made me feel alert, child-like, free and connected to nature.  It felt like I was dwelling in my true and natural home and on my true and natural path.

I’m brewing up a new tagline for my business that ecompasses the shifts people experience when they have sessions with me. I’ve actually come up with about a hundred potential taglines featuring words like; soul, flow, path, natural, true and purpose. But I’m still not sure, I guess I’ll wait a little longer and see what emerges.

Thanks for your continued presence.  It inspires me 🙂

I Woke Up (A Bit More) – How I Did It

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The energies of transformation I’ve written about in recent posts have been turned up a notch or two the past couple of weeks. The Aries energy of right now combined with a Cardinal Grand Cross (for you astrology experts), and some eclipses coming next week and later this month, make for a heady cocktail of aha!, oh no! and ah yes! moments galore.

I’ve had the sensation in the last few days of coming out of a fog, seeing the exceptional in life and especially in nature all around me.

All of a sudden I marvel at every bird, kangaroo, tree, flower and leaf.  Formerly I would devote less attention to the birds I see in great numbers such as the willy wagtails, New Holland honey-eaters, magpies, and kookaburras and only be stopped in my tracks by the less common scarlet robins, splendid fairy wrens and the stunning golden whistler.

New Holland honeyeaters. The commonplace is special too
New Holland honeyeaters. The commonplace is special too

Nowadays I’m finding myself filled with joy and wonder at just about everything and it feels nice.  A weight has been lifted and I’m finding myself feeling aghast at how little I appreciated my amazing existence up until now.

Our daily companions are just as valuable as occasional visitors
Our daily companions are just as valuable as occasional visitors

Okay, so what’s happened.  Some simple things.  I’ve been setting an alarm for the first time in years and getting up early to walk, meditate and journal.  I’ve been listening to my intuition and using essential oils in my burner, lighting an inscense stick now and then and utilising my flower essence stash with greater joy and appreciation than ever.

I’ve consciously slowed down again, more, because what I thought was slowing down a year ago was barely breaking a fast clip. And it’s all divinely right timing, I’m ready for this new phase.  Cause if I wasn’t ready I wouldn’t be doing it.

To put it in a nutshell, I’ve created more time for quiet contemplation, creative expression and following my heart.

What I’m still getting used to is the novelty of these stronger, more passionate feelings of connection and appreciation.  There’s something slightly scary in loving more because perhaps there’s a tiny part of me that believes the more you love, the greater the potential for pain and loss.  Does that make sense?

On the human level I think it makes infinite sense because our first and most basic urge is to keep ourselves safe from harm. Moving into the higher understanding that we are eternally safe because we are divine beings of light that will endure any earth-bound experience, even death makes it seem a little silly, but therein lies the complexity of our human being-ness.

Just about all of us unconsciously hold back from feeling all we can feel out of fear of making ourselves vulnerable.  I’m an expert at this, remember in life, with regard to comparing yourself with others or standing in judgment of another, “it takes one to know one”.  This is true in every instance.

So finding myself drawn into new, more loving friendships and stronger connections to the people already in my life who give more and feel more than me is a natural step on this new path.  We surround ourselves with those whom we both admire and can see a little of ourselves in.  This is another way I’m letting my heart rather than my head guide me into greater joy, freedom and peace.

Slow it all down and be your own best friend first. <3

Seeing the Bright Side of Everything

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Lovely Peppermint trees near my house

In recent years I’ve been playing around with actively shifting my perspective when something I would usually label as ‘bad’ turns up in my life.  I’ve become quite practised at looking for a spiritual meaning, a lesson or a benefit in every so-called ‘negative’ event.

Illness is one of those life events I find hardest to be relaxed about.  Having recently experienced all four members of our family being knocked sideways by a flu for a week and a half each, I was handed yet another opportunity to go with the flow that this period of illness presented to me.

I have to say I’ve come out the other end of this experience feeling a greater sense of inner peace, surrender and gratitude than I have ever experienced before.  Everything has been slowed down a notch (by necessity) and I feel like my whole being has been “reset” to a more calm and aware level of existence.

I certainly feel greater gratitude for my body as it slowly heals itself and a heightened appreciation for being able to do simple tasks like the grocery shopping and hanging some washing without feeling I need to sit down every few minutes.

I’m cruising through appointments being rescheduled by clients, only one woman turning up to my dance class (we had a fun class together) and a lunch my husband and I planned to have today being delayed until next week due to a work commitment of his.  It’s all good, and I’m not just pretending or brushing upset feelings under the carpet, I genuinely feel at peace and blessed to be alive.

Listening this morning to Guy Finley talk with Jennifer McLean on Healing with the Masters, I feel even more that I’m on the right track.  Guy is speaking about the value of looking at everything that happens in our lives (especially the unpleasant stuff) as serving our spiritual growth and leading us towards a better life.

One thing I enjoyed getting back into this week was taking some short walks in nature.  I felt drawn to a grove of peppermint trees a little walk up the golf course from our house.  Just wandering between these loving presences, touching their trunks and letting their soft leaves brush my head, made me feel rejuvenated. The plant kingdom just yearns to serve us. Touch a tree today!

Till next time, love to all,