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I Woke Up (A Bit More) – How I Did It

Posted in Live Your Passions, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

The energies of transformation I’ve written about in recent posts have been turned up a notch or two the past couple of weeks. The Aries energy of right now combined with a Cardinal Grand Cross (for you astrology experts), and some eclipses coming next week and later this month, make for a heady cocktail of aha!, oh no! and ah yes! moments galore.

I’ve had the sensation in the last few days of coming out of a fog, seeing the exceptional in life and especially in nature all around me.

All of a sudden I marvel at every bird, kangaroo, tree, flower and leaf.  Formerly I would devote less attention to the birds I see in great numbers such as the willy wagtails, New Holland honey-eaters, magpies, and kookaburras and only be stopped in my tracks by the less common scarlet robins, splendid fairy wrens and the stunning golden whistler.

New Holland honeyeaters. The commonplace is special too
New Holland honeyeaters. The commonplace is special too

Nowadays I’m finding myself filled with joy and wonder at just about everything and it feels nice.  A weight has been lifted and I’m finding myself feeling aghast at how little I appreciated my amazing existence up until now.

Our daily companions are just as valuable as occasional visitors
Our daily companions are just as valuable as occasional visitors

Okay, so what’s happened.  Some simple things.  I’ve been setting an alarm for the first time in years and getting up early to walk, meditate and journal.  I’ve been listening to my intuition and using essential oils in my burner, lighting an inscense stick now and then and utilising my flower essence stash with greater joy and appreciation than ever.

I’ve consciously slowed down again, more, because what I thought was slowing down a year ago was barely breaking a fast clip. And it’s all divinely right timing, I’m ready for this new phase.  Cause if I wasn’t ready I wouldn’t be doing it.

To put it in a nutshell, I’ve created more time for quiet contemplation, creative expression and following my heart.

What I’m still getting used to is the novelty of these stronger, more passionate feelings of connection and appreciation.  There’s something slightly scary in loving more because perhaps there’s a tiny part of me that believes the more you love, the greater the potential for pain and loss.  Does that make sense?

On the human level I think it makes infinite sense because our first and most basic urge is to keep ourselves safe from harm. Moving into the higher understanding that we are eternally safe because we are divine beings of light that will endure any earth-bound experience, even death makes it seem a little silly, but therein lies the complexity of our human being-ness.

Just about all of us unconsciously hold back from feeling all we can feel out of fear of making ourselves vulnerable.  I’m an expert at this, remember in life, with regard to comparing yourself with others or standing in judgment of another, “it takes one to know one”.  This is true in every instance.

So finding myself drawn into new, more loving friendships and stronger connections to the people already in my life who give more and feel more than me is a natural step on this new path.  We surround ourselves with those whom we both admire and can see a little of ourselves in.  This is another way I’m letting my heart rather than my head guide me into greater joy, freedom and peace.

Slow it all down and be your own best friend first. <3

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