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New Year Dreams

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Happy New Year!

2012 has begun and for my family it is going to be a year of change and hopefully large-scale transformation.  We are moving down south in three weeks to a rental property yet to be decided on and to a lifestyle where work plays a different role in both mine and my husband’s lives.  We are both feeling remarkably calm and open-minded about what our lives will be like in the coming months.  This is huge for us both as previously very cautious and conservative people as far as work and finances are concerned.

Last night we had dinner together and discussed which old beliefs, behaviours and values we were ready to release from 2011 and what we are ready to embrace for 2012.  This turned out to be a really fun and worthwhile discussion and one I would recommend you have with your partner.

Another great exercise to do alone is to write down a message to yourself about what you are already grateful for 2012 bringing into your life in the categories of personal, work, money and spirituality.  This tip came from Jennifer McLean, click here  to see her full email with another great New Year activity to do to farewell the old and welcome the new.

I’m feeling full of energy to pack boxes and throw out heaps of stuff we don’t need before we move.  I’ve never moved house at the beginning of a year before and it feels like the energy of transformation and preparation for the year ahead that comes with the month of January is assisting me in my tasks.

Whatever little or large changes you are planning for your lives this year,  January is a great month to take some time to take stock and feel grateful for all that occurred in 2011.  We can feel grateful for both the good and the not so good things that have happened as they have all brought us to this moment in our lives, and in my experience it’s often the upsetting and even traumatic events that teach us the most about who we are and how we want to live.

A beautiful flower essence for this time of the year is the Christmas Bell Essence which helps us to manifest the dreams we would love to bring to fruition.  Although, when we are asking for help from Spirit via the plant kingdom, the plans we are making must be in support of our spiritual development so you can forget about using Christmas Bell to manifest that new sports car or designer watch.  But keep it real, and you will be supported in so many wonderful ways.

Blessings of peace and joy on this first day of the transformative year of 2012,


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  1. Yes! I had the same conversation with my partner and with us to we have so much change to come its very exciting.
    I really enjoy your posts Tricia look forward to seeing this year :))
    Much love,
    Astara xxx

    January 1, 2012
  2. Thanks Astara, for the lovely vibes! Looking forward to reading more of your Sacred Serpent blogs. Love, Tricia x

    January 1, 2012

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