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Guidance and Healing

Meet with me online or in-person in Dunsborough

If you’d like to change careers, cultivate your spirituality, address relationship glitches, improve your self-esteem and confidence, ease anxiety or develop your intuition, I’d love to help. Click here to read more…

Micro Readings

I’ll write you a letter from your guides

Feeling as though your foundations are shaky, or perhaps change is on the horizon but you’re filled with uncertainty? Tell me your troubles and I’ll send you a channeled message of love and guidance to help you move forward with more confidence and clarity. This service is on a break for a short while. It will be back in late 2019.

Custom Flower Essence Blends

A unique range of intuitively created flower essences to support you

In my range at the moment is the Mums’ Transition Essence and COMING SOON, Year End Stress Relief Essence. Click here to learn more …

Retreats and Circles

Join me for a day retreat in Yallingup in November

Join me for a day to reflect on all you’ve experienced in 2019 and what you’d like to create in 2020. Learn about the BIG astrological happenings in 2020 and how you can make good use of them. Take time out to meditate, create heart-felt intentions, clear away anything no longer serving you, receive insights and get ready for a productive and transformative year. You deserve this special opportunity. Click here for more…

I frequently host Yin2you Healing Movement women’s circles in the south west. We meditate, move freely to music and sit in circle to connect and share. Click here to learn more.