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Out Of My Mind

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I’ve been playing hard at following my inner guidance these past few weeks.  For me this means getting out of my mind and listening to my heart.

Last week I did something pretty out of character and scary and yet, I felt safe because the guidance I received in that moment was so strong, it was as though I had no choice.

I guess you could call it a leap of faith.  Putting into action my conviction that all is happening for my highest good, which means I can put every ounce of my trust into my gut feelings and intuitive messages.

Well, maybe not a leap in this case.  It was more a death-defying, gut-clenching, drop into the abyss.

Against all previous programming, patterns and my essential true nature I took a ride on a brand-new, state of the art roller coaster at our state’s biggest fun park.

It’s called The Abyss.

Here it is!
Here it is!

Now just recall if you will, this is me.  The person whose favourite past-times are meditation, bush-walking and gentle yoga.

So why did I do it?  Well, a certain, almost nine year-old little girl who accompanied our family to the park was busting to get on that ride and we weren’t going to let her go alone.  I spent the first hour or so saying; “no way, no chance in hell am I getting on that thing”.  And then something odd happened.  I tuned in and listened to my inner self and I heard the message, “You are going on the roller coaster, it’s a good thing for you to do”.

So, without questioning this feeling too much I said to our little friend, “let’s do it, I’m coming on it with you”. She was thrilled and I wasn’t even that worried.  Nor did I break into even the tiniest sweat as we queued for 30 minutes, slowly climbing the gigantic tower from which we were about to drop in a fraction of a second and then climb another vertical incline twice this height and drop again….you get the picture.

Anyway, it was all over in thirty seconds and I completely hated every one of those seconds.  I closed my eyes as we made the first g-force laden plummet and didn’t open them again until we came to our resting place back at the start.  As we departed our capsule of terror, my legs were wobbly, my stomach queased and… I was alive, relieved it was over and quietly pleased I had listened to guidance and accepted the challenge.

The whole point to this experience will probably remain a mystery to me but there is some sense I can make of the whole episode.  I didn’t know why it was a good idea for me to take this ride but I trusted Spirit and just did it.  I knew I would be okay at the end and that there was actually nothing to fear.

The reality was, I found it incredibly unpleasant and terrifying and yet I’m willing to be at peace with this because it felt right at the time.

When we choose the path of following inner guidance or if you like, guidance from Spirit/God/universe/our guides and supporters etc…we can’t pick and choose what we respond to, it’s either all or nothing.

Well, I guess we can, but if we want to live a life that is absolutely in alignment with our soul’s purpose and mission here on planet Earth, then the ride is actually much smoother when we strap ourselves in in complete trust and surrender and simply let it flow.

This doesn’t mean it will all be fun and easy (my roller-coaster ride was a great example of the opposite of that), but in my recent experience it makes life more of an adventure and frees you up to receive what you most need in every moment.

I still feel like a novice at living like this but it does feel better than my previous pattern of keeping one foot in my logical mind and over-riding my gut when it challenged me too much.

I wonder what I’ll do next? 🙂

Letting Go With Grace

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Still in love with my Waratahs

Hey, I learned something about myself this week.  I’m getting much better at letting go and moving forward swiftly and with a light heart.

I’ve decided to stop running my weekly dance class and as this decision came as a gentle whisper from my heart, it has all occurred so gracefully and easily.  Also, since I am tuned into my inner wisdom, I have been able to step back and see the big picture with regard to what this dance class was really all about for me.

It was certainly something I’ve thought about doing for ages, I definitely love dancing and would love to dance on a regular basis with other women.  What I discovered through running the class though, was I didn’t love being in the ‘teacher’ role in this context.  My enthusiasm for dancing each week was somewhat dampened by the idea that I needed to create a structured class and practice my choreographed routines.  I wanted it to be looser, freer, more spontaneous, but I was unsure that women would come along if I was to say: “OK everyone, just dance!”

When the fun drains out of a job we have committed ourselves to, we either need to find a way to bring the fun back or move gracefully and considerately out of that role.

Thankfully for me, not many women had been coming to the class so I didn’t have to get all worried about letting others down, as I’ve done in the past.  So, what looked from the outside as a disappointment : “Nobody is coming to my class”, became a blessing, “Thank goodness nobody came to the class this week” I can pull down my flyers, put up a notice saying the dance class is not running and step gracefully into the next chapter of my life.

What I feel is really important to highlight here is not only my efficient wrapping up of Red Lily Dance.  It’s also the feeling of gratitude I have that I actually created the class, promoted it and turned up each week for two months.  I did it! And through doing it I learned so much about myself and got to experience the spectrum of emotions related to feeling; nervous, fearful, bold, confident, accomplished and authentically me as I prepared for and ran each class.

