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Bring Your Shadow Self Into The Light

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

We all have qualities we keep in the shadows, but what if shining light onto these darker aspects could actually make life better?

If we want to feel more peaceful and complete, then we’ll want to know more about these parts we’re not owning.

The way we discover what they are, is to observe what bothers us about other people, particularly the people we love.

The qualities we demonise in others are our shadow qualities.

Allow me a moment to explain:

Might you sometimes be heard whingeing that your partner, child, sibling or dear friend is negative/lazy/ unmotivated/self-centred or any other quality you despise?

Yes?  Come on, think about it. Mmhmm – maybe just a little?

Let’s just say we all have ‘issues’ with certain qualities – for me it’s things like anger, martyrdom, competitiveness and ungratefulness.

It’s understandable to dislike these nasty old traits right?

Except for this….

What’s true is that we ALL have the capacity to embody every quality that’s ever existed. 

But rather than loving it ALL, what we do with the parts that give us a squeamish feeling is to deny them, project them onto other people and cover them over with niceness and approval seeking.

To examine the qualities we dislike in others is to look directly into a reflection of what we ARE but don’t want to own.  The question we must ask when we feel ourselves bristling at the behaviour of another is: “How do I do that?”

And this is where compassion comes in.  Compassion for yourself and compassion for everyone else because gosh aren’t we all just muddling along the very best we can?

The shadow aspects we’re most afraid of might actually become super-powers if we learn how to integrate them and shed a decent amount of light on them.

Let’s take the quality of competitive drive and have a closer look.

I denied this aspect of myself for the longest time but here’s how I know I’m competitive:

  • I react with strong dislike to other people being competitive
  • I get quite emotionally involved with my children’s sporting matches and want them to win
  • I feel slightly envious of friends who are more successful than me
  • I feel more attached to my children receiving awards than is perhaps healthy
  • I like being good at stuff and love getting recognition
Even caterpillars have shadows. Image by April

The funny thing is, now that I’ve began to lovingly embrace this quality and see it as funny and adorable rather than nasty and shameful, it’s softened.

And I can use this competitive drive of mine to get things done!  If I didn’t care at all about striving for a better life, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to become self-employed.  And that would’ve been a pity because I love my work and I’ve already helped quite a few people.

Do you see where I’m going with this?  By shining light on our shadow qualities we get to benefit from their good bits and allow them to partner with our so-called positive qualities for great outcomes.

Hide them away and they become bitter and destructive.  Embrace them as vital elements of our humanity and they become another playful and productive part of who we are.

Angry people make great activists and campaigners for social change and martyrs make great community volunteers, even if they do make others miserable with their bitter complaints…

What’s your shadow?

Are you willing to acknowledge it and lead it into the light?

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But I Thought I was Someone Else… Integrating the Shadow

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

What if the person you thought you were, was just an illusion?…….Just a mask or overlay, and there was a whole different YOU that you needed to get to know?

Let me explain:

Who I thought I was and what I valued about ‘her’ as a person is slowly dissolving before my eyes.

Uh, hold on, that sounds a little melodramatic.  What I’m about to describe is more about full integration than dissolution.

It all began quite recently when I received my first ever astrological reading.  I’ve always been intensely interested in astrology and numerology but for some reason, it took me until now to get a birth chart done.

And as my learned astrologer Renee said; “Maybe there’s a reason for that”, because what I discovered about my chart, totally destabilised who I thought I was.

First things first, I’m a Virgo with my Moon in Cancer, and Mars and Black Moon in Leo…. but enough of that.

Now, I thought that as a Virgo, I had all the Virgo qualities and nothing else.  Turns out it’s not that simple, there’s so much more to discover when you take a proper look.

virgo sign
photo credit:

In fact, despite thinking I was a model Virgo – oh so methodical, organised, health-conscious, discriminating, neat, caring, analytical and wise – when Renee told me my birth chart reflected quite a chaotic set of influences, I was floored!



Then over a period of weeks, it slowing began dawning on me and settling into my core…..

I’ve been battling against my true nature ever since I was a small child and it’s all related to my anxious personality, which when I look deeper, was a coping mechanism I created to hide from my natural gifts of sensitivity, creativity, empathy and intuition.

