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Seven Steps to Facing Fear and Getting on Your Path

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We all let fear hold us back from time to time. 

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it right?

It’s true though.

The roles we’re here to fulfill are usually hard won.  And hey, if you’ve always found life easy (that includes nobody I know), then you’re probably bored with where you’re at and not on your true path. Yes?

Your true path is a job or creative vocation that challenges you, pushes you right to the edge of your comfort and then over it and makes you feel excited and energised when you imagine doing it.

So, do we play it safe and avoid the bigger game, or do we risk it all for love? You know. love for yourself and the entire planet – no big deal.

And let me tell you, this is quite a tough decision – because from what I’ve experienced and helped many clients with – life doesn’t really allow us to sit in fear as the lesser of two evils.

Oh no, if you’re thinking you can just keep it low key – cower to the fears and let them call the shots – then I’m sorry, I don’t think you’ll find it that simple.

Oh and by the way – If you’re over 40 and still not on your path, then pay close attention…

                    Fly free like a bird


Well because life will eventually find other ways to get you moving….

You may be criticised by family, rejected and abandoned by your friends or partner, bullied by workmates or made redundant from your job.

You may also feel untold discomfort in the form of envy, dissatisfaction, frustration, compulsive complaining, judgement of others and self-criticism.

Not to mention the de-railing of your health and peace of mind by the behaviours you adopted to avoid getting on your path such as addictions to alcohol, other drugs, food, shopping, television, social media…the list goes on.

Phew!  It all sounds exhausting right?

Well yes, because you’re not here to play it small and deny your gifts.

Once you get moving in the direction of your gifts and passions though, that’s where the magic happens and things slowly begin to fall into place. You get a sparkle back in your eye and a spring in your step.

Although I’m sorry to say, the nudges and prods won’t necessarily end there.  Once you begin the work of getting on your path, you’ll most likely experience a whole lot of resistance emerge from within you and sometimes from outside of you.

Don’t worry though, this is just your ego trying to protect you from changing too fast.  The ego believes we need to stay the same in order to stay safe.

Where I see many clients delay their progress is right here, when the first round of resistance shows up.  It’s very understandable.  Some very intense emotions can come to the surface and a big steaming pile of FEAR is at the front of the assault.

Sometimes we need a few run ups before we sail over the ditch between us and our brighter future. That’s okay, there’s no hurry.

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Start something – read a book, do a short course, talk about your dreams and aspirations with someone you trust. Just make a small start.
  2. Notice the feelings as they emerge and allow yourself to feel them. Once felt, they naturally dissipate.
  3. Tell yourself it’s natural to experience anxiety or dread, or heart-stopping fear when you’re stretching out of your comfort zone.
  4. Find your tribe of people who love the stuff that you love and who speak your language, seek out local groups, Facebook groups, workshops and classes.
  5. Allow yourself to stumble, trip or completely fall. Failure is a wonderful way to build resilience and lighten everything up.
  6. Realise that even though it’s hard, it’s better to be living full out than hiding from your truth and walking through life at half-pace with a fake smile plastered on.
  7. Keep on going – this is a wonderful adventure, it’s not supposed to be straightforward, easy or fast. Keep following your heart to the activities that make you feel more YOU.

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Change is a good thing right?

What I’ve noticed is that when a big change is around the corner for me, the little changes that precede it often turn from molehills into mountains right before my eyes.

This is what happened last weekend when, with the help of a very handy techie-woman from I transferred my website from the platform to

The reason for doing this is so I can do more businessy type stuff on my site and have more control over how I use it.

Well I won’t go into the details, but it would seem the universe conspired to add some twists and turns to this seemingly straightforward process just to test my mettle, or was it to help me to fully embody my commitment to this business of mine?  I don’t know.

All I know is that as a result of me zigging, and undoing what my techie-woman had zagged for me, I completely erased my website – containing four years of blog posts – from visible existence.  And so it stayed for three long days while I waited for her to come back to me over the weekend.

My natural urge to keep working away at it (in complete ignorance) came rushing forward and it took all my deeper awareness and intuitive insights to prevent me from making the problem even worse by trying to fix it myself.

The sun still came up each day.
The sun still came up each day.

I have to say, this is where my morning meditation practice saved the day.  Getting up each morning to meditate on those difficult three days allowed me to:

  • Be present with how I was feeling
  • Be in a reasonable level of acceptance around what had happened
  • Be open to however it was going to work out in the end

My intuition kept telling me all was well and that the website would be restored but gosh it was hard to let go and trust this would really happen.

So I’m on the air again with all my posts and most of the images intact and I’ve learnt a lot about trusting universe, feeling helpless and letting go of the past.  Ahh, the benefits of a tricky experience, they’re so much richer than the easy ones.

Now what I’d love for you all to do is to please sign up to this new version and you’ll receive the opportunity to listen whenever you’d like to a beautiful healing meditation I’ve recorded to help you reunite with your inner child.

If you’re already a subscriber to this blog, you will need to sign up again to receive the link to the meditation and to keep seeing blog posts.

Thanks for your support everyone.