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I Have An Amazing Body

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

That got your attention?

Well it’s true, my body works amazingly well:  I can walk, swim, climb stairs, run (when I’m in a hurry), do yoga, dance, sit and stand. I can do pretty much most of the normal everyday things many of us take for granted.

Plus this clever body created, housed, birthed and fed two little humans a few years back. Amazing plus plus! Here I am today doing a tree pose with some trees.


I love having a body that works well and takes me where I want to go free of pain, stiffness or fatigue.  If like me, you’re fortunate enough to have an amazing body too, how often do you acknowledge it? Even if your body creaks and groans a little or low energy holds you back, I’ll bet there are heaps of amazing things you can still do. Don’t you just love it?

Or has society brainwashed you into thinking your body only deserves praise or indeed acceptance if it fits some narrow standard of appearance or elite performance?

For how many years of our lives must we curse that extra fat on our tummy, big bottom, saggy knees, breasts that are too small or too big, or criticise our hopeless balance, weak arms, fallen arches? The list goes on and on for some.

I love doing yoga and so do many of the women I meet in my healing practice and yet many of them avoid doing this healthy activity and others such as dance, team sports or even gym workouts because they don’t think they look right, can’t do it as well as the teacher or even measure up to most of the other women in the room.

Let’s take a closer look at yoga: Even though most yoga teachers say we must listen to our own bodies to gauge how to do each posture, there’s still the temptation to compare oneself with the person on the next mat or think that unless we can aspire to eventually look like the teacher and do all the ‘wow factor’ yoga moves they can do, what’s the point in even trying?

I can relate to this, I’ve played the comparison game many times and even found myself being categorised by a yoga teacher a few years ago as “Miss Stiff Shoulders and Tight Lower Back”, which she was able to remind me of with a simple sigh or click of the tongue as she moved past me during the class.

I now attend yoga classes with a range of teachers and feel more comfortable with how my body wants to move and doesn’t want to move.

I’m committed to making improvements where I can and I simply enjoy being able to go to a class and move through each pose.  Doing yoga makes me feel strong and healthy and I love the metal focus and meditative aspects of it too.

I’m often surprised when I meet women in their thirties and forties who find it a struggle to describe what type and pace of exercise suits their body best and most importantly, what they enjoy doing.  Also, they know they ‘should’ (nasty word) be doing more exercise but don’t prioritise it in their lives or think of it as basic self-care.

This disconnection from the body and our inability to describe what it needs has a direct impact on how well we are able to make other life changes such as a career shift or lifestyle improvements to enhance our happiness and well-being.

What I’m talking about is getting more comfortable with simply being fully present in the body, trusting it, loving  it for how it is right now and learning what forms of movement and activity suit it best.

When we’re able to simply feel good in our own skin, we begin to make more loving and heart-guided choices regarding food, sleep, exercise and daily self-care and self-healing practices such as creative expression, meditation and journaling.

Need some help to get that self-care regime started? Take a look here and contact me for a chat prior to booking your session.

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  1. Beautiful. You are an amazing writer too. Thanks Tricia, lovely x

    June 28, 2014
  2. Aaw thanks Fiona <3 – love hearing from you and seeing your fb posts. Much love, Tricia x

    June 28, 2014

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