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Welcome, please scroll down to browse through my videos and guided meditations.


All of my videos can be viewed on my YouTube channel  – Click here to check out my latest video and subscribe to receive the link to my new video each week.

Here’s a brand new 12 minute guided meditation to help you create a more loving connection to your body. Enjoy it now.

Join me in the meditation tipi for a discussion and healing process on dissolving the barriers to self-love.

Does anxiety play a strong role in your life?  In this video I discuss the three main shifts I made that healed my anxiety.

A seven minute guided meditation to evoke greater self-love and inner peace.

Could you do with a little more persistence and determination in your life?  Listen to this 11 minute meditation to give yourself a ‘persist-ability’ upgrade…

This is a sweet little two minute process to bless and celebrate the New Moon each month.  Renew your goals and intentions and reflect on any changes you would like to make in your life.

In celebration of the winter solstice.  This meditation will help you honour your need to slow down, rest and connect with the completion of a cycle in your life at this mid-point in the year. Get cosy with your favourite blanket and listen now.

This is the perfect guided meditation for anyone new to meditation.  It will gently guide you into your heart space and give you ideas on how to still the mind and keep your focus. It runs for fifteen minutes. Enjoy!

This ten minute sacral chakra healing meditation was recorded by the water near my home and contains the soothing sounds of the ocean as well as the pure energy signature of the land.  Feel it and receive it.

Here is a beautiful process for connecting you with your inner child and healing any fears, restrictions and doubts she or he may be holding about your full and authentic expression in the world.

This meditation will take you deep within your peaceful core and reveal to you a hidden passion or gift.