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Lemonade and Potato Chips

Posted in Live From Intuition, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

Is it just me?  Does anyone else crave nothing but chips and soft drink when they have been sick and lacking an appetite for a few days?

We’ve all had The Worst Flu in the history of flues in our little family.

I’m still struggling to push the keys on the keyboard.  Our daughter is asleep at midday and hubby is coughing his way through his first few hours of work in a week.  Our big boy brought the bug home two weeks ago.  He recovered completely within 7 days and skipped off to school.  I am into my 8th day now and still no appetite and no energy.

Ah well, that light at the end of the tunnel can’t be too far away now…

One thing about this sort of illness is there is no denying its existence.  We’ve all just had to stop in our tracks and sleep. A whole week of appointments, activities and social plans cancelled. Stop the world, we need to get off!

I’ve done my best to be in total acceptance of this flu.  I’ve seen it as a great opportunity to practice surrender.  For the first time in my life I’ve experienced a level of letting go that actually feels like a complete release from fear.

At the beginning of the week it felt like it would be the end of the world if I wasn’t able to run my dance class this week.  By  Tuesday night I knew I wouldn’t physically be able to do it.  On Wednesday morning I mentally drafted the sign I would write and stick on the hall door and then I just let it go.  Yesterday morning I summoned all my energy and drove my son to school.  On the way home I stopped at the hall and stuck up my “class cancelled today” sign and then went home to bed.  The world didn’t end. The sun came up again this morning.

It really is all good.  I feel I can now say a permanent goodbye to my fear of not meeting other people’s expectations.

Thank you nasty flu!

My head is drooping dangerously low to the desk, I’d better sign off.

Love to all and may your lessons come wrapped in a pink silk ribbon, not a fever, headache and a cough!


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  1. Lou

    Funny about the chips craving….3 out of 4 of us currently have the pox (well shingles and chicken variety that is!) simultaneously, it’s been the house of ill….and the thing my body craved was bbq chips….sadly I haven’t indulged this craving….but I’m still hankering for them…as for surrender, yep…I gave in to the pox and skulked on the couch and have made my pj’s my “day clothes”…it is a good feeling to surrender at times like this…so true life goes on without you! Get well soon xx

    September 7, 2012
  2. Lesley Bath
    Lesley Bath

    Here Here! Well said Red Lily.

    I too have just experienced exactly what you describe: the debilitating flu where surrender is the only way to go and you’re far too sick to care about all the usual ‘stuff’ you think you must do to function in society.
    I am a Grandmother now, so didn’t have to struggle along and manage the children as you did. It was touching to see my children, hovering around with love and concern, picking me up for sleepover so that I wouldn’t be sick and alone in the night.

    At last I am feeling human again, but taking it easy is the way to go. I’ve done a bit of thinking and soul searching while I’ve been ‘laid low’ and truly feel like I’m the better for it.

    Thanks for sharing Red Lily, I like that you are such an insightful, caring human being.
    Bless you. X

    September 7, 2012

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