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Out Of My Mind

Posted in Trust The Universe

I’ve been playing hard at following my inner guidance these past few weeks.  For me this means getting out of my mind and listening to my heart.

Last week I did something pretty out of character and scary and yet, I felt safe because the guidance I received in that moment was so strong, it was as though I had no choice.

I guess you could call it a leap of faith.  Putting into action my conviction that all is happening for my highest good, which means I can put every ounce of my trust into my gut feelings and intuitive messages.

Well, maybe not a leap in this case.  It was more a death-defying, gut-clenching, drop into the abyss.

Against all previous programming, patterns and my essential true nature I took a ride on a brand-new, state of the art roller coaster at our state’s biggest fun park.

It’s called The Abyss.

Here it is!
Here it is!

Now just recall if you will, this is me.  The person whose favourite past-times are meditation, bush-walking and gentle yoga.

So why did I do it?  Well, a certain, almost nine year-old little girl who accompanied our family to the park was busting to get on that ride and we weren’t going to let her go alone.  I spent the first hour or so saying; “no way, no chance in hell am I getting on that thing”.  And then something odd happened.  I tuned in and listened to my inner self and I heard the message, “You are going on the roller coaster, it’s a good thing for you to do”.

So, without questioning this feeling too much I said to our little friend, “let’s do it, I’m coming on it with you”. She was thrilled and I wasn’t even that worried.  Nor did I break into even the tiniest sweat as we queued for 30 minutes, slowly climbing the gigantic tower from which we were about to drop in a fraction of a second and then climb another vertical incline twice this height and drop again….you get the picture.

Anyway, it was all over in thirty seconds and I completely hated every one of those seconds.  I closed my eyes as we made the first g-force laden plummet and didn’t open them again until we came to our resting place back at the start.  As we departed our capsule of terror, my legs were wobbly, my stomach queased and… I was alive, relieved it was over and quietly pleased I had listened to guidance and accepted the challenge.

The whole point to this experience will probably remain a mystery to me but there is some sense I can make of the whole episode.  I didn’t know why it was a good idea for me to take this ride but I trusted Spirit and just did it.  I knew I would be okay at the end and that there was actually nothing to fear.

The reality was, I found it incredibly unpleasant and terrifying and yet I’m willing to be at peace with this because it felt right at the time.

When we choose the path of following inner guidance or if you like, guidance from Spirit/God/universe/our guides and supporters etc…we can’t pick and choose what we respond to, it’s either all or nothing.

Well, I guess we can, but if we want to live a life that is absolutely in alignment with our soul’s purpose and mission here on planet Earth, then the ride is actually much smoother when we strap ourselves in in complete trust and surrender and simply let it flow.

This doesn’t mean it will all be fun and easy (my roller-coaster ride was a great example of the opposite of that), but in my recent experience it makes life more of an adventure and frees you up to receive what you most need in every moment.

I still feel like a novice at living like this but it does feel better than my previous pattern of keeping one foot in my logical mind and over-riding my gut when it challenged me too much.

I wonder what I’ll do next? 🙂

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  1. Beverley Woods
    Beverley Woods

    Great blog – MUM

    January 25, 2014
  2. Oh my god! I could never do something like that — I have a pathological fear of heights — so I’m at my house right now giving you a cyber-bow. Well done!

    January 25, 2014

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