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Mum Breaks Free! (it’s just four nights)

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Bottlebrush in Fremantle

I’m writing my blog early this week, as early tomorrow morning I hop in a taxi and zoom to the airport to fly to Noosa in Queensland to attend three days of training to become a teacher in Australian Bush Flower Essence courses.  I’m stuck somewhere between: Yay!! and Oh, my golly gosh, this sort of solo travel to somewhere I have never been sort of scares me!  Ah well, I’m on the home stretch to take off now and I’m pretty excited to be getting away on my own and to learn about stuff that I really, truly love.

In preparing for little trips like this it always amazes me how complicated running a household and getting two kids to school and home each day suddenly seems when the person who normally does it all is absent.   The amount of brain power that has gone into ensuring (fingers crossed) the next few days run smoothly for the family has been about the same as organising my whole trip!  The strain has come from having to think analytically about what I actually do and what needs to be arranged to keep everything happening as per usual.  In one slightly surreal moment I had to phone my friend who is having my daughter after school tomorrow to ask her what street number her house is, as my husband hasn’t been there before and he is picking her up.   I have been there many times in the two years she has lived there, but I didn’t have the number written down anywhere.  Removing myself from my children’s lives for even four days is a very odd experience and makes me feel like I have been living in a sort of alternate universe where what I do for the family is now so much a part of me, it is taken for granted even by me.  Of course, I happily choose this role and my husband works hard at his job.  This time away just highlights how firmly delineated our roles are at the moment.

The Bush Essence for mother/child bonding and adapting smoothly to change as our children grow, is the Bottlebrush  Essence (photo above).  This week I have been taking the Gymea Lily Essence to help me to step forward confidently in following my life purpose.

February was a lovely month for me as I came to the end of my recent ‘new client drought’ and saw a new client every week.  I actually earned some money and it feels really good.  March has begun well too as I saw another new client today.  What triggered this new influx of people to my door was a visit from Adelaide of a good friend from mothers’ group who, while she was here, recommended me to a couple of her friends.  In preparing to see the first of these friends I came to the decision to change the way I would conduct the session and do away with the massage table.   Instead I did the whole session; counselling,  energy work and flower essence selection, with us both seated at my kitchen table and it seemed to work really well.  The funny thing is, I have been toying with the idea of not getting clients to lie down on the table for months now, but didn’t have the confidence to make the change.  It wasn’t until I had had a couple of months over the school holidays of seeing no clients at all that this suddenly felt OK to me.

Also, I have been getting on with finishing my book and writing with greater ease and clarity than ever before.  So, there you are, everything happens in the right way in the right time when we ask for this from God.  It has been a powerful strain on my patience but that again is something I need to learn more about.  I’ll report next week on my time in Noosa and will no doubt have a tale to tell of my further enlightenment.  Travel does expand the mind so!

Love to you all


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  1. Virginia

    Bon voyage Trish! Noosa is divine – enjoy! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Vx

    March 2, 2011

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