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No cord cutting required – It’s all in you

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I hesitate to be definitive about anything these days. And if I’m honest, I have helped people to visualise the cutting of cords from various ex-partners and ex-friends from whom they wish to create an energetic separation. But you know, it feels like it’s time we moved on. And by moved on I mean, moved IN. But none of this is coming from what I ‘know’, it’s merely a reportage of what I’ve been experiencing in my work over the last couple of years.

Everything we need to know about why we’ve had the experiences we’ve had, why we’ve responded to certain people in particular ways and why we feel repelled by some people, is within us. The access points to integrate all that is fragmented and rejected in our lives are within us. I believe the best and most enduring type of healing does not involve further separating ourselves from the ‘other’ or from the parts of ourselves we don’t like. It’s about drawing it all in, acknowledging it fully and inviting whatever ‘it’ is, to stay or go. If there is a frequency mismatch, it will either lift its frequency or go. And if we approach this task with a pure and open heart, the frequency mismatch will be clear.

Here are some realities as I perceive them:

  • We’re bound to other people in ways we can’t control and for reasons we’re not meant to fully understand
  • We’re bound to bodies of energy – some call them entities – because at some time, maybe long, long ago, we allowed them to merge or bond with our etheric body
  • And still, perhaps paradoxically, we are sovereign beings. We have free will, the ultimate power to choose our experiences from deep within us

I feel it’s time for us to let go of the idea that in order to be free of the past, or of the sucking, draining or dragging energy of others, that we must cut cords, burn ties or create any other illusion of separation and rejection. One of the errors of this approach lies in the energy we then must devote to holding this person to account for their ill deeds, wrongdoing or deficiencies which led to us cutting them off in the first place. We must justify our position internally and for most of us, there lingers the nagging feeling that we’ve done something wrong. The other problem with this tactic is that it rarely works.

What we end up feeling is scattered, splintered and divided against ourselves. But most of all, exhausted, from the effort of running away from a person who despite the cord cutting, continues to trail behind us like a limp balloon tied to our wrist by a string. And what’s worse than the remnants of an old foe lingering on? It’s when into our lives we attract a similar new person to be our mirror since we pushed the last one away.

What I’m getting at here is that every ‘thing’ and person we reject or fear, is a symbol of an aspect of ourselves we’re not at peace with. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that anyone put up with an abusive friend, partner or family member in the name of self-discovery and spiritual advancement. Not at all. We may choose who we spend our time with, that is our right.

Where we possibly go wrong is by demonising said person after the fact, and as a result, failing to grasp their unique humanity and wounding that lead them to this way of behaving. When we hold the perspective that we need to cut energetic ties in order to feel safe, we end up feeling both disempowered and disconnected from our divinity. We are in unity with ALL and once we can embrace the reality that we don’t get to choose only the ‘light’, we will rise into a new way of existence. It is possible for us to arrive at our own resolution and bring immense forgiveness and compassion to our story with the person concerned, even if they’re no longer in our lives, via a guided spiritual healing process.

That which clings to us which is of a lower vibrational resonance, can only do so via our own corresponding frequency. Once we welcome all that is fearsome, shadowy, dark, dense or indeed, ‘evil’ into our hearts to be fully acknowledged, it either transmutes into a higher vibration to unite with us in the forms of creative inspiration, wildish passion, or gifts of healing and psychic awareness or, it simply slides right off and dissolves before our eyes. The key here is to know when we’re ready to do the work.

When you choose a skilled practitioner to help you through this process, none of it will be confronted until you are ready. In the work that I do with people, these opportunities usually arise spontaneously because the guides perceive that the time is right and it all occurs quite rapidly and with little fuss. It’s a powerful paradox and one worth embracing. Welcome that which you most fear and see it turn into harmless dust.

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Much love, Tricia



When Everything Looks Bad – Celebrate!

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Madonna got it right all those years ago when she sang that we are living in a material world. I’m not an especially ‘material girl’ and yet I can look back to my later twenties and early thirties when I had myself convinced that if only I had…

  • That car
  • That house in that neighbourhood
  • That job
  • That dress, etc, etc…

then and only then would I be completely happy and satisfied. And then…

I got some of the things I desired and guess what, I still wasn’t happy.  

Everyone knows happiness comes from within and what I’m discovering is that it’s a lifelong process to build the deep sense of self-love and trust in life necessary to truly live it in every moment.

Being in nature makes me deeply happy. My lifestyle honours this.
Being in nature makes me deeply happy. My lifestyle honours this.

