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Chocolate Birthday Cake for Morning Tea

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This week I have been gifted with some amazing clarity on how important mothers really are in the role they play in the raising of their children and running a household.  I guess I sort of knew this before, but I can now see how I failed to fully grasp it.

For me this raises the question, if we as mothers (using me as a prime example) are not really valuing what we do, then how can we expect others to support this belief?

At my yoga class this week I tuned into my aching right hip and asked what I need to do to support it to feel good and healthy.  The answer I got was to slow down.  This really surprised me because I already think my life is fairly relaxed and calm.  What I am slowly realising is that because I don’t count the housework, shopping, cooking and child transporting as ‘productive activities’, I am rushing to do all the things I feel are more worthwhile in between these tasks and I am actually feeling under pressure to meet my own unrealistic expectations.

This is really quite funny because this is a topic I have written about in my book and yet I still don’t get it.  I love being creative and serving others through my work but I have to admit I don’t acknowledge myself for what I do as a housekeeper and mother nearly as much as when I am earning actual money or making progress with my writing.  What sort of a world were we post-feminist era girls raised in?


The Philotheca Essence is wonderful for enhancing our ability to feel and receive acknowledgment for what we do and who we are.  It also allows us to accept praise graciously.

Whether we work full-time, part-time or do no paid work at all, mothers are amazing for how we juggle all the jobs that must be done to keep a house functioning smoothly, look after our children and get them to school on time every day, play with our children and talk to them, support our friends and wider family, be loving partners, etc, etc, etc…

I love my role and the freedom and flexibility I have in the working week but perhaps it’s time to be a little kinder to myself when I vacuum the living room and hang a load of washing.  I started this new practice this morning by having some of Harry’s birthday cake from yesterday and a cup of tea once my cleaning effort was done.

Did you do something nice for yourself today?

Love and appreciation to you all


Seagulls Have No Manners

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Hello everyone.  It’s true, seagulls have absolutely no manners.  I heard a little boy say this as I walked along the beach this week the day my kids went back to school.  He and his friends were throwing some food to the seagulls and as seagulls do, they were squawking and fighting each other for the food.

This innocent little comment stuck in my head and got me thinking.  I guess one of the big differences between humans and the animal kingdom is our preoccupation with manners.  However, any parent will attest to the fact that manners don’t come naturally to us either.  I am still reminding my two school aged children to say please and thank-you on a regular basis.  The so-called socialisation of our children is a complex and seemingly unending job for many parents I know.

What bugs me a little about this constant censoring and shaping of our children’s behaviour as they grow, is how much we are preventing them from speaking from their hearts and being truthful about how they feel?  And then as adults where do we draw the line between having good manners and being honest with ourselves and those around us?

I am a conflict avoider from way back but I can think of a few situations I have found myself in where the little white lie told in the name of not offending another person, really weighed heavily on me and ended up having repercussions further down the track.  Living from a place of truthful expression of who you are may come at a social cost if you over do it or are insensitive, but at what cost do impeccable manners come?

Just a thought.

Love and Blessings,


The Return of the Feminine

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Thank goodness the feeling has passed.  I am feeling more settled and calm now, but all this week I have been feeling restless, impatient and uncertain about what the future holds for me and my family.  I have been feeling like we are on the brink of a big change of some sort.  A good change, an adventure, a new beginning, a life more aligned with our dreams and values?  Who knows, for once in my life I am coping better with not knowing.

One of my biggest learnings for this lifetime is to release control and to trust that all will unfold for my highest good.  It’s so hard though for a Virgo with lots of number 8 energy in her birth chart!  How do you deal with uncertainty?  In the last two days, two other women I know have shared with me their feelings of restless expectation and yearning to know what’s around the corner.  I guess there aren’t too many of us who feel completely calm in the face of a future not clearly mapped out.

Now that I receive lots of intuitive guidance in the form of feelings, hunches, serendipitous meetings and even sometimes words and images, I have the benefit of getting more hints about my path ahead than ever before.  The trouble for me is that my life feels a lot less in my control and the pace of change is speeding up.  We are all evolving energetically and spiritually faster than ever before, so the plans I made last month seem suddenly in danger of fading into the background to be replaced by what?  Thankfully I have faith that all will be revealed in Divinely right time.

