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How to be a better energy custodian

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Are you a willing custodian of the energetic frequencies of your home, workplace and body?

This is how I’m the custodian of my home’s energy… Bergamot is wafting from the diffuser, the candle in the entrance is lit, the living room is tidy and there’s a freshly cut orange-becoming-apricot rosebud in a vase on the sideboard. The windows are open just enough to feel a soft breeze and to hear the sporadic calls of many birds…

There is a feeling of peace and softness.

We are also the custodians of our physical and energetic bodies – if the two could actually be separated. In truth, they’re really one body. But first, let’s look at the places we inhabit.

A room people love being in

In every moment of every day, no matter where we work, live or recreate, we have the power to make small, or sometimes significant differences to how these places feel.

Music, silence, fresh air, essential oils, chimes, tinkling water in a fountain or birdsong. Sunlight, artworks, plants, flowers, candles, colour and clear surfaces. The right combinations of these types of elements can make a room feel uplifting to be in. When we get it wrong, the result will be different for each person but the majority of us respond positively to a well decorated and energetically clear space: we feel welcomed, relaxed and happy to be there. It feels like a safe and nurturing sanctuary.

sunlight shining through a tree

Intention is the key

When we enter a home, shop or office where someone has lovingly thought about the energy of the place, it feels different. As soon as we create the intention that we would like a room to feel light, airy and calm, the process begins. We become aware of what must change, what might be moved, removed or added. A potted plant here, a table and lamp over there or perhaps more space, so we’ll remove a chair. Did I just rhyme? Anyway, it’s not about the latest design trends, it’s about how it feels.

We might do a daily cleansing of the room. Not cleaning, cleaning sucks, energy cleansing is much nicer.

A mist of space clearing spray, the burning of sage or incense, ringing around the room with a singing bowl or bell, opening doors and windows to let the air flow through or placing crystals around the space. It all has an impact and we can feel it when we pause and check-in consciously. But how about our own individual soul dwelling, our body?

Being the custodian of our body

The body I’m talking about here isn’t so much the physical one, it’s the energetic one. Our energy field is what we first greet the world with and it has the biggest impact on how we feel and how others feel in our presence.

When it comes to caring for our energy body, it all begins in the mind. What is the general tone of your thoughts? Are you creating a feeling of negativity in your energy field due to your troubling thought patterns? It’s easy to acknowledge this but quite difficult to change.

We become accustomed to negative thoughts because it’s often what we were trained to highlight as children. We absorbed ideas like, “not good enough” or “you got it wrong”. And then in some families, we didn’t hear any clear messages, be they good or bad, so we made our own minds up about how worthy we were of love and good experiences.

As adults, we get to change the soundtrack to suit our energetic desires. I want to feel peace in my heart and love for myself, so over the past fifteen years or so, I’ve trained myself to think thoughts that support those feelings. No more berating myself for minor mistakes, no more looking in the mirror and hating on what I see, no more silent put-downs, no more negative assumptions about my abilities.

We must create a similarly positive outlook about other people and life itself. We can begin with asserting that we exist in a benevolent universe and that all is working in our favour. But actually, just feeling good about ourselves is the one essential key for feeling good about life and creating the high vibrational frequency that we can enjoy and that others can benefit from being around.

Here’s an affirmation from Louise L. Hay that may help:

“In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete. It is safe for me to enlarge my viewpoint of life. I am far more than my personality – past, present, or future. I now recognise the magnificence of my being. I am willing to learn to love myself.”

So that’s the mental piece and to me, it’s the main focus. However, we can also treat ourselves to some energetic cleansing such as taking a walk in nature or a swim in the ocean, having an energy healing session, meditating, improving our nutrition, breathing deeply, dancing, doing yoga, listening to music or simply by drinking more water. These therapeutic measures are all no-brainers to me these days but I realise they all take awareness and time.

Are you prioritising your role as custodian of your energy? Would you like some help with boosting your sense of power and enthusiasm for this important life task?

I can help with a healing and intuitive counselling session. I’m available for Skype, telephone or in-person treatments each week. Simply click here to read more about my consultations.

Sending you love, Tricia

Meditation to Release the Past – Part 2

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Yesterday, another stage to the meditation I shared this week came to me, so I thought I would pass it on.

Once you have witnessed your bundle, ball or mass of past pain be transformed into pure light and released into the vast universe,  stand with your beloved spiritual supporters for a moment and watch as the light column dissolves and only the camp fire- sized pool of glowing light remains.  

Look around the group of beings and thank them for their assistance, knowing with all of your heart, that in this moment they are showering you with love in the form of this white light.  Then joyfully, dance, skip or run to the pool of light and step into its centre.  Hold your arms above your head and bathe, allow yourself to be infused with all of the loving light being offered to you now.  See your whole self glowing. Soak it all up and look to the heavens at the stars now shining brightly in the sky and give thanks to Spirit for this moment.

When you are ready, step out of the pool of light and beckon to one or two of your spiritual supporters to come over to you.  Take this moment to ask whomever or whatever appears near you, a question about something in your life you would like to receive guidance about.  If nothing specific comes to mind, simply ask the question: “What would you like me to know in this moment?”  Listen with your heart to what is said or shown to you.

Now see yourself thanking all of the wondrous beings as you begin to leave the forest clearing. Be back in your body lying down in the present moment.  Wiggle your fingers and toes and take some soft, deep breaths into your abdomen. Get up slowly and make sure your attention fully returns to the room you are in.

Haaah, we are so very blessed at this time.  

I’ve done this meditation a few times now.  Actually, it has felt more like I’ve been lead through it by a wiser part of me.  Each time, the mass of past stuff has taken a different shape, texture and colour and has come from different parts of my body. Very odd and interesting.  My health has improved vastly in a couple of days.

I have just been listening to Jo Dunning deliver some wonderful energy work on The Self Worth Summit.  Listen at no cost for the next 24 hours.  A wonderful hour of healing for everyone.

Enough for now, it’s past my bed time.

Love to all,