We can be distracted from living our true and natural expression in the world when we think we need something outside of ourselves to be complete.  And that includes other people. The trick is to be less attached to all of it and realise that we are always making progress towards a better life.  That’s just how we’re designed. Here’s some wisdom I’ve picked up along the way and I’ve shared with many of my beautiful clients:

“Just when you’re feeling like everything in your life is truly crappy and you feel you’ve really messed it up.  When you feel you’re in the wrong relationship, wrong job, that you’re the worst mother ever or that you’ve not made any progress in your personal growth at all….Celebrate!  Yes, that’s right, celebrate because everything you’ve been asking for (provided you’ve been asking) is about to begin flowing your way.”

Honestly, I’ve experienced this time and time again in my own life and I’ve heard many a client say it’s been their experience too.

The night is darkest before the dawn (old proverb)

It seems that just before we shift, life hands us all we’ve been labeling as wrong, substandard, flawed or broken in our lives in an exaggerated, soap opera-style series of happenings as if to give us one final look before we let it all go.

The key to capitalising from these endings when they show up is to acknowledge them as such and not feel attached to how they make you feel.  To be able to step back and view the upset from an objective stand-point is a sure sign you’re ready for something different.

When it comes to the material things we would like to have in our lives, because yes, it’s okay to want stuff, the same process applies.  The moment we give up on getting something we’ve been dreaming of and let it go, or simply hold the perspective in all matters that all we need and want flows to us effortlessly, it often comes to fruition with very little effort.

The point I’m trying to pull together here is that it’s all one energy and all one outcome.  Whether it’s money, love, a home, a new pair of runners, a career you love or a healthy body.  It’s all in your reach once you release the need to focus on what is wrong or what is missing in your life.

That’s it, it’s that simple.

If you’re ready to begin living like this and would like some assistance, click here to view the details of my healing and coaching sessions and contact me for your free thirty minute phone session.

Much love, Tricia

Be Gone Old Labels! I Don’t Need You Anymore

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Just in case you haven’t felt it yet, this is certainly a week for clearing out the old, tackling that household task you’ve been avoiding and taking in a gigantic lung-full of clean fresh air.  Breathe iiiinn and then let it all ooouut.

Early evening at the bay
Early evening at the bay

We have a full moon tomorrow and the solstice is barely a week later.  Whether your solstice is happening in winter, summer or tropical dry season (depending on your location on the globe), this time of our year represents the end of a cycle.  Here in Australia we’re reaching the shortest day of the year and come the 23rd June, our days will start getting longer again as we cycle back towards spring and summer.  Sure, winter’s only just begun so we have plenty of cold and wet days to still get through but if you’re a sun-lover like me, it always lifts my spirits when I know we’re beyond that shortest day.

What this week has been feeling like for me is a re-calibration and a chance to clear the decks for the second half of 2014.  I’ve had a quiet working week and some time to do some work on my book manuscript (joy!).  Today I’m having my first massage in many many months and I’m planning to make it a’ two yoga class’ week.  I’ll tackle some housework tomorrow.  Sounds good to me 🙂

The other side of this week has been really noticing the aspects of me that I’m ready to release another layer of.  I’m ready to let go of some old labels that no longer fit.

Perhaps giving away our unwanted clothing can be a metaphor for this idea?  When we trawl through our wardrobes casting off items we no longer wear, we can call upon our inner wisdom to share any old concepts, beliefs or identities we are now ready to release and replace with first some space, and then with whatever feels like love, lightness and divinity.

My three old labels up for replacement this solstice are: shy, anxious and people-pleaser.

What are yours?  Take a moment now and ask into your heart. Maybe use these words;

“Heart, if there were three labels about me that I’m now ready to release, what would they be?”

Then, perhaps we could also ask for three new words that we might use to replace the old ones.

My heart says mine are; bold, brave and focused.

Listen within and you’ll hear yours too.

Take some extra time for you this weekend. Celebrate the coming of the solstice as the end of a cycle in your life and set some fresh intentions for the remainder of the year by writing them down.

Be you, that’s all there is to do. <3


Lessons In Attachment

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Earlier this week our garden shed blew away in a storm.

Oh dear, the shed has left the yard.
Oh dear, the shed has left the yard.

Last week I left my yoga mat behind in the community centre and didn’t realise for two days.

“The wise are so totally detached,
Pain is for those who are attached.”
― Mohit.K.Misra

I’ve been playing around with the spiritual teaching of non-attachment or if you like, detachment.  And as these things usually pan out, I’m getting to experience my attachments in full, vibrant technicolour and turned up a notch or ten.