Working with a client this morning I received information that because there is currently a transformation taking place on Earth where feminine energy is returning more strongly to balance the masculine energy that has been dominating our planet for a couple of thousand years, that many women (OK, some men too) will be feeling an increase in their intuitive,  nurturing and creative powers.  This may feel a little destabilizing or overwhelming at first, but if we are able to sit with this new energy until it is integrated into our beings, rather than rush to take action, we will be able to see more clearly how we can use this new emphasis to transform our lives for the better.

This feels to me like an explanation for the way I and others around me have been feeling lately.  I’d love to hear if any of you have experienced these sensations too.  Here is an article on this if you would like to read more: The Rising Feminine

Enjoy the transformative influence of the new moon on Tuesday next week.   Soak it up and remember, all is well.

Heart opening blessings,


Change and Renewal

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Good morning on Good Friday.  I woke up really early this morning and began composing this article in my head so I thought I might as well get up and create it for real.  For me Easter is a time of reflection, renewal and rebirth.  The feeling I have at Easter reminds me of the energy a new year brings.  Although we are in Autumn in the southern hemisphere instead of Spring, the time traditionally associated with new beginnings and fresh starts, I can feel this sort of energy buzzing all around me at the moment.  The Autumn flowering eucalyptus trees are doing their bit with their festive looking pink blossoms mimicking Spring so beautifully.  One of my favourite Australian flowers, the Silver Princess (gorgeous name too)  is blooming at the moment.  The Silver Princess Essence supports us with feeling more certainty about our life purpose and helps us to have the motivation to take the first steps on that new pathway.

Alongside all the devastation and upheaval happening on our Earth, both natural and political, I am noticing many relationships around me are going through similar changes.  It feels to me that ready or not, facades are dropping away and people are feeling compelled to speak their truth and to take personal responsibility for changing their lives for the better.   My husband, Rhys and I have been through our fair share of ups and downs in our 16 year long relationship and recently have had to face the sobering reality that a handful of the couples we have known for many years are going through significant upheavals, some resulting in separation.  Of course we feel great compassion for our friends and a little sadness for the changes their partings will mean for our friendships with them.  No longer a couple but two individual people for us to visit and phone.

One positive result of these revelations for us though, has been the opportunity to sit down together and talk openly and honestly about our own relationship and our feelings for one another.   It has also prompted me to share more openly with these friends some of the trials and challenges Rhys and I have needed to work through in recent years. When a friend opens their heart and reveals information that had previously been held as a closely guarded secret, we can’t help but soften our defences and reveal more of ourselves to them.  When we feel safe and supported, it is human nature to match intimacy with intimacy.  I believe that sharing more openly with one another in this way serves to strengthen the bonds of friendship and exposes us all to the reality that life as a modern couple is sometimes difficult.

The Red Suva Frangipani Essence helps us to cope with significant relationship change and upheaval.  It brings a comforting and supportive energy to soothe the fear and panic that can so easily set in when momentous shifts are happening in our lives.

Sometimes it’s only when everything feels torn apart and upside down that our true self is able to emerge.  Renewal and rejuvenation is not always comfortable but always worth it in the end.

Love and compassion,


Coming Down to Earth

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What I have been learning about this week is settling back into myself and feeling more firmly grounded in the present. For a couple of weeks I have been making plans for running some courses in Australian Bush Flower Essences for the general public in the second half of this year.  And oh boy have I taken myself on a magical ride of what-ifs, maybes and if onlys.  Being a perfectionist from way back and an over-analyser to boot, I have gotten myself all tied up in knots over venue choices, course format, times and dates.  I have also gone from organising one community-based Bush Essence Course in Fremantle, to running three in different parts of the state complete with introductory talks in each location six weeks before the courses commence.  Now, I still believe that all this is possible, but I feel I may have put the cart before the horse since I haven’t even fully learned the course material yet (there’s that perfectionist).

I suppose what is at the root of all this indecision, procrastination, or if you like, paralysis by analysis, is a degree of anxiety about stepping into this new role.  I have absolute confidence in my ability to talk knowledgeably about the Bush Essences, it’s all the unknown variables that trip me up.  How many people will book in?  What sort of people will they be?  How will they like the course?  Will they like me?  Now I realise this is all just part of the new adventure I am embarking upon and perhaps I just need to remember to trust that all will be well.  But even when making what should be a straightforward choice between a venue with a great natural outlook or built in audio-visual equipment I am stumped.

