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I Feel Abundant When…

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Walking with the family along the Cape to Cape track at Canal Rocks, Yallingup

I feel abundant when…

My family and I get outside for a walk in our magnificent surrounds on a cold but sunny winter’s day

I talk to a dear friend on the phone

I dance and sing

I see a rainbow or a butterfly

I step outside each night to look at the beautiful starry sky

I walk in the bush or on a long, quiet beach

I take a fresh batch of biscuits or a cake out of the oven

We receive our spring water delivery for the fortnight

My kids come and give me a hug while I am still waking up in the morning

I am working with a client and feeling so connected with them and the universe

My car is full of fuel

I have just finished cleaning the house

I am preparing to have guests come and stay with us for the weekend

I bring my awareness to the light shining brightly in the centre of my being

I hear my children giggling in delight together

I smell my favourite flower, a rose in perfect bloom

I give thanks for my magically blessed life



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