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Relax Into Your Magnificence

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

Do you feel there is a great magnificence dwelling within you that’s just waiting for the right moment to emerge and transform your life?

Can you feel it just a teensy tiny bit?

Well even if you don’t feel it at all right now, I’m here to be your supporter and assure you, it’s there, it’s there as sure as your breath is moving in and out of you at this very moment.

Nature knows it's magnificent
Nature knows it’s magnificent

I used to wonder if there was more to me than I was feeling.

Back when I was thirty, before I became a mother, I had this really narrowly defined sense of who I was, what I liked, what I was good at and who my friends were.

It was narrow because the world made me anxious and the tighter my boundaries of good and bad, right and wrong, the easier if felt to manage all the unpredictability life had a habit of throwing my way.

But guess what?  It didn’t make me happy and it didn’t really give me any greater control over my life than anybody else.  It limited my capacity to grow, to love, learn and to appreciate what I had and who I was.

Becoming a mother was to my great surprise the event in my life that destoyed the neat and tidy illusion of who I was and cracked me open to the shocking discovery that my tiny (even though quite clever), mind had very little power to shield me from the experiences life was desperately trying to hand me for my own good.

A traumatic birth experience was precisely what I needed to shatter all my carefully constructed defenses and show me how vulnerable we all truly are when it comes to birthing and mothering the little people whom we call our children.

Since then – that was twelve and a half years ago – I’ve changed.  I’ve been on a quest to explore what lies beneath mine and many other’s carefully constructed facades to uncover the real magnificence within us all.  And it’s true, you do need to do some deep excavations in order to understand what you’ve created to help you manage in the world before you can endeavour to undo it all.  It needs to happen gently and slowly so that a gradual transition is achieved rather than an earth-shattering collapse and reconstruction.

It’s more about easing or relaxing into ourselves than it is forcing or pushing ourselves to change.

What’s happened for me is I’ve gotten to know and love myself ever so thoroughly and ever so much more than I did a decade ago.  And what that’s brought me is; better relationships, a working life that inspires and excites me, a healthy body and balanced emotions and a lifestyle with my family that brings me all the things I really value every day.

And how did I do it?  Well I won’t give you a list of everything I did because that would entail a very long article.  Some of it was; reading inspiring spiritual and self-help books, having healing sessions, journaling, meditating, doing yoga, being out in nature and talking with dear and inspiring friends.  My work and creative outlets like blogging, the writing of my book (to be published later this year), running a local meditation circle, seeing clients, photographing nature and the occasional dabble in drawing all played very important roles too.

As my business begins to expand in the coming months I can’t wait to see how much more heart-opening and magnificence-revealing moments I get to witness.

If you’d like to learn more about what I’m talking about here, have a read of this and then contact me for a chat or to make your session booking.  Click here to find out more.

Enjoy your day dear ones, Tricia <3

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