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Settling Into What’s True

Posted in Live From Intuition, and Trust The Universe

What once was hidden is now revealed.

So much has come to the surface to be sorted, reviewed, re-filed and re-leased.

The planetary influences of Mercury in retrograde during February along with Venus being absent from our night sky for around six weeks has supported much soul-searching, truth-seeing and bulls**t-dumping for us all.

The new moon on Friday saw many of us reach a culmination or end-of-process point where clarity was achieved and the pathway forward was revealed. Well, not so much revealed in full, but your next step may have been hinted at. And in the early hours of Thursday morning, Venus rose triumphantly in the east, righting our sense of balance around love and money.

There was a very strong quality of metaphorical death and re-birth around this particular new moon.  I felt it intensely all last week.  How did you fare?

The pace of change on offer may be feeling kind of hard to keep up with, particularly when ‘normal’ life must go on.  Although, seeing this pretty sunset last night while dinner preparations were underway, was a lovely moment of flow for me.  I saw the clouds forming before the sun dipped below the trees and I said: “It’s going to be a lovely sunset tonight.”

A few moments later I left the salad beginnings on the chopping board and went outside on the balcony to take a look.

last night's sunset take one...
last night’s sunset take one…

About ten minutes later while standing at the kitchen sink washing some dishes I saw that the sunset had changed from golden orange to hot pink and rushed outside to capture it.

sunset take two
sunset take two

This simple sunset got me thinking.  Change is occurring all around us in our natural world in every moment of every day and yet we often resist change when it happens in a human-shaped way.

Trees grow, leaves go brown and fall from the branch, insects hatch, a kookaburra – in view of my desk – swoops to the ground to snare a lizard, a kangaroo hit by a car lies dead on the roadside.  Life, death, birth, ageing, illness, decay, pro-creation, it’s all happening all the time, right under our noses.

What’s true for me now, more than ever before, is that my ability to deceive myself about what actually matters in my life, what is working, what is good, what could be better and how much I am responsible for creating my reality, has dropped away and died.  That’s a good thing because to live in illusion or is it delusion, about one’s life is to miss out on being present and aware of the life happening all around us and within us as well.

The sunset of last night has passed and will never be again.  I’m glad that I paused to take it in and say “Aaah”.

If you want to see a thing of beauty, get up early tomorrow morning, around 5.00am.  Look to the east and witness the beauty of bright sparkly Venus rising to shine briefly before being upstaged by the sun just an hour or so later. A little miracle of life to be enjoyed and savoured.


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  1. Bree Omodei
    Bree Omodei

    Feels very relevant, will be there tomorrow for meditation, thanks

    Bree xx

    March 4, 2014

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