Many of us with these gifts face challenges around anxiety and depression due to our fears of being discovered, exposed.  We come to believe that it’s safer to withdraw, keep our perceptions and wisdom to ourselves and be isolated in our awareness, than it is to speak up or respond to the guidance we are receiving.

This is nobody’s fault, life just seems to do that to many of us, no matter the circumstances, and in my belief system, I feel these fears are based on experiences we’ve been through in other lifetimes.  I believe it’s my journey in this lifetime to consciously reclaim these parts of myself and to use them in the service of others.

I’ve always had a feeling of confidence when with I’m with people I know and trust.  But as child I would completely shut down and panic if I was taken somewhere new and forced to interact with strangers, even if they were other children. I was chronically shy.

In my childish efforts to handle my nervous disposition I focused on being as good and as nice as I could at school and at home and prioritised creating harmony, approval and peace around myself.

I also got good at doing things well and gained self-esteem from my school and sporting achievements. Oh, and my Mum and Dad loved and supported me as well. That helped 🙂

It was only when I finished high school and stepped nervously out into the wider world, that my confidence and faith in my abilities started to wobble.  My twenties were a very uncertain and bumpy time as I discovered that the ‘Tricia’ I had created as a child didn’t readily translate into the ‘take charge’ kind of woman I longed to be.

I was too concerned with keeping others happy and not assertive at all in expressing my needs.

Thank goodness that’s all over!


The fact is we change. We’re constantly changing and the more consciously open to change we are, the faster it happens.  What I’ve recently bumped up against is the reality that my perceptions of who I am are out of date.

I’ve been faithfully (more like doggedly) clinging to quite a few traits that are wearing thin from overuse and masking the deeper me.

Let me give you an example; feeling attached to the qualities of being organised and punctual has left me in denial of my natural tendencies to reject routine and repetition and run five minutes late to just about everything.

Anyone else with me here?

I’m ready to own my shadow qualities so I can relax more and just be myself.

It’s in the shadow qualities of selfishness, greed, envy, chronic tardiness, arrogance, nastiness and the gigantic catalogue of fears most of us have, that we find some of our deepest, most rich and fascinating experiences, opportunities for growth and creative ideas.

Don’t you think?

Anyway, I’m putting it out there for you to take a look at your shadow side and allow the darkness to balance the light.  I’ll be right there with you.

And it’s all there within each of us anyway, so we might as well acknowledge it fully and embrace the contrasts.

So much more to say here but that’s enough for now.

Much love, Tricia

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Just Imagine…

Posted in Trust The Universe

Ok, are you ready?

So, close your eyes and just imagine for three or four seconds that we are all eternal beings of light.  You know, infinite, never-ending energy.

Now this is where I’ll really stretch you, can you also imagine there is no such thing as time? No distinction between past, present and future. Go to your heart for this, leave the mind out of it.

Emma Gorge
Emma Gorge

When you put these two notions together; infinite light being + time does not exist, then how about this for an idea?

We are all everything!

We are all love, hate, disappointment, jubilation, sorrow, joy, grief, optimism, depression, success, failure, empathy, envy, are you getting the gist?

So when you think you’ve had it rough or you think you’re doing better than someone else, remind yourself of this and know that in this moment of now, you’ve seen it all, been it all and had it all.

When we are all able to feel this truth in our hearts, separation, judgement and violence will end.  We will love ourselves and one another as precious, individual sparks of God energy.

I’m ready, are you?

Love us all

Simple Pleasures

Posted in Live Your Passions, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

Pink Flannel Flower Essence enhances our ability to feel deep gratitude for everything in our lives.
Pink Flannel Flower Essence enhances our ability to feel deep gratitude for everything in our lives.

I’m feeling an increase in my capacity to feel intense gratitude these last few days. This feels good as with gratitude comes joy and increased abundance.

There is greater light flooding our planet at this time but it also it feels as though the darkness in humanity currently being expressed in destructive and violent ways is more dramatically than ever, being dredged up to the surface.

It is indeed a time when gifting ourselves with greater love and care will be very beneficial in allowing us to move through this year with more peace, compassion and clarity regarding what we would like to create for ourselves. Rather than allowing ourselves to continually be dragged down into feelings of horror, distress and judgment over the actions of others around the globe.