I’ll admit from the outset, I find the idea of detachment being a key pathway to spiritual awakening and a blissful existence pretty confronting.  I feel strong resistance to the idea that letting go of my attachment to people, things, beliefs, knowledge, roles, dreams and goals would pave the way to my enlightenment. And yet another part of me sees that this is true.

We are all so very attached to our children, partners, families, friends, pets, homes and jobs.  But then there are also the roles we play; daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, wife, friend, the list goes on.

When you think about it, most of us feel a sense of attachment to pretty much everything we see, wear, touch, use and buy. Do you have a favourite tea cup, chair, lamp, pair of jeans, scarf, book, photo? How do you feel about your mobile phone? And don’t get me started on our warped attachments to our physical appearance.

Heck, I didn’t even realise I was attached to my yoga mat until I didn’t have it.  The relief and pleasure I felt when I found it in the yoga room today was sort of funny, sort of childish and sort of odd. It’s a yoga MAT! And attachments can be rather fickle because although losing our garden shed is pretty inconvenient, it hasn’t really bothered me at all because I felt no real attachment to it.

So, this is what I know about attachment:

Attachment is not love. Attachment is mainly about control and the illusion of security. When we are overly attached to anything or anyone, we often fail to truly appreciate the real meaning of that thing or person in our lives. Plus being overly attached to bad or even good memories, spiritual rituals, knowledge, beliefs and concepts of who we think we are, can really slow down or completely stall our spiritual development.

When playing with this idea a few years ago I noticed that when my daughter was throwing a tantrum or crying dramatically over a minor mishap, if I consciously detached myself from her reaction and observed her rather than being immersed in the moment with her, I was able to comfort and calm her down more effectively.

It’s all about creating a sense of space between ourselves and those close to us. They are themselves and we are ourselves.  Simple.  My daughter was really upset and I was her mother noticing her reaction and allowing her to be in it without feeling I needed to be in it with her.

Holding everything a little more lightly is what is called for here.  Playing the observer rather than the judge.  Allowing what is unfolding before us to just ‘be’. Letting go of our habits of feeling responsible and needing to rescue, fix or change. Realising we are not defined by our relationships, roles, possessions, dress size or bank balance.

I am not defined by my special purple yoga mat with the lotus flower print. There, I’ve said it.

But I’m still glad I got it back, cause it’s mine and I like it. The journey continues…



Letting Go With Grace

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Still in love with my Waratahs

Hey, I learned something about myself this week.  I’m getting much better at letting go and moving forward swiftly and with a light heart.

I’ve decided to stop running my weekly dance class and as this decision came as a gentle whisper from my heart, it has all occurred so gracefully and easily.  Also, since I am tuned into my inner wisdom, I have been able to step back and see the big picture with regard to what this dance class was really all about for me.

It was certainly something I’ve thought about doing for ages, I definitely love dancing and would love to dance on a regular basis with other women.  What I discovered through running the class though, was I didn’t love being in the ‘teacher’ role in this context.  My enthusiasm for dancing each week was somewhat dampened by the idea that I needed to create a structured class and practice my choreographed routines.  I wanted it to be looser, freer, more spontaneous, but I was unsure that women would come along if I was to say: “OK everyone, just dance!”

When the fun drains out of a job we have committed ourselves to, we either need to find a way to bring the fun back or move gracefully and considerately out of that role.

Thankfully for me, not many women had been coming to the class so I didn’t have to get all worried about letting others down, as I’ve done in the past.  So, what looked from the outside as a disappointment : “Nobody is coming to my class”, became a blessing, “Thank goodness nobody came to the class this week” I can pull down my flyers, put up a notice saying the dance class is not running and step gracefully into the next chapter of my life.

What I feel is really important to highlight here is not only my efficient wrapping up of Red Lily Dance.  It’s also the feeling of gratitude I have that I actually created the class, promoted it and turned up each week for two months.  I did it! And through doing it I learned so much about myself and got to experience the spectrum of emotions related to feeling; nervous, fearful, bold, confident, accomplished and authentically me as I prepared for and ran each class.

I also met a really lovely woman who came along to a couple of classes.  She has already become a friend and someone with whom I feel I will have a long-lasting connection.  It turns out she is an old friend of one of my gorgeous Fremantle friends (it’s a small world isn’t it?)

This may sound weird but it was as soon as I met my new friend that I felt my journey with the dance class was coming to a close.

Sometimes it seems we need to go down these little, interesting detours in life so we get to experience something important or meet someone vital to the next part of our life journey.

