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I’m a Healer and So Are You

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

Do you realise that in every moment of every day your amazing body is healing itself and your energy is doing the same with your energetic self?

And, here’s the piece I really want to share, whenever you are with another person or even thinking of them, you have the capacity to heal them too, simply by holding a feeling of love for them.  We also do this for the land and the entire natural world including all the animals we encounter when we feel appreciation for them. Plus, this process is reciprocal, when you give, you receive.

Now this isn’t about effort, being a perfect example of loving energy, or being attached to curing or saving anyone. This is just what we naturally do as human beings and we need not be concerned about the outcome. But since we’re doing it anyway, why not acknowledge this beautiful power, and do it with clear and loving intentions.

When we love nature it loves us right back.
When we love nature it loves us right back.

It all begins with self-love and the understanding that we are all perfect just as we are.  This is not about making things better because something is wrong.  It’s about embracing all that is present in a more loving way so we elevate ourselves and everyone else into more comfortable and graceful lives.

Confused?  Hmm, I’ll try saying it another way…

When my daughter was almost four, we discovered she had asthma.  The diagnosis meant a hospital visit in the early hours of the morning and a worrisome twenty-four hours while the doctors brought her breathing capacity back to normal with regular Ventolin inhalations.

As this little episode coincided with my emergence into the world of natural therapies both in my work and in my approach to caring for the health of my children, I felt I could have a go at curing her with a combination of kinesiology, flower essences and a few other tricks I’d learned along the way.

Well apparently this was not to be, because seven years later, although her experience of asthma is now mild and occasional, my efforts to fix my little girl all up and make it go away did not succeed.

What I eventually concluded was that it was not my role to make this illness completely disappear for my daughter. I’m sure some of what I did from the intention of love, helped her recover from her bouts of sickness and reduced the severity of the episodes, but for whatever mysterious reason, she is somehow meant to experience this condition. End of story.

We serve ourselves and those we love best by being in complete acceptance and love regarding any situation we find ourselves or them in, and then simply loving into that reality.  That’s it, that’s all and yes, we do make a difference when we can do this with minimal attachment to what happens next.

For me there was a lot of learning to be had around releasing my need to be the perfect mother, to have perfectly healthy children and to be able to cope gracefully with caring for a sometimes uncooperative small child while she needed to be at home from school to get better.  Ahh, parenthood, the greatest teacher I’ve had.

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  1. Sarah Moore
    Sarah Moore

    What a beautiful post Tricia. It is so true that we need to let go of our attachment to being the perfect parent and curing our children of every illness/emotional outburst they experience and simply love and nurture them just the way they are. Parenthood is indeed the most powerful learning experience a person can have!

    March 19, 2015
    • Thanks for your lovely comment Sarah. Great to know you enjoyed the post. Much love, Tricia

      March 21, 2015

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