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Opening Up To Uncertainty

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Bottlebrush in Fremantle

Gosh it’s feeling really messy being me at the moment.  I feel like giving myself a good shake all over like a wet dog and shedding all the pesky little tasks, concerns and hassles I can feel coating my being like a layer of sticky-notes.  Perhaps I should just do the sensible thing and start writing some lists.  My good friend Virginia is a list maker and swears by their usefulness.

The kids and I went to Dunsborough this week to take a look at the one and only rental property that seems to be suitable for us there at the moment.  It was a little depressing but then we don’t want to pay a high rent just to live in a glamorous abode when a modest one will do just fine.

So many tiny little decisions to make at the moment.  As usual I am trying to remain philosophical about the house we end up renting since my belief is that we are always in the right place and even when it feels foreign or even wrong, there is a bigger picture from which we are benefitting.

So, as I struggle to rid myself of my preconceived ideas about the type of house and area we had hoped to live in, a part of me remains curious and open-minded about what the Universe has in store for us on this next step of our journey.

Looking around my bedroom now I can see an almost full box of packing, clothes and bedding on the floor and a carpet that desperately needs a vacuum.  Life feels a little chaotic and out of control.  It feels like an achievement just to have washed hair, shaved legs and clean clothes on this morning.

Although don’t get me wrong.  I am very very excited about our move and I have heaps of energy to get everything done, I just need to slow down and tackle one thing at a time.

Yesterday I watched a very soothing message from Lee Harris about what 2012 offers for humanity that functioned as a meditation and brought me great comfort.  It was sent to me by Patricia Cota-Robles. Click here to watch.

Another lovely New Year flower essence to take is the Bottlebrush Essence.  This essence is particularly helpful for those of us moving into new life stages.  It helps with feelings of overwhelm and has a cleansing effect on the  intestines.  In an astrological review of 2012 on Healing with the Masters, Predictions Week, Elizabeth Jones shared that this year has the themes of mindfulness, discernment, taking action and looking after one’s physical well-being.  Very interesting.

Must get that vacuum cleaner out.

Love and blessings,


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  1. Virginia

    Lists are good 😉 xx

    January 9, 2012

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