It is said these days that a great source of anxiety in modern life is too much choice.  For example, if I lived in a small town where the only course venue available was the local town hall, then that would be simple, I would just go ahead and book it.  We find ourselves in many situations these days where we are offered a staggering array of choice from selecting a packet of biscuits or breakfast cereal in the supermarket, to choosing a phone plan or internet service provider.  It’s exhausting!

The tiny white flower featured in the photo above is the Sundew.  The Sundew Essence helps us to feel more grounded and able to focus on the present moment.  It is perfect for times when we are feeling overwhelmed by choice and prone to procrastination and daydreaming rather than taking action ( I just went and took some).

Since I now make all my choices using intuitive guidance, this really shouldn’t be such a big deal.  I think I just need to slow down a little and take one step at a time, knowing I have people and spiritual support around me to pull it all together.  Getting carried away with the endless possibilities doesn’t always serve us in creating something that reflects our own true essence.   It all comes back to knowing that I am enough.  You are enough too.



Simply Elegant Healing

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Well it seems our long hot summer in Perth has finally broken.  Today is rainy, windy and much cooler than the 34 degrees we had two days ago.  It’s almost one year since we moved into our current home and I’m not sure what it is about anniversaries, but over the past few days, memories of our old house and feelings of sadness about leaving it have emerged.  This feels a little odd because I’ve hardly felt sad at all since making the move last year.  I guess I am experiencing that strong unconscious link to the time of year a significant event has happened that connects us quite viscerally to memories of it.  Perhaps when there has been a feeling of loss this enables our inner being to process the grief and sadness in yearly cycles, allowing us to acknowledge the feelings that still remain little by little, rather than all in one overwhelming outpouring.

Yesterday I listened to yet another wonderful web-seminar by the team at Healing with the Masters and received what certainly felt like an instant healing.  Jennifer McLean was interviewing a woman named Jacqueline Joy who spent more than 20 years developing an energy healing technology that works absolute wonders and can be received via a visualisation meditation or by going to her website, Diamond Alignment and playing the free Diamond Alignment Activation.  I won’t try to describe what it is or how it works, you can read about it on her site if you are interested.  I am mentioning it today because two days ago I was suffering from the effects of what was probably a virus.  I had a fever, no appetite, was lethargic and weak.  Yesterday morning I felt a little better but was moving much more slowly than usual.  At around 11.00am I sat down to listen to the interview and receive the energy transmission that accompanies it (don’t ask, I hardly know how to explain it myself but in the world of energy healing, it’s certainly possible).   Jacqueline also led a guided meditation at the end of the session.  Put simply, as soon as I had completed the meditation I felt a lot better, I then had lunch and did one of Ian White‘s guided meditations from a CD I have.  By the end of the day I was feeling better than ever and proceeded to cook a roast dinner, deliver Harry to footy training and pick him up and attend a fundraising meeting with parents from the children’s school in the evening.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a rapid recovery before.

My only qualification on this, is that I have been receiving energy healing in the form of kinesiology, Australian Bush Flower Essences, sessions with the healer I currently see and a few energy transmissions from speakers like Jo Dunning, Jacqueline Joy and Sonia Choquette over many years.  Also, when I work with the energy of the people who come to see me, I get energetic clearings while helping them.  So, I guess you could say, I am, tuned in to this sort of healing and my inner being welcomes it with open arms.  For those of you new to these ideas, the effect may not be as instant or dramatic but it also could be too.  The wonderful thing about these new forms of energy work is that anyone can benefit from them.  Having an open mind and heart helps, but neither are essential.

Happy healing



Just Sing!

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My aim with this post is to keep it a lot shorter.  Let’s see how that goes…My holiday themed year continued last weekend when we traveled to Margaret River to spend time with two gorgeous families who have made the shift from Perth to the country.  Here is a snap of April with her friends climbing on rocks at Gracetown Beach.

