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Love The One You’re With

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing, and Trust The Universe

Remember that hit song from the sixties about free love and sexual liberation?

“If you can’t beee, with the one you love (honey), love the one you’re with”

I’ve been humming this tune all week, but it’s not what you think, I’m a happily married girl!

This song speaks to me about embracing what we are feeling and where we are in our lives right now, even if it doesn’t feel all that good and we are not living the life of our dreams just yet.

It’s all about acceptance I guess. Loving what is happening for you in this very moment!  My teachers tell me this is the quickest route to rapid positive shifts within and without.

Right now many of us are experiencing waves of strong emotion surfacing with increasing frequency and intensity. For me last week around the solar eclipse it was anger, seething, black and dense (I got over it and my family survived it by letting me be “there” with minimal disturbance – some furious cleaning, cooking and coast-walking was done).

I love being around rocks and water
I love being around rocks and water

I believe these long-suppressed emotions are emerging to be released and the way to be cleared for us to move into an existence of higher vibrating energetic resonance.

The emotions of higher vibration are joy, love, gratitude, compassion, enthusiasm, excitement, generosity, acceptance, optimism, appreciation, more anyone?

This all got me thinking though, is it just the unhappy feelings that we suppress or have some of us fallen into habits (learnt or innate in our characters), of suppressing the good feelings too? I think sometimes I suppress joy because somewhere along the way in my life I decided that there is something unsafe, unstable or even dangerous about unbridled joy. Huh?

ALERT! Watch out, live, public psychotherapy about to occur…

Why this is I do not know, I just have the awareness that when I am really happy I tend to find myself damping it all down. Perhaps by making the highs less high I figure the lows will be less low?

Enough of that.

All I’m telling you is, it really is time for us all to get REAL about who we are and who we want to be RIGHT NOW. And, if like me, your inner world and your life is handing you spades of crud to look at and hang out with for a day or so, well, try to be at peace with it all and allow it to be as it “is”. Because the more we fight and struggle against these opportunities to shift and let go of pain from the past, the tougher things will feel.

Phew, that was intense!

Sing along now, “love the one you’re with, love the one you’re with…”






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    June 24, 2013

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