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Seven Tips For Creating An Abundance Mindset

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Whatever way you look at it, abundance is a word that has become almost as baggage-laden as the words love, money and God.

Hmmm, I wonder. Are all these words somehow connected?

Because the truth is, we are all experiencing great abundance in our lives right this very minute.

For some it’s an abundance of health, wealth, fun, love, freedom and happiness.  For others it’s an abundance of sorrow, pain, lack, conflict and misery.  And then there’s the rest of us who hang around somewhere in the middle of the extremes and witness glimpses of all these qualities from day to day.

All that we experience is intimately connected with what we expect, what feels ‘normal’ and what we’ve been taught to believe about abundance, prosperity and plentiful supply.

So is it really as simple as those law of attraction proponents say?  Can we simply choose a better abundance experience and wish away the unpleasant bits?

In my experience, yes, well kind of.  For me it’s taken time and the shift has been incremental rather than overnight.

The important thing to remember here is that it’s not about what you have. it’s about how you feel about what you have.
Flowing free like the sea
Flowing free like the sea

Those who have the most don’t necessarily feel the most abundant. And although abundance isn’t just about material wealth, it’s one of the more tangible and obvious ways we get to experience it.

When we create an abundance mindset we begin treating all that we have and experience, love, money, health, creativity, laughter, everything, as though it’s in plentiful supply.  There’s plenty to go around, give away, share with others and receive back again.  Once you feel abundant and have faith in the flow of all good things in and out of your life, you can’t help but enjoy life more.

Here’s some tips for daily life to create an abundance mindset
  1. Keep the sugar bowl and salt and pepper grinders full and take pleasure in a well-stocked pantry and fruit bowl
  2. Bless your power, water and telephone bills in gratitude for the services you receive and for the trust the service providers are extending to you by billing you after you’ve received the goods
  3. Regularly clear out and give away unwanted clothing and household items
  4. Spend some money now and again on things that add beauty to your home or make you feel prosperous such as candles, flowers, little ornaments, books, photo frames, cushions…
  5. Ease up on searching for bargains, sale items and specials in the supermarket (people with abundance mindsets know they’ll always have enough money to buy what they need).
  6. Choose a charitable cause that inspires you and give regularly. Giving from the heart expands our capacity for love and if money is the same as love then…:)
  7. Do something that’s fun, nurturing or pleasurable for yourself every day. This cultivates self-love and reminds us we are all we need

When you play in the awareness of abundance in all things, little by little your experience of abundance in all life areas will expand and feelings of lack will fade into distant memory.

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Much love, Tricia

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