This week I went along to a wonderful evening of community song with composer and singer Chris James.  I have a couple of his CDs of inspirational and healing music which I use to create a peaceful energy in our home and also to play while I am seeing people for energy balancing and flower essence consultations.  On Tuesday night we all (over 100) crowded into a hot and stuffy hall in North Fremantle and then after only a few minutes of guidance from Chris, proceeded to sing in perfect tune with one another.  This felt amazing and sublimely sacred.  I shed a few tears of joy and gratitude and then proceeded to soak it in as fully as I could.  It felt to me and perhaps to many of my fellow singers that the time has truly come for us to join together as humans on this planet and see how we are the same.  Hearing how we were able so quickly and effortlessly to harmonise with one another was so uplifting.  I see it as a metaphor for our world. From his loving intention to help people find their natural singing voice, Chris James creates little communities of harmony, peace and joy.  What an inspiring way to live!

So, when in doubt, take in some soft, gentle breaths and sing from your heart.  It’ll make you happy!

Good day to you all.

Love and musical blessings


Keep Your Mind Open to Get the Good Stuff

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Hello everyone.  Thanks for spending this time reading my message for today.  This week I have been learning – quicker and more thoroughly than usual – the value of rest and recuperation.  I have had a busy time over the last four weeks or so meeting three or four new clients each week.  This has been wonderful and I have noticed an acceleration in the development of my intuitive skills and spiritual awareness over this period.  The week away in Rottnest was a lovely break, but being away from home and out of my usual routine is a little stressful for me and often puts me out of balance physically.  I clearly still need to learn a lot more about letting go and relaxing when on holiday.  Towards the end of our trip my itchy eyes problem flared up again and I have spent the last six days calmly trying to remedy it and understand from a mind/body perspective what triggers this reaction.

Asking for information about this in meditation gave me some clues but it didn’t feel like the whole picture.  Yet again my inquiring mind got the better of me as I tried to place the messages I received in meditation into the framework I had already formed in my mind.  It all became much clearer to me yesterday morning and I devoted my day to being outside in the fresh air, doing my first yoga class in three months and having a long meditation session.  Today my eyes are much improved and hopefully I will wake up tomorrow morning minus the bags and extra wrinkles.

Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, as it prevents us from seeing each day, person and event with fresh eyes.   How often do you find that you have made up your mind about a particular issue only minutes or even seconds after it has come into your awareness?  I feel it is a natural part of human nature to make sense of and categorize information as quickly as possible, as this makes us feel safe and secure.  Once we ‘know’ how we feel or think about a person, idea or situation we seem to make a choice to either engage with it or reject it.  Engaging usually results in us feeling emotions like empathy, sympathy, compassion, love, admiration and enthusiasm.  When we reject a person, idea or event by judging them as wrong or bad we are separating ourselves from them and effectively saying, “this is not me and I can not identify with it/him/her”.  My message for today is that we are all everyone and everything. Inside each of us there is the potential for every emotion, thought and behaviour that any human being has ever displayed.  This is important because when we feel love, acceptance and compassion for others on this planet we raise our own and the planet’s capacity to feel love and peace.  We are all connected and can all support one another to live better lives.

The Australian Bush Flower Essence for prejudice and judgement without prior experience is  Freshwater Mangrove Essence .  The Bush Essence for increasing our understanding that we are all one and that we are all supported by universal love is Sydney Rose.  Feel free to click through to the website to learn more.

Love to you all


Full Moon Reinvention and Renewal

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Happy full moon!  I hope you all saw it last night, so mesmerisingly beautiful.  Before I go on though, my apologies for the lateness of this blog.  We were at Rottnest Island for a family holiday last week and I missed my usual Thursday blog session.  We had a lovely relaxing break with some great friends and all our children.  Much swimming, cycling, reading, laughing and eating was done and we are now making the adjustment back to normal life.