I also met a really lovely woman who came along to a couple of classes.  She has already become a friend and someone with whom I feel I will have a long-lasting connection.  It turns out she is an old friend of one of my gorgeous Fremantle friends (it’s a small world isn’t it?)

This may sound weird but it was as soon as I met my new friend that I felt my journey with the dance class was coming to a close.

Sometimes it seems we need to go down these little, interesting detours in life so we get to experience something important or meet someone vital to the next part of our life journey.

There is no such thing as a failure, it’s all grist for the mill of our hearts and minds.  Perhaps by going easy on myself about the ending of this endeavour (for the time being), I will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone into something you would love to try but have been feeling too scared to?

Ah well, until I gather together a bunch of dance-crazy women with whom I can dance, spontaneously and wildly, it’s back to dancing in the living room.


Getting On With Life

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A winter-flowering Silver Princess. The Silver Princess Essence helps to clarify life purpose and direction

I’ve felt a strong sense of ‘getting on with things‘ happening for me in the last couple of weeks.

Anyone else feeling an increase in their momentum, a gentle push forward, an encouraging pull from up ahead?

Since deciding to run my first ever dance class for women and taking action to make it happen, like booking a venue and getting help from my lovely designer Lou to put a flyer together (Aahh! Am I really doing this?!!), other aspects of my life have started to flow better too.

It feels as though now that I am truly doing what my heart desires, the universe, my spiritual supporters and my own inner self are rushing forward to support me and keep me on track.

I feel stronger and healthier in my body, I am more peaceful and easy-going and I feel a strong sense that creating this dance class is an important door to step through along my life’s pathway.

I am still loving seeing clients in my work as intuitive counsellor, kinesiologist and flower essence practitioner.  It feels as though there will now be three components to my working life: Individual client work, dance teaching and writing.  They will all fit together and flow and mingle as my fully expressed, uniquely ‘Tricia Woods’ life.

Many of the women I meet in my practice have an unexpressed inner yearning to do something (usually creative or artistic) in their lives that they are afraid to do.  I’ve been afraid to be a dancer, even though it is one of the first words I have always used to describe myself in private.

I return yet again to the way our children are who they are.  They just are!!

Perhaps by looking into our hearts and feeling into what we loved doing or being as a child, we can reveal our true purpose?

Try this as a meditation and see what comes up.  These deep truths really can set us free because when we do what comes naturally, all of life feels that much easier and sweeter.

More about Red Lily Dance next time…

Love and twirling around for fun,


Shine like a Little Child

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April at four, all dressed up to wave to the crowds in the Fremantle Festival Parade

It’s been raining here in Dunsborough today.  Our first proper rainy day since moving to the south west.  The Easter weekend is almost upon us and that also means the end of term one for the kids.

This afternoon April’s class held a little talent show with the kids coming up with their own acts.  Our natural performer daughter featured in four items including a solo dance and a solo song.  She loves the experience of putting on a show and although was a little nervous about singing solo in front of a crowd for the first time, she stood up, took a deep breath and plunged in.

I wish for her that she retains this self-confidence and joy in doing what she loves as she grows older.

Do you remember having that sort of confidence in doing what you loved as a child?

I used to love singing and dancing on my own or with a girlfriend in our lounge room when I was April’s age but I would have sooner died than performed “Dancing Queen” in front of an actual audience!

I continued to enjoy dancing and music all through my school years but as a young teenager became painfully aware that if I let my light shine too brightly, I would attract the attention of the nasty girls at school and that I would be bullied.  So, I still performed with my friends when we had the opportunity but I learned to tone things down, to play it safe, not stand out too much.

This must be a really big life lesson for me because I feel I am still learning it through April.  I love her exuberance and spirit and I’m proud of how confident she is and yet at times I also internally cringe just a little when she stands up the straightest and sings the loudest.  My heightened sensitivity to what other people might be thinking kicks in super-strong and I worry that the other girls won’t like her if she is always the “star” of the show.

What I realised watching her today is that all the kids just accept her as she is.  Her Dad and I keep her grounded by not making too big a deal of it and subtly mentioning that everyone is good at different things.

Her teacher was generous in letting her perform in so many different acts. Her words when I thanked her were:  “Well, it was up to the kids, it was her chance to shine”.

It seems to me that for many of us adults, life has dulled our shine and has even caused us to forget what our gifts and talents are.

I feel that finding our way back to our child-like, joyous selves through remembering what we love to do and doing it brings all the meaning and pleasure back into our lives.  Sonia Choquette teaches this in her work.

I love to dance, sing, draw, bake and write so that’s what I make sure I do, often and with joy in my heart.

What have you left behind in childhood that you used to love?

Stomp in a puddle today!

Love to you all,