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Ready….and Waiting

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I’ve been learning about waiting.

Waiting is not easy for me.  I like decisions made, goals set, plans laid out and action taken.

I’m realising though, that some things just can’t be rushed. The changes deep within me, the inspirations and the ideas are coming thick and fast and I’m not sure what to grab hold of and what to let float on by.


But when I feel like giving up and becoming stagnant, rooted the ground like this magnificent tree, I realise that people really aren’t like trees.

We can’t just stop developing, changing and growing because it’s all feeling too hard.  Life happens, other people make decisions that affect us and we experience that inner longing to BE MORE.

I’m finding myself very focussed on clarifying who I am in the work I do helping others. I’m ready to make the next leap into…I don’t know.

Well, I do sort of know, I’m getting glimpses, flashes and tiny specks of clarity.  I guess I’m not ready to share anything concrete until it feels more solid and real for me.

I wanted to share this process though because it’s not easy, it’s messy, confusing and somewhat convoluted.  But that’s life for a lot of us right now and doesn’t it feel better knowing that someone else is going through it too.

I hope at least one of you is going through it too?

By the way, trees can help us immensely.  They can balance our emotions and ground us like no other living thing. Just being in the presence of, touching, even leaning against (dare I say hugging?) a tree is so therapeutic.  Look at the tree in the photo, breathe in and feel its strength and stability.

We can’t be like trees, but they are one of Mother Earth’s many precious gifts to help us along our path.

Something else that supports and soothes me greatly in times of uncertainty is my meditation practice.  Deva Premal and Miten are currently offering access to their 21 day mantra meditation journey.  Mantra singing or chanting is a wonderful way to bring focus and sacredness to your meditation practice.

Finally, as astrology guru, Kaypacha said in an interview with Beth Martens recently, “Time is the test of desire”.  When we have a strong desire to create a deeper, more meaningful life for ourselves and that life represent an extreme departure from the path we originally set out on, (especially when it is at odds with our family background and the conditioning we received), it seems we will be tested.  The path will sometimes feel rocky and barriers will come out of nowhere to stymie our progress.

It can feel like we are being asked; “Is this what you really want? Are you sure? Can you bounce back from a few setbacks? Do you still want it now?”

Breaking free from the old, and embracing our wholeness as innocent, pure beings of light is worth the struggle.  I know that much.

Blessings of patience and love


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