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Your sacral chakra needs you- two ways to help

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How well do your know your chakra system? You know there’s seven of them, starting at the base of your spine and reaching to the crown of your head right? But did you know that for all seven energy centres to be healthy and flowing with beneficial energy, it’s vital that the lower three are in good shape.

Now I’m not going to get too technical here and bring in lots of Sanskrit language about nadis, prana and kundalini. No, because if you’re anything like me, your eyes will glaze over and you’ll stop reading. All we’re going to focus on here is the beautiful qualities of the sacral chakra known as Svadhisthana or ‘dwelling place of the self’. Okay, I’ll stop it now. Let’s get into the juicy details…

Our sacral chakra is a beautiful swirling energy vortex located in our pelvic region. It’s stimulated and recharged by the colour orange and is deeply connected to the element of water. One of the ways I like to visualise sacral chakra energy is to imagine there’s a glass bowl of water sitting in my pelvis and there’s a bright orange light in the centre of it, radiating out of my body in all directions. How about trying it now? Just sit comfortably and place your left hand over your lower abdomen and create this visualisation: The bowl of water sitting in your pelvis glows strongly at the centre and softer at the edges with a vibrant orange hue, shimmering and swirling in its liquid form.

The qualities governed by the sacral are feminine by nature. After all, it encompasses the female reproductive organs and the womb where babies form and grow. It’s all about creativity, procreation, pleasure and softness.  Well softness but also immense strength and life-giving powers. When we have a healthy sacral chakra we’re in touch with our need for sensual and sexual pleasure, our emotions and our creative urges. We feel calmly grounded in our physical attractiveness, sexuality and fertility – both literally, in our capacity to create new life through pregnancy and figuratively through say, a work of art.

What I’m going to give you now is two simple techniques to open and revitalise your sacral chakra. They’re easy and your physical body will love the benefits they bring.

One involves dancing and one involves stretching: First, let’s dance. Put on some music and put your hands on your hips. Place your feet comfortably apart and bend your knees…rotate your hips in a circle one way and then the other. swing your hips from side to side in time with the music. Just keep doing that, then go freestyle.  Swing, sway, wiggle, shake, hula, whatever feels good. While you’re doing this, breathe deeply, feel into your entire pelvic region and notice what’s there.

You may feel some heat or tingling or not much at all. No judgement. Accept what ‘is’ and try again tomorrow. Just spending three minutes a day, the length of a song, in sensual hip movement is a sure-fire way to liven up your sacral space and get some creative juices flowing again.

Now for the stretch.This is all about opening into the outer hips because if you’re like me and do a lot of sitting in chairs, walking, cycling or running, your hips might be strong, but they may not be very flexible. Our whole hip and pelvic region, inside and out, plays an important role in our sacral chakra function. I’m a big fan of pigeon pose, either on the back or leaning over the bent leg. Simple grab a mat or find a soft carpet and move gently into one of these poses…

Once you’re in the pose, relax and breathe normally for a couple of minutes and then change sides. And here’s my disclaimer, I’m not a yoga teacher, so if you’re not already familiar with these poses from your own practice, wait until you do them in a yoga class before trying them on your own.

Finally, well, I didn’t want to mention it but there it is, staring us all in the face. Of course regular sex is wonderful for stimulating and freeing up sacral chakra energy. Orgasm is the ultimate sacral energiser. There, I said it. Reclaiming and honouring the sacral will open up your capacity to fully enjoy life and take full ownership of your immense creative potential.

Book a session with me and I’ll use my intuitive abilities to do a reading of your chakra health and help you to bring greater energy flow to the ones that aren’t all shiny and bright.

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Twenty-Nine Minutes to Self-Healing

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When we spend time in nature we heal ourselves in deep and lasting ways.  Sometimes all I need to do when I’m feeling off-balance, worried, or down-spirited is to go for a good long walk.

Some time last year I wrote a post on the seven healing elements in our natural world and how they connect with the energies of each of the seven chakras. Please feel free to click here if you’d like to read this article.

Now what I’d love to share with you this week is a guided process I recorded out in the bush near my home today. This meditation will provide you with wonderfully useful information about how nature heals us and will empower you to have a bigger role in your own healing and self-nurturing.  Enjoy the recording everyone.  Much love, Tricia

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How Nature Heals – Chakra By Chakra

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Last night, following our meditation session, one of the gorgeous women in the circle asked me to give my impression of the healing qualities of certain aspects of nature.  For a second I was stumped as to how to respond to such a profound question and then, being the avid seeker and talker I am, I began…

Correction, I took a breath, listened to my inner voice and began.

What was swiftly delivered to me was an understanding I’m pretty sure I’ve never come across before in such simple language.  I was shown that the seven primary energy centres in the body (the chakras), each correspond with distinct elements in our natural world and that each element offers specific healing qualities;

The Root or Base Chakra – The earth, rocks, tree roots and trunks, soil, sand and clay. When we need to feel safe, connected to Mother Earth, nurtured and secure, we may benefit from walking with bare feet on the earth, sitting on rocks and boulders, leaning against, hugging or touching large trees or sitting at the base of a tree and resting our spine and head up against the trunk.


The Sacral Chakra  – Bodies of water such as, rivers, streams, oceans, ponds, lakes and waterfalls.  When we need to replenish our pleasure in our creativity, sensuality and sexuality we could swim in the ocean, bathe in salt water, paddle in a stream or simply sit near flowing water and receive healing from its negative ions and the soothing sound it makes.

The Solar Plexus Chakra – The sun, fire and candle flames.  When we are seeking renewed strength of conviction in our personal path, who we are in the world or a boost in the power we have to make our dreams come to fruition, we might gaze peacefully into the focused energy of flames springing from a fire or candle, visualise a golden or violet flame burning strongly at our solar plexus chakra, create a ceremony or say a prayer to connect with the vast power of our sun or write down our dreams and burn the writing in a fire to symbolise creation via destruction of earthly illusions of control.

The Heart Chakra – All the plants and animals.  When we need to feel an expanded capacity for loving all, embracing all and knowing true oneness with all, we may benefit from being near animals and the plant kingdom. Being with a beloved animal companion, or taking time to observe the animals around us such as birds, reptiles and insects, acknowledgement equals connection. Nurturing or simply noticing the plants in our garden, touching the leaves and appreciating their miraculous beauty.

The Throat Chakra – The wind. If we are feeling a loss of confidence with expressing ourselves through talking, singing, chanting, crying or laughing and the throat feels restricted or tight we may need a wind cleanse.  On a windy day, go to an open field, the beach or a hilltop and walk through the wind. If you are suitably alone and  feel the urge to sing, shout, scream or laugh loudly, do it freely into the wind and allow your voice to be carried away and dispersed on the air. Breathe deeply and let the wind cleanse you.

The Third Eye Chakra – The night sky. When we are unsure about where we should be placing our attention, receiving our guidance or focusing our psychic powers, the night sky can give us clarity. Simply go outside in the evening and gaze up at the stars, speak to the moon, the planets that are often visible such as Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter and ask for their guidance, be open, give thanks for the existence of our vast galaxy and galaxies beyond and know that you have access to an immense source of  wisdom.

The Crown Chakra – Flowers.  Flowers are the crowning glory of the natural world and a symbol of simplicity and complexity bound together in one creative outpouring.  Holding a flower or visualising a flower –  particularly a rose or lotus blossom – and gazing into its petals, taking in its scent and admiring its perfection is a beautiful exercise in appreciating the ‘world within a world’ reality of our existence and our eternal connection to all living things.

Be fully present in the natural world each day and whatever you need will find you. Enjoy <3