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Revel In The Process

Posted in Live Your Passions, and Trust The Universe

I’m feeling a big recalibration happening inside me right now. It feels to me like we are in the midst of the dawning of a new age for humanity and yet…. There is clearly still a lot of dross to be burned, scum to be skimmed from the surface and dust to settle before we see the sparkling jewel beneath. Whatever metaphor you use, we are and perhaps always will be, in a process. For me, the shift is allowing me to feel a deeper, more consistent enjoyment of life. I am finding myself noticing how good things are, how fortunate I am and how far my family and I have come in our journey to create our ‘good life’. And then there are moments when I find myself still wondering, what’s next? The process is what we are here to experience. ¬†There is no single ultimate destination, but many. So although uncertainty and indecision about one’s life direction can feel scary and frustrating, it’s only natural. In fact, having it all 100% sorted is the opposite of what we have come here to do. Each one of us is the sparkling jewel. ¬†All unique and yet all connected by the divine light shining within. Be who you are Be love BeIMG_7528

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