There is no such thing as a failure, it’s all grist for the mill of our hearts and minds.  Perhaps by going easy on myself about the ending of this endeavour (for the time being), I will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone into something you would love to try but have been feeling too scared to?

Ah well, until I gather together a bunch of dance-crazy women with whom I can dance, spontaneously and wildly, it’s back to dancing in the living room.


Meditation to Release the Past – Part 2

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Yesterday, another stage to the meditation I shared this week came to me, so I thought I would pass it on.

Once you have witnessed your bundle, ball or mass of past pain be transformed into pure light and released into the vast universe,  stand with your beloved spiritual supporters for a moment and watch as the light column dissolves and only the camp fire- sized pool of glowing light remains.  

Look around the group of beings and thank them for their assistance, knowing with all of your heart, that in this moment they are showering you with love in the form of this white light.  Then joyfully, dance, skip or run to the pool of light and step into its centre.  Hold your arms above your head and bathe, allow yourself to be infused with all of the loving light being offered to you now.  See your whole self glowing. Soak it all up and look to the heavens at the stars now shining brightly in the sky and give thanks to Spirit for this moment.

When you are ready, step out of the pool of light and beckon to one or two of your spiritual supporters to come over to you.  Take this moment to ask whomever or whatever appears near you, a question about something in your life you would like to receive guidance about.  If nothing specific comes to mind, simply ask the question: “What would you like me to know in this moment?”  Listen with your heart to what is said or shown to you.

Now see yourself thanking all of the wondrous beings as you begin to leave the forest clearing. Be back in your body lying down in the present moment.  Wiggle your fingers and toes and take some soft, deep breaths into your abdomen. Get up slowly and make sure your attention fully returns to the room you are in.

Haaah, we are so very blessed at this time.  

I’ve done this meditation a few times now.  Actually, it has felt more like I’ve been lead through it by a wiser part of me.  Each time, the mass of past stuff has taken a different shape, texture and colour and has come from different parts of my body. Very odd and interesting.  My health has improved vastly in a couple of days.

I have just been listening to Jo Dunning deliver some wonderful energy work on The Self Worth Summit.  Listen at no cost for the next 24 hours.  A wonderful hour of healing for everyone.

Enough for now, it’s past my bed time.

Love to all,


Letting Go to Create Anew

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The Australian Bush Flower Essence’s Bottlebrush Essence helps us to cope calmly with change

What’s becoming really clear to me at the moment is that a really big part of moving forward as a human being is letting go. A couple of weeks ago I went to an early morning (well, not that early, 7.15) yoga class, leaving the man to get the kids ready for school and deliver them with all the important stuff in their bags like hats, water bottles and library books.

Now it’s not as though he hasn’t been around to help with the morning routine for a couple of months.  It’s just that I am usually the one in charge and the last defence when it comes to checking that everything is sorted.

Just before I cycled off to yoga I couldn’t help myself making some little preparations. I got the lunch boxes out and carefully placed April’s reading book next to her diary on the table, making sure there was a pencil there ready for her to write with.  I then crept into the bedroom where Dad was still dozing and casually mentioned what needed to be done with the diary, being careful to seem relaxed lest he detect any unease about leaving him in charge.

I loved my yoga class and having a break from the school morning palaver was sheer bliss!  What really surprised me was the low level anxiety mixed in with a little bit of loss I felt about not being at home to make sure everything was done right.

My conscious self is ready to share the parenting more evenly with my partner but ten years of doing a lot of this day to day care of kids and home on my own has clearly had a deep affect on my psyche.  It feels like I need to nurture myself through letting go of this strong role I have created for myself so I can become more balanced and more able to enjoy other aspects of my life.

My husband is going through his own process of letting go of his role of being the sole provider of the family income and adjusting to being more present in the domestic sphere.  It all feels right and better for us as a family but we are certainly going through an adjustment phase as we find our feet in our new life.

Going to my second morning yoga class the following week was easier and who knows, one day I might even walk out the door without so much as a thought about where my daughter’s homework folder is.

It’s funny how it’s not until we make some changes in our lives that we realise how attached we are to our roles and habits.  For me it all comes back to the idea that we are whole and perfect regardless of what we “do” in the world.

I’ve said it before and I offer you this chance to do it again with me.

Sit down right now and take a couple of deep breaths letting the exhalations out with a little sigh.  Say lovingly to yourself, (out loud if you like):

“I AM”

Focus on your heart space.

“I AM”

This brings a smile to my lips and a feeling of peace to my heart.

How about you?

All is well.

Namaste ( I like the interpretation “The light in me sees the light in you”)