Harry in quiet repose at sunset on Rotto

During our holiday I finished reading Eat, Pray, Love. I think I was probably the last woman aged between 30 and 50 in the developed world to have read it but I feel everything happens in perfect time.   I loved this book and took a lot of comfort from Elizabeth Gilbert’s starkly honest portrayal of her travails, both geographical and emotional.  I took comfort because the book I have written (although yet to be completed or published) about my life as a new mother facing the challenge of reinventing myself to live a life that reflects who I truly am, has meant sharing some pretty brutal facts about who I was, in order to flesh out the changes I have been through.  What I love about the process of revealing oneself in the written form though, is knowing that the less perfect we are, the better others can relate to us and connect to our story.  I have found this again and again in the massive array of self-help and spiritual books I have read in the last 20 years.  When authors such as the inspiring Miranda Holden, share the essential human-ness of themselves by describing the low points in their lives, as well as how they recovered and moved forward, we as readers can offer our silent compassion and feel a connection to this person though their pain.  Let’s face it, we’ve all got stories.

One of the personal development tools I have used over the years is journal writing.  There are many ways of keeping a journal.  Most people do it sporadically, when they are going through a difficult time or during a wonderful time such as on a holiday.  Another approach to take, and one recommended by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way (click to go to her website), is to use journal writing as a gradual process of uncovering one’s true self.  Julia recommends writing three pages upon waking every morning, preferably for months at a time.  Her approach is based on the concept that the first two pages are filled with the ego-based nonsense that keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns of self-doubt and self-defeating behaviours.  It is in the third page of writing that the conscious mind, having vented all the pain and frustration held there, relaxes and the soul gets to have its voice.  I did this for only a short time (I’m sorry to admit) when I first read this book about five years ago, and found it very useful.  This practice inspired me to enrol in my first creative writing course and I have been enjoying writing on and off ever since.

The times of the full and new moons are a wonderful opportunity to begin a new practice or let go of an old habit.  I’m feeling that it’s time for me to reinstate this ritual in my morning routine.

Happy writing and reading,






The Benefits of Heart-Felt Living

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Hello!  It’s good to be back home from my little sojourn in rainy Noosa.  The course was really worthwhile and I met some amazing and lovely women.  So much fun for me to be in a room with so many like-minded souls who don’t bat an eye if you tell them one of your spirit guides was with you in meditation that morning.  Heavens, that sort of information is quite pedestrian.  The teacher asked for a show of hands to establish how many people in the group can see auras and around a third of the class indicated in the affirmative.  I am really excited about these sorts of skills and loved hearing the channeled information some of the women received in our group meditations.  Lots of fun.

The decision to spend the money to travel to Noosa from Perth to do this course brought up some conflicting feelings in me.  My ever-supportive husband said, “if you want to go, go”.   And at first it felt like a no-brainer.  After all, I have had the intuitive knowledge that I would become a Bush Essence teacher for 18 months.  But then my logical, over-analytical mind kicked in with messages like, “well, you know you haven’t been earning any money lately, how can you justify this spending?” and “do you really have what it takes to promote yourself and deliver these courses?”.  Hmm, does your mind sometimes do this to you?  Even though I live mainly by following my intuition these days, old habits are very hard to break, and when I am under stress (did I mention I’m a nervous traveller?), the shy, cautious, wall-flower in me tries to pull me back into line.  I am so very glad I overcame this limiting voice inside me, because  as soon as I settled into the training room with my fellow students last Friday morning, I felt a sense of belonging and my heart said, “YES! These are my people!”

This week has been a very busy week, getting back into mum mode and seeing more new clients.  Ha! My income is growing every week now.  Finally, it feels like my four year apprenticeship is over and I can truly step into my power to be of service to others.   It is a wonderful feeling to be aware that you are aligned with your true purpose in this lifetime and to have the freedom to live it.  I feel so very grateful.

Tuning into your intuition can be as simple as sitting quietly with your breath.  Take some deep breaths down into your tummy and gently tell yourself to “let go, let go, let go”.  This takes some practice, but once you are familiar with your body and your breath, you will experience distinctly different feelings in your body when you contemplate certain decisions you would like to make.  For most of us there is a particular area in the body we could describe as our feeling centre.  For some it is around the heart, it could also be beneath the ribs in the solar plexus or down in our lower abdomen.  When you are connected to your feeling centre, it will let you know by a tensing or relaxing of muscles in that region, how you really feel about any topic you care to think about.  Give it a try, it’s sometimes a scary way to live but ultimately more rewarding than being slaves to our pre-programmed minds.

The Bluebell Essence is a wonderful heart-opening and expanding flower essence and is a stunning flower too!

Love and learning