This morning I took the 20 minute drive to our nearby big town, Busselton to do a little shopping.  As I drove home (while stopping briefly for road works in fact), I experienced a moment of intense teary-eyed gratitude that the place I now live in, is my home!  We’ve been living in Dunsborough for a bit over a year now and yet it is only in the last month that it has begun to sink in that this is actually where I live and that the way I spend my days is truly my regular life now.

The road to get here was long and sometimes arduous (click here to read about it) and I’ll admit, the move felt like a big gamble in some ways.  But I’m here to say right now to all of you, if you have a strong desire to change your life so that it reflects who you are in your soul, then keep that dream strong and trust that the universe is supporting you in every moment to bring it to fruition.

Tea and lemon and blueberry friand for one
Tea and lemon and blueberry friand for one

So, one of the ways I looked after myself this morning was to treat myself to a tea and friand at one of our lovely local cafes before I headed home after my shopping trip.  I’m mentioning this as an example of an inexpensive way we can all look after ourselves once in a while.  I’m also mentioning it because I basically never do it!  I meet up with friends for a cuppa but never do this on my own.

I really enjoyed it and will be sure to do it again.

Gifting ourselves with little treats, like; an early morning stroll, a candle-lit bath, a packet of a high quality tea, a phone call to a friend who lifts your spirits, time to paint, draw, sing, dance, read, anything you love and that makes you feel ‘you’, allows us to re-connect with our soul and re-charges our batteries.

If you do something lovely for yourself every day I guarantee you will sail through the washing, shopping and cleaning up that much more smoothly.

Just ask into your heart every morning when you wake, what can I do today that will make my soul sing? The answer will come if you let it.

Love is all.

A Meditation to Release the Past

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

Sunrise in Dunsborough on 5 June 2012 (the morning after the lunar eclipse)

I feel like I’ve been in hibernation for the last week or so.  Got another cold, my third for the year already!  Huh? And I think I’m healthy?

I’m still not real good at the ‘rest and take it easy’ advice that I freely hand out to others.  Although, I’m really feeling the lead up to the soltice next week in terms of needing some extra sleep and finding it super-hard to get stuff done so this has slowed me down.

I have experienced a whole lot of old memories, fears, sadness and general gunk coming to the surface since the lunar eclipse and transit of Venus early last week. Perhaps my physical congestion is a part of this?

Anyone else noticing this?

Underneath it all I can feel this bubbling joy.  It feels like there is a part of my being that is dense, muddy and heavy but that this is just on the surface.  Beneath the muck there is this clear, bubbling spring of endless joy and love.

As I rested in bed this morning after the kids had gone to school I had this meditation process gifted to me.  I feel like it might be useful for many of us at this time:

This one would be good to do lying down.

Lie on your bed or on the floor with a pillow under your head.  Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax and release some of the tension from your body. Breathe deeply for a few breaths.  Become aware that somewhere in your body there is  a dense mass of past pain, grief and sadness that you are ready to release.  

(As I meditated, this mass appeared for me, to be the size of a small football, resembled a bundle of twisted tree roots, and it emerged at my base chakra, between my legs as if I had given birth to it.)

For you it may be as tiny as a grain of sand or as big as a beach ball and be made of any sort of material. It may be inside your body somewhere or in your hand or at your feet on the floor.  Just ask for it to emerge and it will.

As you meditate, visualise yourself picking this mass up in your hands and standing up.  As you stand, you find yourself walking into a clearing in a forest at dusk.  You are enveloped in a feeling of safety and love as all of your guides, angels, ancestors, and all the other beings who support you in the spirit realm, come forward in a circle to welcome you.  

You notice there is a softly glowing white light the size of a camp fire beaming from the centre of the clearing.  You walk over to the light and cast your mass of past pain into the light.  As you do this and walk back to join the circle of your spiritual supporters, each of them sends a beam of gentle loving light to the central glow and a column of light shoots straight up into the cosmos.  You now feel that your mass has been cleansed with love and sent as particles of light out into the infinite universe.

Breathe in and out fully a few times and feel the love you have just received.